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Friday, June 28

A reblog: pigeon marriage proposal

This is a classic pigeon composite illustration of various motifs I've come across during my outings in to town "doing recyclables." [collecting].

A notable theme of summer months - the suggestion of exchange and of offering; the pigeon with sass tries to imagine what might be done with a gold ring.

Here, in this composite image, the pigeon's partner is none other than an RCA Viking II tablette, currently on sale at Target. 

Pigeon marriage proposal

Pigeon marriage proposal, by Jay Ammon, et al.
Pigeon marriage proposal

Thursday, June 27

The pigeons of Wilshire at Western Ralph's are a flock to behold.

As a recyclables collector, I've commonly come in to homed flocks of pigeons concentrated in a certain area.

Wilshire at Western Ralph's Grocery Store.

Here, at Wilshire at Western in Wilshire Center (of Los Angeles, CA USA), the locals must have been kind and considerate towards birds as a concentrated demographic of people in the area. 

The pigeons of the Ralph's parking lot are a heartwarming feature of the store that merits a visit, for bird lovers.

Thursday, June 13

The bwippzies sideways-steppin' cockroach

... it sideways stepped its way into my life when I (inadvertently) kicked a hole in the wall, once upon an R.E.M. behavioral disorder episode of acting out.

The bwippzies sideways-steppin' cockroach won my favor over with the novelty of that it was sideways-steppin' its way in to my life, as a hole-in-the-wall (new one) creature.

From Google:

Oct 14, 2017 · In a person with REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), the paralysis that normally occurs during REM sleep is incomplete or absent, allowing the person to "act out" his or her dreams. RBD is characterized by the acting out of dreams that are vivid, intense, and violent.

Today I served the pigeons Kombucha

Target now has a 48 oz. Kombucha for $7.99, which is a relatively good price.

GT's Kombucha for the pigeons on a hot summer streak.
A 48 oz. GT's Kombucha from Target is very refreshing during exercise to replenish the alkalinity of the body.

 For those who are unfamiliar with the drink, Kombucha is a raw tea, typically, made from a bacterial and yeast mushroom culture, stilled in a tea with flavorings. 

I've notably gotten a refreshing flush of pH cleanse by gulping down some of the drink; and the price of the large bottle at Target attracted me to purchasing it, after some time of doing without. I am going out and jogging more resolutely, lately. 

Sunmaid Raisin Bread? 🍞 mmmm.... with Kombucha? Refreshing. 🦉

I made sure to deliver soaked bread to the pigeons here in the hot heat of early June.
The Harbor Transitway at Manchester underpass features an aux hocs-fait-ón-dú flock of pigeons. They are a family, with some new young ones, from recent months!

A view of the underpass, where I get on and off of the Metro bus line (460, 910, 950)

A pigeon's roost, underneath the freeway, near my home.
A panorama of the Harbor Transitway at Manchester underpass. There are bird fences for the young in the little lofts by the stairs here. There are several families of pigeons at this location. 
Next item on the list is getting the birds some salt for fortitude and energy. I know they'll enjoy tasting some salty eggs. 

Friday, June 7

Golden hour at Los Angeles State Historic Park (a photo-blog)

The golden hour, as it is known, is a fortuitous place and time with triangulation in mind, in regards to photography. 

It would appear, and I heard it so, that I just happened to hit upon the golden hour here at Los Angeles State Historic Park, nearby the southernmost building as a photographer, with my new TCL Alcatel LX phone, with an 8 megapixel rear camera. 

I'm definitely pleased with the results. The slim crescent moon is just overhead, around 6:45 pm as I face a tree off to the side of the western edge of DTLA. The sun is 20°-30° over on my right hand side, and it's a mildly warm summer day that started with thick haze, nearly precipitation, but only some barely sprinkles in the air, this morning.  

In imagining how I might [or what I might] like to have within the frame, there ended up being three types of photographs. The first, I had imagined, ought to be a panorama, as a survey of the grounds of the park, with the towering high rise buildings as a focus; the foreground - young trees, lawn and hills, grit dirt winding walking path. Instead, however, I accidentally hit the time lapse button, so I've got a first-off Impressionist rendition a la Claude Monét or Vincent Van Gogh.

A photographic Impressionist image, if I might say so, myself.

The contrast of the setting sun over the hills, with the palm trees, Elysian Park, and some institutional buildings of Chinatown frame the monochromatic

Today, a special treat for the pigeons.

