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Wednesday, April 1

Social Distancing as Government Decree Amidst the Weaponization of Proximity as a Risk Factor in Remote State Sensing and Remote Communications Applications.

In this day and age, whereas the surveillance state was widely publicized back during the Barack Obama presidency; wherefore rational thought (aside from this, and otherwise) would suppose that time, in an industrialized nation, sees progress, rather than blank spaces where, instead, technology and science (Scientology) provides us ,ith solutions and answers. 

Like any studious cohort to the Scientology Faith would attest, the means by which allegory presents itself as moralistic fable, whereas critical analysis is suggestibly at the core of arriving at some reasonable take-out drive-through of what these minds'-eye visions would and ought portend. 

I'm not, somewhat, supposing that everyone is in agreement of all matters at stake here; I'm simply providing a mock-up stub of arriving at a theory of that victim profilers, as criminals, oftentimes fail at overcoming the fallacy of the proximally significant Target of their scheme(s), out in society. 

Several things come in to play here. (I'll try to keep things short, stub, and simple. 

There's nano-meta-material electromagnetically construed quantum-arrangements of what could be the natural aesthetic of what constitutes a parasitic organism. Such a thing, philosophically, would be wrought out of the disorder of a ramshackle and detrimented lifestyle. Given the modern day foray of industrialized society, electrical currents, wear and tear on the infrastructure, private and public Enterprise, variants takes on personal space, and of criminality, all contribute to circumstances in which the electrical grid might be compromised, of an organic nature - such that would construe, given the aesthetic developments of disarray, wear and tear, environmental stress, etc. upon a host organism, who consumes radioactive materials through smoking, through pollution, or through the use of medications - these aesthetic "accidents" of an organic nature could, conceivably: provide the physical and underlying nano-metamaterial to construe a classically formed parasitic organism or virus, through nano-wire Faradaic induction transmission, for example, as one step in the process of a mock-up host creation of a creature which has all of the elements of life, as necessary, given a lesser state of evolutionary development - we can all agree on that much - that various creatures are representative of different stages of evolution, as they present themselves. 

Tracing back, just a bit, take, for example, my laborer's hand, as an image of such a structural environment of circumstantial disarray. There are various opportunities for protein structures to intermingle, become loosened from my hand, and provide fodder for a nano-materials-age ad-hoc creature to become mocked-up, if I were to neglect my common hygeine. 

There's various structural damage here. A bee sting, some scrapes, fingernail dirt, age lines and wrinkles. 

Given that this could have been my foot, in my sock, developing in such a similar environment, the nurturing life-sustaining medium of various types of bacterial and nano-sized breeding and grooming grounds could consequentially (moreso) be established, of an increased risk of establishment. 

With ionic minerals and electrolytes taken in to the diet, as supplementation, or as detoxification, the playgrounds for Faradaic currents to thread and Lorentz-attractors of electromagnetic-metalloids, currents carried through these particle-periphery structures - these things seem to become inherent (or apparent) in the concepts of Weaponization of intent, or in the exploitation of Proximity in culling a victim, to lessen the parasitic form's in(dis-)ease in a warfaring engagement of immunological or of a socially-bound structure. 

For example, a gay guy came up to me the other day, and I took him as standard; rather, at first. However, as it would turn out, he started acting gay towards me, which I somewhat just don't quite believe, or accept, as truth. Despite all things, he had gained some initial acquaintanceship exploits of common decency and twinges of friendship out of me, and he had gained the exploit potential of Proximity. 

He gestured towards my groin area, he wanted to hug me; he was drinking wine, and he had urged me to, despite me telling him that I'm allergic to alcohol. The solvent, volatile nature of alcohol comes in to question, with a subject such as myself, in that I am also allergic (perhaps moreso) to some of the metabolites of alcohol in the body, such as aldehydes (which my body more strongly produces. I relented to sipping some alcohol with him, while he became homosexually-interested drunk. 

My (sub-)theory is that having a matching duality of quantum endpoints, in two separate structures - here, our bodies, our stomachs, our lungs, our ear, nose, and throat structures - all come in to play with what I perceive as a "dirty" weaponization trick of proximity in social distancing being offended, which should have been obvious to him; yet he demanded that he was homosexually interested in intimacy with me. 

My take out order of the bum-at-the-park option for patronization of an establishment ended soon, thereafter. I noticed that the young man had an orthopaedic surgery scar on his left ankle, as he walked with a cane. I hadn't been let in on the extent of his limping in being such a drastic injury. I feel that his ministrations towards me were a form of ritualistic lurking intent, in persisting in my physical form, after the fact (here, being our interaction, and potential friendship, which had lost it's appeal, during the course of a couple of hours in which we were around each other, and speaking, which I felt was the basis and extent of our interaction, whereas I could have offered him options for hanging out with me further, of helping with work, whereas I found his gestured towards me unthinkably unprofessional, so I abandoned that hope for him). 

The situation had turned to me suggesting that he might need to be hospitalized. The story that played out in my mind's eye about the park suggested that he was being accommodated at the park with a warm blanket, as a homeless and unfortunate person, yet I returned, for my own sake, and there was no repeat of him showing up again. 

After leaving the initial encounter and situation that had established itself, as a crisis, I felt that he was trying to intend that his pain, of his surgery, and inflammation of his healing bones and ligaments in his ankle were perhaps the underlying motive in his "acting out" of a homosexually-interested nature.

I took the Metro Gold Line back towards downtown Los Angeles, Union Station, to take care of my administrative tasks and workload of the day. On the train ride back, there was a guy who was purported to be a vehemently anti-homosexual violent and volatile sort, who had also been drinking alcohol. It was reported to my internalized conscious mind that he would have wanted to complain of that I was wearing green and gold shiny eye makeup, whereas he would have taken it as a gesture of pro-homosexuality, which just isn't the case, in my case. I felt a sickening and relevant (to the context being described in my mind) illness, much like a drunken alcoholic hangover, (I suppose), yet definitely circumstantially, it seemed to be as a result of the proximity of one of the train's riders to me, whereas I consume a large amount of internally and externally applied ionic minerals during the course of a month. The spinning of the train's wheels seemed to reputedly be "milling" ionic periphery structural proximity calculations, whereas there were definitely compute calculations playing out in my head -

I wasn't thinking of these things, originally. 

Saturday, March 28

Thankfully, people are keeping the birds fed during this public health crisis.

I stopped over in DTLA, after returning an unexpectedly fortunate haul of recyclables to the tune of $7.70 at GP Recycling

A passing bike rider observes the Los Angeles Public Library flock of pigeons after they enjoy a meal for the afternoon.
Largely, aside from some scant touristy and locals type of population being outdoors in downtown Los Angeles, there is an obvious larger demographic of homeless individuaos, as well as individuals trekking about, after being released from Los Angeles County Jail. The other night, the depravity population was out in large numbers, many of them looking for trouble. I was fortunate to have some overseer protective status, as a victim of crime asset, of which, there was a vast underpinning allegory being portrayed to my front-of-mind, as the remote theatre of operations of a tactical nature, which had escalated in to Army Corps of Engineers being called out to make sure that the ground water was suffice to manage the ongoing enumeration of Civic individuals, and as well, as a courtesy resource management Target accommodation, in that the ambient temperature of DTLA is sometimes artificially warm, or unseemingly cold, and windy, to help preserve the safety of displaced victims, and to calm the seeking slight criminal nature of the otherwise also displaced, or perhaps gang-affiliate group injunction status of the street-walking demographic, which was rife, out on the streets on Thursday. 

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