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Saturday, March 27

A cute noodling | nesting materials-preparation pigeon. (Photoblog)

 As it's springtime in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) | South | Central Los Angeles, and neighboring urban locales, it's time for the seasonal reawakening of life, from out of many concerns and troubles over survivability of the young, given that they are featherless, save for some scant downy fuzz feathers. Many types of birds whom have not been farmed nearly as much, to a standard, as chickens, for example, have chicks that emerge from the egg, bearing feathers. Perhaps in the future, we could work towards a project goal of seeing the birds lay babies that emerge from the egg: feathered; for being more well nourished, over generations. 

Here, I spotted a cute one; this pigeon is showing off it's interests in the things laying around, of interest. 

Thursday, February 27

Remembering and fulfilling my promise to feed the birds in DTLA, I reconnect with my grounded self.

Personal public relations matters have been a huge and consistent mess, in my personal and private life lately, ever since the approach and passing of Valentine’s Day Weekend this year. 

I’d been coming under personal attacks on a regular basis, within the confines of my personal space and home life; a significant intrusion and invasion of the serenity and stability of my wellbeing and of the development of establishing meaningful relationships to come, based on my outreach efforts I’ve made online, in my social media accounts. 

Even so, with this being the case, there are some glimmers of light that have shown through, in promising ways that I’m looking forward to following through on. It’s been truly a long time since I’ve connected with someone on a deeper personal basis, and I feel like the time is becoming ripe for me to find that sort of opportunity once again. 

As my readers and followers over the years would attest to, my commitment to feeding the local pigeons and sparrows has been one of my long-standing and richly-defining traits that have pervaded the content I publish. Being that my personal life had become a significant detraction from my current life’s aspirations and pursuits, I’d recently been letting the various flocks of pigeons and sparrows down, in that I’d become so significantly exhausted and forlorn, both emotionally and physically. They’d been on my mind, and dearly so, yet I struggled, and failed, thereof, in getting myself up and out for the sake of feeding them their daily bread and other treats that I’d typically regularly have for them. I’d become worried that nobody else in the community had been concerned with their feeding, and that their spirits would be let down, in the scope of a someday promise of that they’d become tame, and more friendly, in years to come, for the sake of this sort of personal nurturing, and for expectations fulfilled; for the rewards that are to be reaped of acts of loving kindness that all sentient and intelligent creatures long for and appreciate. 

That being said, I’ve since rested up significantly, over the past weeks, following Valentine’s Day weekend, and the birds were eagerly hungry and enthusiastic to receive some care, in the form of bread and baked goods that I’d had for them. It feels truly fulfilling, in a spiritual sense, remembering that I had happened upon the Santa Monica hand-tame flock of pigeons one afternoon, next to the Santa Monica Pier.

Today I fed the Manchester at Harbor Freeway underpass pigeon flock, and the Grand Park flocks, as well. Here’s some photos from Grand Park today. 

Thursday, February 13

Where to go for the best breads in Los Angeles.

Anyone who follows along with my daily outings to feed the pigeons would know that I’m a huge fan of bread. Check out these tasty breakfast bread baking-restaurant retail locations from the Los Angeles Times. It’s hard to go wrong on good bread.

The best breakfast breads in Los Angeles

Tuesday, May 7

A great day for charity for pigeons and people alike.

 With pigeons being noted, yesterday, as "the homeless person's pet, a good and many people showed out in downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA in and around the civic center areas, as well as Pasadena. 

These birds were a hungry bunch, as the day started early, and, as people know of the lovable birds, they are a fat bird, at that. 

There was everything from sandwiches, to sushi, to noodles, and birthday cake!

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