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Friday, June 8

Nuclear evolutionary establishments abound in pigeons underneath the jet stream

Can these sidewalk pigeons smell better now? It seems like they sniff around like dogs. The dark German Shepherd-like dog was out prolifically last night; he checked on me so constituently faithfully as the narrative in my head told thereof. It was so exciting, somewhat frightening; to be at the center of some happening in establishment; and the consequences were inexplicable in scale, for a pigeon lover. On some hand, finding a huge box and bag full of bright ladies' stylistic-aesthetics-clothing stuff was amazing, but wearing it out while risking my balls on blast way beyond valid scope that I'd accustomed to; as towards balls on blast discussion, it was getting old. I'm off hand a bit serious whereas most people seem to take it as a joke. It was, in a real sense; a frightfully toyed-about concept. It baffles my mind, absolutely.

I'm trying to maintain my straight vision and sensible-bounds-keep-self aptitude about me, as a complete amateur in what exactly I was doing; I wasn't sure about it much at all, to begin with, to be honest. Turns out that I had inadvertently established some sort of ionic mineral water content that is valuable in nuclear jet stream physics. As the narrative developed, I nervously followed orders and it was kinda sorta whoa, okay, that's a lot of uhh, uncommon stress and purported responsibility to pull it off properly. As a concomitant comprehensive hindsight exercise, it was, in effect, some yellowish, urine-like, yet tasteless fluid. "They" told me that it was kerosene developing, and then there was a drama involving some guys I had been hanging out with previously, and I had to arrange a bag to assist in someone's escape route. I added Tide Fresh and Clean. Popped up on a Hispanic TV Novelas / Vanidades magazine cover as a doppelganger, they said I was using cocaine. I was trying to do better, I would explain; all the time. I'm not an unfeeling person. The silliness of the drama is affecting my performance, and I'm generally one of the top minds in discussion, as far as people I've known. I'm not really trying to help out; I'm trying to get my place clean already, it's been 5 complete months, and there's dirt all over the floor. My spiritual mentor as a physical being-representative person-in life; I dunno. I don't even really talk to him, in a sense; there's a chance I might get some strange takes on stuff I consider standard, for me.

I hope I did alright; I'm a bit scared as towards fitting in and doing things alright. I am dressed like a girl, and that in and of itself could be a seriously knee-jerk basis to take on popping up unexpectedly on late night way new stuff going on, like they caught me acting childish. In general, though, no. I've been pretty hop-to-it with the trying-to-get serious, and then my iPad got taken, and then I found out I'm dragged in to part of this drama of other nations-as-well sorts of stuff.

They tell me I'm aught to take off on a plane; perhaps it'll be so. I've got to pack. Maybe just as a perhaps, though. I might be getting "punked" like they expected better of the standard. There was some talk up of Taco Bell having had some strange basis in my life; such that I am CEO of the company - quotables. I did find a Taco Bell Women's shirt, but that was with the rest of the clothes. I'm not considering that end, on any reasonable basis I can talk up some viable sustainable support mechanism as towards.

Phew. Time's up at the Mark Twain Library in South LA for this session.

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