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Friday, February 28

Pretty pigeon, fluffy feathers.

I would term this “kitsch;” (perhaps, - :/ .. ) yet charming: I’d say, for its playful, candid, yet charming and affectionate [that it were, for the sake of the fact that the bird had distinguished itself before me, ahead of the boundaries stayed at by the rest of the flock, as though it were wittingly posing as the pretty bird, and that he’d been brought up of virtuous establishments and charms of his plumage, that he ought demonstrate and appeal upon me, as the morning’s caretaker of the animal’s daily necessity of, and significant life’s formative pursuit [of a pigeon, and it’s companions in the flock] - of discovering food, that he is also a good bird; for me, a personally touching moment, in that I had regularly frequented the Grand Park grounds, in years past, as a homeless person who was, then, and now, and from the time therein, between when I had taken upon myself the promise to nurture the local flocks of sparrows and pigeons, such that were found at the park, and as well, in other areas in DTLA, and outlying localities where I’d come across flocks and establishments of  [somewhat] “homed,” (I estimate, colloquially an amateur of the richer and obvious context of a more well-domesticated and intentionally localized, through nurturing, over years, of effecting a lofted (perhaps) establishment of pigeons), that might be more imaginably relevant, within a personal context, given urban society, of that we acknowledge that people in other urban metropolises have established trained flocks of pigeons, for racing, for show, for messaging, etc. 

In all of the richer context of what might be understood of the charm of the photographic composition, and of the story of that the bird might be seen to have been intelligently attempting to “woo“ me of a more consistent affections and cares to be offered to them, it’s fairly deeply much more tenderly sentimental, in that I’d, at times, have become ineffectual, forgetful, neglectful, detracted from, or thwarted in - various claims, all amounting to that I had neglected to return to the common establishments of the various flocks, around town, that I could regularly and capably fulfill my commitments to them, and that the purpose of such things were that I would expect that the birds would perform slight miracles of animal behavior for people to admire, of them, for having been cared for, and nurtured, of my participatory influence and small acts of attesting to the virtues of perseverance in seeing the promises carried out, on a gradual, and measured basis - attesting to the religious connotation of establishing a serenity amongst the surroundings of nature among us, and of God’s creatures, that the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi is carried forth, in our common societal mind, as classically relevant and emblematic of an unending foundation of what goes to be carried forth, in life, and society, of that we accept Christ and his teachings, and his notable followers, throughout time, as constantly needful identities in and of ourselves, to discover, and praise, for the natural and spiritual truths that the hold in our lives, that we might, in that Saint Francis is a popularly celebrated saint of our nation’s embrace, and understanding. 
as one significant context. The other, I imagine (having become distracted, for touching upon the more important context of religious significance in our commonly spiritually destitute lives, in urban society - [and doing it long-winded, at that] {hopefully within grasp of comprehension, though} - that this bird was, indeed, one of my ones that I’d cared for, in previous years, and how personally at detriment I’d become, of battling through irreverent and seditious human affairs, to the failure of loving kindness and nurturing, of which the (aside <_ -="" a="" addressing="" all="" and="" as="" asunder="" at="" attesting="" been="" bird="" bitterly="" but="" care="" carrying="" cast="" center="" contexts="" decree="" demand="" diet="" disavowed="" effecting="" end="" environment="" ethical="" fearfully="" field="" finest="" font="" for="" forth="" friends="" go="" gone="" grounds="" had="" have="" i="" in="" is="" issue="" it="" knowledge="" lack="" locales.="" many="" me="" minds="" mouths="" native="" needful="" needs="" not="" nurturing="" obviously="" of="" on="" other="" our="" performance="" perhaps="" pigeons="" positive="" psychology="" reinforcement="" s="" sake="" sciences="" so="" social="" sparrows="" support="" surrounding="" sustainability="" that="" the="" their="" there="" these="" things="" to="" understanding="" unfed="" upon="" urban="" was="" we="" weeks="" well="" would="">

In summary, the bird seemed to intelligently attempt, in a common bird’s psychologically natural manner, in preening himself, in evincing affections upon me, for the promise of returning more regularly for a feeding, of his formerly more consistent expectations that I would have been seen to have fulfilled for them, when I lived amongst them, on a day-to-day basis, as that I lived outdoors, nearby and within the same park, itself, which they’d since have had established some community and charm, of that the sparrows accompany the pigeons, as well - and that they have their own amusing and individual species’ manner of eating the bread, or tucking it away, for collecting, as the little ones do. 

Monday, January 6

Update - In order to [now, working... <-<] install Homebrew package manager on macOS,

the user would first have to install the Homebrew-core repo:

🍻 Default formulae for the missing package manager for macOS
BSD-2-Clause license
Updated 1 hour ago
1 issue needs help

as such. 

I can rescind my former qualms about the authors' claims that a ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null

would not have been sufficient. 

Steps that I took - 
  1. Create a public git key. 

    Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent ...

    After you've checked for existing SSH keys, you can generate a new SSH key to use for authentication, then add it to the ssh-agent.

    as I did for myself, as this: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

    you'll need to change the email address to your own, and add your own password.

    trivia - here's my generated ascii art image, which came with the key generation. I think it's cute.

