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Shipping Policies for Purchases

 iPigeon Aroma Company strives to provide excellent service in order fulfillment, from the time you encounter our product listings, to the time you receive the package. 

I typically am capable of fulfilling orders within the same business day, if ordered before 2:00 pm, or on the next business day. 

Due to Covid-19, however, order fulfillment may take up to 3 days. Please excuse any delays there may be, after you pay for the purchase. I am available to provide customer support through email or text messaging (213) 545-6660.

Orders are shipped USPS Priority Express, in order to expedite the shipment fulfillment process, and to ensure a high level of service by the courier. If third party shipping is requested, on the part of the customer, please notify me in a private message, accompanying your order, and I will make sure to make accommodations for your preferences.

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