I have some swai fillet that I'm sure the pigeons will go wild over, as a sweet and sour fish with rice dish. 
Some fresh swai fillet for today's pigeon feeding.

Thursday, June 6

Cleaning up the wreckage of my life.

The landlord for my home had granted me an additional month to try and salvage my tenancy here, at Messiah Apartments. 

I was very thankful to my social worker for getting the extra month for me. Prior to this, I had been going through the Kübler-Ross stages of loss (although I'd state, for posterity, that I believe that angst, instead of anger, as it is, according to this current Wikipedia link, stated as such. I don't react as angry unless it's a huge row against me.

It was a difficult time, as I have legitimate procrastination issues, being that I'm schizophrenic; it's been documented - that I have difficulties in cleaning my apartment. I am constantly distracted by persecutions from my former peers from my K-12 school years. The representative from the housing authority didn't have any sympathy for the fact that I experience these voices in my head as stalkings and harassment. 

So much of myself was put in to lost dreams, here, at my apartment. 

I'm still experiencing daily abuses in life from distanced former peers; just but a few, but the psychosis of the depersonalization and passive aggressiveness grates on my capable mood. I was starting to believe that I could begin living life drug-free again; it had not been since 2016 that I was completely drug abstinent.

There was the early morning fanfare of a plausible home exhibition pigeon-extravaganza; minimalist, museum-esque, open front doorway, the madman's closet of strumming through the scuck fluzz of the mess. All of this, except that I truly had visions of this place being much moreso minimalist: simple wall-exhibitions of the illustrations and earlier blog works. It was supposed of as being somewhat an extension of the downtown Los Angeles, California, USA monthly Art Walk.

Then there's the pigeon carnival aspiration of fixing up a prime local brood of pigeons. I haven't given up hope, yet, though. The other day, I sprayed the dirt nearby my home where the pigeons roost by the freeway for ticks.

The nearby pigons' roost by the freeway at 9200 Grand, 90003.

Fast Company recently published a relevant article regarding the distractibility of creative individuals. 

The gist of it is that creative individuals have a lower threshold of sensory input capacity which dictates that the individual will perceive and pay attention to smaller minutiae of sound or sensory input. The study was done on a small control group of individuals; all apparently of a particular sort demographic. 

Tuesday, June 4

iPigeon fitness minute - the firehose outlets of a Downtown Los Angeles high-rises' enclave.

Being that it is, that the homeless lifestyle lends itself to physical exertion (in my case, that is);

I sometimes need to blow off some heat and pressure. 

A little-known tip that I've encountered, as an explorer of the metropolis, is that the Fire Department's firehose inlet-outlet fittings 

are commonly of a height and width that suits the standard adult body (mine, that is), in providing a spotting reference point that helps out in cracking the back. 

Monday, June 3

Some days are rough, keeping the pigeons fed.

Alright, I can own it: the bugs only home are not going to be particularly anything special just because I'm living here.

I had been of the belief that they could or might be; on account of the nuclear watershed environment about the place.

Sometimes the folklorist assertions from the voices in my head catch me suggestible, and not that nurturing environment doesn't count; indeed - particularly for a narcissistic and grandiose mind.

That being said, I've largely overcome many of my histrionics in of grandiosity par narcissisme. It's a difficult road to navigate; looking as I do, with a neuroticism behind the glamour. I wasn't brought up this way. I sometimes fancy the belongings of others, and, as we all know, it is a sin to covet what is rightfully someone else's. 

Sometimes the stories in my head turn me spiraling downwards in to a depressive mood, and I go outside, seeking stimulants for a fix; lately they just haven't been doing the job all that well.

All of that aside, I've realized that, along with my clothing haul from a few days ago, I brought home some ticks, as well. It's the beginning of the month now, and General Relief welfare has come through. I purchased a box of Raid Max concentrated fogger. I tried out staying inside while and after I sprayed, and it definitely works. I was choking on the fumes.

A box of Raid Max spray. I got some for myself, and I realized that the pigeons' roosts likely harbor ticks, as well.
I determined, from last year's iPigeon efforts, that the feces of the pigeons is a mineral-rich substance that attracts parasites. I figure I ought to spray the area nearby my home that features some freeway pigeons, and I'll give them some food, while I'm at it, for the morning, as well. Perhaps milk and cereal?

A 5 minute walk to the pigeons' roost, where I'm sure some ticks have gathered, to mangle the pigeons with Lyme disease.

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