    +---[RSA 4096]----+
    |    .o*oo        |
    |     =.=         |
    |  . o + .        |
    |   +   +    .    |
    |  ..+...S  o     |
    | ..+o=o...+ .    |
    |  =oo.E .o.= o   |
    |.=..o+  .o  =    |
    |++*=o. .o        |

  2. Clone the gitHub repository of Homebrew-core somewhat like this: git clone

  3. After installing those libraries, you'll surely, by now, want to play around with the original link for installing the "brew" command ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null
In order to get the "brew" command fully working, you'll need to
check out the one with the Red / Yellow / Green Tags. 
5. Put the "brew" command in to the /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/bin/ folder. Use, (and get used to): the "shift + command + G" command [it lets you type, or copy and paste the folders you'd want to cd (change directory) in to.
from your /Users/(iMac - your name)/Downloads/homebrew-core-master/cmd/brew
(black exec {Terminal Executable} file)

to /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/bin/
as this photo shows.

pluuuUUppe. and dropped in there. it's done.
6. Next, you'll need to install glib. It's a general set of commands and libraries that you probably already have somewhere in your macOS, somewhere [<_ i="">but I figure that we might as well get it in from "brew" command.  

now you'll really see your Terminal start working.  

Just type in  

brew install glib 

into the Terminal. 

Check your /Cellar folder at 

( shift + command + G )

Now, you are pwn'ing of on: bwapp, with the directory changing command and your folders in columns view.
translated - cool stuff is happening in the Terminal, right?

7. Look at all the interesting stuff that's transpiring after brew install glib happens:

8. Pretty cool stuff. 


you can go in to the Homebrew Formulae website at and check out the thousands of repositories you might want to install (certainly not all of them, all on your own and by yourself; but some - that appeal to your strengths and interests).
ace6.5.7ADAPTIVE Communication Environment: OO network programming in C++
aces_container1.0.2Reference implementation of SMPTE ST2065-4
ack3.2.0Search tool like grep, but optimized for programmers
acme0.96.4Crossassembler for multiple environments
acmetool0.0.67Automatic certificate acquisition tool for ACME (Let's Encrypt)
acpica20191018OS-independent implementation of the ACPI specification
activemq5.15.11Apache ActiveMQ: powerful open source messaging server
activemq-cpp3.9.5C++ API for message brokers such as Apache ActiveMQ
adios22.5.0Next generation of ADIOS developed in the Exascale Computing Program
admesh0.98.4Processes triangulated solid meshes
adns1.5.1C/C++ resolver library and DNS resolver utilities

Wednesday, July 10

A second-degree-removed 💗 flub. Some seminal thoughts, here: on dying.

As I had been a guy for the sociable scene this recent holiday week (July 4th, 20¹9);

I felt a confidence about the air, of that love, of that cleanliness, and good old-fashioned romance might win many over, including myself, as I saw many couples. 

Then, (twice, I believe « on a släde couch jaunt », I interred a heart flutter. I say twice-(removed) because it was <_ about="" along="" and="" as="" athleticism="" be="" better="" brought="" confidence="" deluded="" dying="" folklore="" forth="" get="" h4="" had="" how="" i="" immortal="" in="" it="" life="" many="" me.="" mortality="" my="" nbsp="" not="" obvious="" of="" on="" others="" our="" self.="" sense="" some="" that="" thoughts="" to="" we="" well="" with="" yet="" youthful="">
That being said, I'm fairly well-to-the-self as far as routine (getting back to it), and it was a good several to many hours spent in caring self-healing therapy; mainly of pressure-point massage. 

Some repressed memories came to mind, during several of many traumatic-crisis incidents that bubbled forth, upon my ⁴th of July weekend. 
That I am 37 years old, I felt it fairly iconic celebutante of me, (nearly) incurring a heart-attack. It made me realize several things.

  1. First of all, the attrition. Who wouldn't [given Scientology] be held at questioning and tribulation for justice? Is my objective reality different than others'? 
  2. Second of all, I felt like I was suitably seated only somewhat to have faithfully only dalliançèd a heart attack « émbue », as it were. Just a flub. My rote and good deeds unto faith towards the feeding of the pigeons had done me well, as for this go-round. 
  3. But what about others? Would they have haunted so bwamm, just like myself, and fared so dauntless jaunt regardless fwamm . . . the sidewalk's upturned now-ish? 
Fairly bwammAF to note, it's fairly unexpected conversational topic to bring up recent circulatory issues outside of the medical field, yet I'm a fairly astute abstracts-by-night reader, with a fairly well-to-do IQ to go with it. 

I thought about my interrent peers and their such-to-suppose (also [nearly]) heart-attacks. Regardless of (whatever), I feel like perhaps it (I); ergo: ought be wrought out in the public. 

First of all, it's a looming spectre for all of us, some day. I've determined that it takes death over fighting and waste to produce crystal methamphetamine. Nobody (supposed)...<_ div="" nbsp="">

Well, okay. People do give effort and produce will and means for the [<_ div="" go="" good="" identities="" much="" nbsp="" of="" others.="" psychology.="" standard="" the="" through="" we="">

But okay. Fwiff. But what's the point? We all fwiff, some alike, some different. 

The heart murmur, and subsequent blood circulatory debacles, which I had worked out in my self-physical pressure-point therapy, over many hours, became a self-evident article of forensics, given repressed-memories, time-elapsed had withheld from myself; I felt that it was so; as well, unto others who cho[o]se to a abuse me. 

Perhaps we were all harboring hidden resonances of childhood traumas that none of us were grown up well enough, by far - to the expectations of that God would not burden Man with more that He Himself could ought handle. 

The Bible rings true, and in society, we have the seminal works of others as upon our Daily Bread offerings of choices we might make, rarely noticing or remembering the unique traumas within each one of us who had been unduly abused, yet a formative self of abusive concomitance that had become our spectre alter self; our Sympathetic Resonance of pain, that formed our early lives; the framework that we had grown up within and amongst. 

Perhaps leading us to nearly die early, at some point in our lives. 

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