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Tuesday, August 20

The Shopify LA event spotlight - Kirsty Godso

I'm attending the Shopify LA event spotlight series' first meeting (this year); this one hosted by Kirsty Godso.

Shopify LA event spotlight. Come meet and network with successful Shopify Masters and hear their stories on how to launch successful brands.
AUGUST 20, 2019, 6:30 youPM

Merchant Mentor Session: Kirsty Godso

In this edition of our Merchant Mentor Session series, Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso, will be here to chat about the commerce of cardio and what it means to be in the 'business of bodies".
The event space itself is gorgeous - a modern E-commerce brick and mortar retail and services shop aimed at helping aspiring and established Internet entrepreneurs establish a Shopify presence; set amongst the significant new development for entrepreneurial enterprises in Row DTLA, located where the old American Apparel factory was located during it's heyday.

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