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Tuesday, December 11

Some slakeAF iPigeon « Propper » Scrum jotUps for a SprightlySparrowSupposin.jar Pop-in Hibernate: Java-based Android OS Kustom Widget of KLDT Development to Come.

Here are some original Inktober Tumblr-down-to-custom-blog site regaliae ink brush illustration works from October-ish of 2018.

These works accompany an hours-upon-hours post-trawl regaliaeux XV VVLXMMIIIpwnBwammmooooo speech of what had been jaunted as a most 

Satirically lès-ont-fourre-caricaturríesse med. poínt ink brush gestural re-jaunteded iconic pigeons-poses for mobile app and website / native operating system hibernate Java-based .jar syscall and UX egress of Analytics-remarketing-sais-non-plus-monetizable slakeAF user garbage, of objectionable concrete sidewalk-slab-flam, as it would ostensibly turn out to be, 

to pay back ostensible legions of debt, for so much bwa-bwammAF jaunted couchnights of seemly sees-it-does-it corner rug scraping bitsies-fweeking - un-rehabilitated by a Sprightly Supposin' Sparrow slakeAF of bwammo pigeons and sparrows - to get in the way of your jaunt aux-haute-bachi genetically bwa-bwammAF xoichleosure of choisçty-munchies fwam out on a couch, like that.

A development goal wishlist grab pack pigeonKit for my SprightlySparrowSupposin.jar development aims.

To develop a Java-based Android OS code module / widget

- commonly known to Linux and Mac OS X users as a .jar file,

  • Otherwise (supposedly) .jar stands for Java App(location) Resource; or [... * application resource], according to <A href=">Acronym Finder</a>

A .jar is somewhat heralded back to earlier days of a notion of an applet,  
  •  which could ostensibly be confusing, of a history of coming from an Apple Computer development-learning literature, that it had been, 
Yet a .jar is what the system call miniature process and the resources contained therein entail.

To that end, I'm set about in learning various operating system call scripting algorithms; 

The one that seems to pertain most ostensibly to this development aim is called Hibernate, for Java.

I've also downloaded an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java on Android, as well as: (importantly, I would presume) a study app for Core Java Skills; here, Android OS development is at Core Java 8

<A href=">

Sunday, December 9

A quick photo insert: perhaps some notion to affirm what I'd trawled out on Google Maps while recently highly curious about some sort of impending watershed disaster burgeoned by recent Southern California and Los Angeles [others; of] demographics depravities. As

In connection to recent surveying of the California terrain and topography of [several] the area I live in, places I frequent, recently; maps pertaining to affected areas of the recent California Wildfires.

I was caught by a blazing spirit of need for validation as well as supposing that I am, perhaps: a concededly mentally unwell common holistic self-status and discrete demographic as source development, pigeon-minded and prospectus outlook; of imagining: perhaps via not much of a {supposing} « supposing » sort of mindset beyond what the pop-up story purpose crisis for me to simply: otherwise, "suppose" that I truthfully" the beyond what I, at this, and in foreseeable ued to come: common happen-stance circumstances:

Do suppose that I would come to speak of; (write and type)

Think of unimaginably {constituent sort of myself; perhaps there are others, reasonably, orarbitrarily correlative} simply strange and perhaps, (in beginning to suppose; of anything): ostensibly [grain of truth]: milled-out, over time, as worthy and true: schizotipal auraldible bits; here and there, rich tapestries of what would off-hand, otherwise, I suppose - constitute imaginable stuff that I would have a mind about.

A look off to the horizon, where there are near or off-shore clouds that dip down, of intervalling; which I imagine constitutes a gravitational flow of the fulluvial flow of the groundwater layer between what m 

Wednesday, December 5

For some obvious reason - ostensibly unnacceptably a fearful, yet strangely, as well; conspicuously obvious to me : as strange in it's seeming constituent: self - purpose, needs-driven goal actualization: the morning drive-up traffic at the place across the street coincides with some "such says" as had been to speak on.

Given that I'm working on local

-izing the


Of the conceivable regional

land and human actualization of

material worth;

I might say that; to speak of, there is somewhat simply not much of 

valuated significant 

upper crust; of the Earth's seismic continental layers; 

Here: salvageable, as far as non-combative 

steps back; in supposing that, at a time such as such doubly and multiply so; (at that), 

Simply, to repeat; yet 

the {sigh} significant inconceivable 

is simply what's happening to me.

of a first off: thoughtless mind to think up of such disorder that had not been learned wrong: most commonly,

yet here, the most conscious-minded, yet conspicuôusly concealed, as of supposing that the conscious mind understands; of the perceives - 

that it would serve the natural order, most needfully.

That being said, the doleful-mindedness of the

oh, hoh,

Oh. Okay.

The constituent inconceivable need for valuated worth of [representative form], yet for qualitatively viscerally engineering-means-supported,

It does appear that people are disparaging the natural order in being needfully served.

Tuesday, December 4

Early December, 2ⁿ18. The Broadway windy Corridor at Manchester .farm nursery seedlings from Armstrong's Nursery Center in Pasadena.

As an .institute Founding Director of a - purchased web property purpose(ing), today {-esque} I've reinforced the notion that slakingAF trawl-mining is bisque, to a reasonably-chowder reasonably pork-shoulder slow-roasted oven night; for the sake of the fact that trawlin' webAfFs never ends, yet milling crête materials-resources into slakenAF trawlin' feed is unfashionable; the notably fux*swquif-⅝fwa-BAMM! af : most world-class-trendy Renegade Craft Fair Nº of ChinatownDTLA 8-9th

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