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Sunday, January 12

Basic tenets of most-effective executive functioning.

  1. Change happens gradually, and in stages. Significant changes in a work environment are typically foreshadowed from the initial moment of something seeming improper, and such things are unlikely to significantly match an executive’s current compendium of acquired ethics and assimilated behaviors. When things move too quickly, the mind reverts to a primitive state of fear-based reactions, rather than sound and logical reasoning about what, to proceed, would be most right.
  2. A task-handler does and works most effectively when assigned only a single task at a time, for the sake of simplicity. A simple 2-step packing process, for example, is made more of distractions when additional movements are demanded of the task-handler, like walking back and forth to obtain each package, individually. 
  3. When a 
  4. When a problem appears, stop; then attend to the problem by acknowledging the problem to the client while managing the solution on a help desk site, or by logically deconstructing the problem, processes, and foundations by which the problem exists. In the case in which the problem has exceeded all reason, it’s best to not overstay the failure. Simply gracefully exit if there is a need to attend to other affairs, and schedule some time to research the problem further, if resources merit it, and reschedule a solutions meeting, if possible. Leaving expectations unfulfilled is generally understood, on the smaller scales of small business. 
  5. Practice the arts and sciences that are endowed upon a business transaction - psychology, etiquette, conscientiousness, conversationality, efficiency, and tact. Dumping an emotional load on to a business relationship is a sure way to fail more certainly, at some point, rather than maintaining sustainability, which is obviously the more desirable outcome. 

Wednesday, December 5

For some obvious reason - ostensibly unnacceptably a fearful, yet strangely, as well; conspicuously obvious to me : as strange in it's seeming constituent: self - purpose, needs-driven goal actualization: the morning drive-up traffic at the place across the street coincides with some "such says" as had been to speak on.

Given that I'm working on local

-izing the


Of the conceivable regional

land and human actualization of

material worth;

I might say that; to speak of, there is somewhat simply not much of 

valuated significant 

upper crust; of the Earth's seismic continental layers; 

Here: salvageable, as far as non-combative 

steps back; in supposing that, at a time such as such doubly and multiply so; (at that), 

Simply, to repeat; yet 

the {sigh} significant inconceivable 

is simply what's happening to me.

of a first off: thoughtless mind to think up of such disorder that had not been learned wrong: most commonly,

yet here, the most conscious-minded, yet conspicuôusly concealed, as of supposing that the conscious mind understands; of the perceives - 

that it would serve the natural order, most needfully.

That being said, the doleful-mindedness of the

oh, hoh,

Oh. Okay.

The constituent inconceivable need for valuated worth of [representative form], yet for qualitatively viscerally engineering-means-supported,

It does appear that people are disparaging the natural order in being needfully served.

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