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Sunday, July 19

Yoipes! MacOS Versions of iPadOS apps are showing up on the App Store.

The transition in to cross-platform apps [iPadOS to macOS] is happening, right now, on the App Store.

Many of us who have been keeping up with releases and features know that Mac Catalyst is an exciting new feature that was released with Xcode 11, not very long ago.

Now, just this morning, in fact: I started getting releases on the App Store for apps that I had purchased on my former iOS and iPadOS devices.
My MacBook Air is running the latest beta of macOS 11.0 Big Sur, and now iPadOS apps are showing up in the App Store downloads, as prior purchases.

Fans of productivity and pipe organs will rejoice at the macOS presence of apps such as the Strand and Ott Organ Apps by Markus Sigg, as well as LiquidText, for example.

Perhaps these developers had been amongst some of the first to jump in on the Universal App Quick Start Program, recently offered by Apple; or, perhaps, the current Intel-CPU powered devices, with Mac Catalyst, could create the Universal Apps in and of their own capabilities, since Mac Catalyst had been offered with Xcode since version 11 (Xcode 12 is the current transitional | universal app development platform for producing macOS desktop or laptop [in my case, a gold MacBook Air 2020] binaries out of iOS and iPadOS apps - a somewhat different stake in the story on Apple's decisions to move their product lines' CPUs to ARM-powered processors over the next several months and, perhaps, a couple of years, at most).

Monday, December 9

Trekking out to Santa Monica on a craigslist hardware barter.

A photo of DTLA at dusk, down Figueroa Blvd.
Leaving Los Angeles on the Metro Expo E Live towards Santa Monica,  from off the 550 to Exposition Park from Manchester at Harbor Freeway (110).

I found a great deal while browsing craigslist on the notion that I'd been hitting a wall with my iPad (iPigeonPad) development efforts under my annual term I'd purchased with the Apple Developer Program.  Only $150.

In order to do some essential tasks, render services,  issue certificates; that sort of thing,  for my mock-up conceptual Apple iPadOS,  iOS,  tvOS,  and watchOS, I'd need a dedicated Xcode Apple development machine. I found a great deal on a 2010 21-inch iMac i3 with a 2TB upgraded hard drive,  and 12 GB of RAM. I figure I could get in to some serious repository local serve development aspirations and Android NDK and SDK for my Google and Android developments,  as well. 
The seller, upon working out some details on my own end,  as to how I could find this transaction, was very accommodating of my ostensible needs for this machine (in that I could OK longer return the iPad to Target, and he agreed to take up my offer of an even trade for his iMac, with my iPad). 

A craigslist post; desktop view
The craigslist post for my new iMac. 

I decided to jump the gun and settle for a trade,  for a well-equipped and upgraded older device,  in this instance,  for the fact that I figured that people were pushing for Christmas deals, and Christmas devices,  this month, moreso than they might be next month. 

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