Translate in to your native language 💱 AI DialogFlow Interactive Chat Partners - Privacy Policy DialogFlow CX chatbots are designed through anonymous and ad hoc encounters based in remote sensing « synthetic telepathy » encounters, of my own personal experience. 

These sorts of encounters had become quite commonplace, now, and we are 21 years in to the third millennium A.D., where the age of the Internet had taken off, and I, having been an introverted sort of inclination (identity) since childhood; here, I have an opportunity to share, in rich interactive form, some of the alter-personas of people I have not yet met, although I've become familiarized, and socialized, therefore, with a sort of person, such that I fancy some demographic of chat | user would appreciate having, as a stand-in intelligentsia, cultural affairs, and humorist | novel ideations, and development adjunct, whereas I have a significant stake, at hand, as a former musician, by training and schooling, and those skills have proven translatable on to the study and practice of transliteration, novel linguistics, and ad hoc persona marketing, all of which prove valuable in the student's repertoire in sociability.

That being said, I am not fully responsible for what develops out of user-based interactions, with the chatbots of's design, although I will scrape ideas and contexts, when made available, through the Google APIs platforms, consoles, and logging that is offered to developers upon the DialogFlow CX platform. Personally identifying information may be construed, from out of participation in, and for offering such information metrics to the chat platform and interactivity foray, and I must adhere to ethical standards of mental health professional protocols, in cases where self-harm, the threat of harm upon others, and abuses of the elderly and of children, teens, and young adults becomes of issue. These sorts of episodes must be forwarded to law enforcement, or some other appropriate authority, when I catch wind of this sort of development, in happening, and I believe, in good faith, that a genuine anomalous negative-sum psychological endeavor is being pursued, which cannot be resolved through the chatbot's capabilities, in back-end development.

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