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Monday, October 14

A successful weekend for my content-valuation in my Google AdSense Account.

Today, I checked my Blogger and Adsense stats, and I found some promising new data spikes in my advertising revenue.

As you can see, from my Google Analytics account data for the past week, I had some notable increase in my revenue, which had largely gone flat, in reporting, whereas I had received one bidder-basis click-through, on one of the ads featured in my blog, which I received $1.89 for. Woo-hoo! A moment for celebrating. 

You’ll see that the Google Analytics report data features rich and detailed data graphs for taking in some of the time-span recorded metrics of a site’s ad revenue performance, over time, as well as user data metrics. These graphs are not nearly all of the reportable metrics available on Google Analytics. 

I’m excited to keep updating the content tracking metrics and ad marketing offers that I have available to myself, through Google’s Marketing Platform for Content Publishers, of which they offer a generous share of the earned revenue, in my case. You’ll see that my graphed data-metrics reports, although humble in these formative stages of blog content development on, to envision a viable content publication platform, in future years, as the readership grows, and as loyal readers return to the blog (hopefully clicking on ads more often), it is an optimistic thing to see just one valuation ad-click metic in the context of the graphs that are available for webmaster site analysis. 

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