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Thursday, April 2

A nook, or rather, a plaza - of iPigeon sneaky repose, amidst a mobile plug-in charging interest upon the place - the Ernst & Young | FigAt7th « plaza » :pigeons:;

The pigeons of the Ernst & Young DTLA high-rise corporate and banking building plaza is a scenic backdrop of foliage and masonry, alongside cast-irob and bronze statues of various social inquiry and satire at issue. 

It happens to be - 


« It » , though, being the pigeons bronze casting [or perhaps it's copper?" 

Anyhow, this blog would prove to be a bit clumsy in compositional merit, I'd have to admit. Yet I strive to delve deeper than late-night pizza pigeons, in the critical analysis of the text here, which happens to re-hash (and for new readers who had not covered my early material on this blog) the au français theme - of some nature, yet undoubtedly of a reference to the Administrative Language influence of the 25%, or so: indebted task to which we owe the nation France, of it's origin - of the classical Romance languages syntax and usage basis, as well as for grammatical and dictionary compendium of such that might, as much, amount to an ad hoc, more universal phonetic and semantic contextual usage, such that gestures of speech and text could be made-to-order, as take-out as Google User Information Download, which happened months ago, for me, and I never even looked at it. 

I've eaten garbage, to be honest, most affectionately, of what I can make out, about food. Today, though, as well as last night - two men, in vehicles - treated me to a more relevant: non-tech and lifestyle blog standard target demographic of the truly relevant ones, even so - the pigeons thing, ... pretty scarce info. 

Yet here, in this copper casting, we find that in the ending word phonetic iteration of nonplussed, it rhymes with dust, which would be simply improper, for a French language student's stake in what it should sound like, whereas perhaps it's simply what happened, with the text, yet it wasn't French, how it ended - sort of thing, as the issue at hand. It's perhaps a bit funny, to some, but the French would have had of it simply differently, making it an issue of seriousness. 

I won't further elaborate. Here are the photos of the two copper castings.

One more look at me, in the unicorn outfit:

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