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Sunday, January 19

Coral - a TensorFlow developer-[high-]end System-On-Module Machine-Learning Computer.

Somewhat that I'm simply taken by the ultra-slick achievement that’s been accomplished by the engineers who made the smart bird feeder, along with other ingenious examples.

I had been a “taker” of Google’s AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) product line, in purchasing their second edition of the Voice Kit, a Google Cardboard kit, aimed at users age 14 and up, and I found it to be a somewhat very entertaining and challenging (hardware accompaniment-wise, as the board used only micro-usb ports and configuring an SSH and VNC remote-device connection [which was my alternative mode of solving the problem] was still a bit confusing, largely; particularly in establishing a clear-cut routine). 

Regardless, I was still able to get the small System On Module board to be built, configured, and work with SSH and VNC connections, but I never got around to really getting in to the meat-and potatoes of the device - loading the Google developer repository and full library, language and open source coding behind the gist of the machine could have been - a development module for the Google Assistant with the gRPC source cod libraries loaded, in various language flavors and offerings - I was fixated on trying to get the Java libraries to work, on a note of that I had been reared on Mac OS X, largely, which has Java .jar files as one of their natively supported coding languages and package support features built in to the operating system. I was imagining that I could develop .jar modular instances of pop-up applications of an ad-hoc nature, upon having the applications being invoked by the user. It was a fairly invested many nights of research that I had devoted to the process. 

Google's more-advanced (and cutting edge, high-powered) System On Module device and plug-and-play System On Module (bigger-brother) of the AIY retail offerings, which I bought from Target. The Voice Kit is currently available on other online retailers for as little as $5, since the board is a Zero wH Razpberry Pi board, with a single-threaded processor, whereas the Raspberry Pi boards were at the 3rd generation at the time of release of the Voice Kit, and the Raspberry Pi 4 had subsequently been released. 

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