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Tuesday, January 21

Today's food-laden outing resources. A trip to the beach.

I'm hoping to catch a clean and fresh ocean air day, out by the beach. There was a light drizzle, last night, and I want to make sure I stay active, so the beach sounds like a nice idea, and I have to return a USB cable to Fry's Electronics. There's been an unfortunate turn of events for the local pigeons - their loft at the Manchester | Harbor Freeway underpass is becoming overrun with a fetid poopy smell. I reached out to the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services yesterday, and they had washed down the human walkways, but they'd been neglecting to wash down the pigeon loft.

Monday, October 14

Back to feeding the pigeons.

The flock underneath the Manchester at Harbor Freeway (110) overpass is doing really well, with some newcomers to the roost, and a cute baby being watched over by its parents. 

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