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Friday, July 26

A cool Google Cloud Platform appspot app I've discovered.

I came across some cool stuff in the trash along the way of my route in recycling as I got out in to DTLA for feeding the pigeons and to get on the internet at the library (today I'm at the LA Law Library).

Including: a 44.4 WH myCharge RZ12BV-A portable USB mobile device battery backup charger.

All things interesting aside, I'm not all up on my voltages, watt hours to milli-amp hours, so I Google'd the conversion and I came up with this highly relevant search result, 


Convert mAh to Watt hours

connecting me to none other than a Google Cloud Platform webApp appliance as-a-page, much like would be expected in searching for a conversion hop-to, here: agreeably monetized in diminutive scale by serving ads, as an « appspot » page, which is Google Cloud Platform's App Engine's scalable solution for hosted cloud app delivery service as a page - 

Web results

Jul 15, 2019 · You can override this using the --host<hostname> flag when ... serve SSL ( HTTPS) traffic through your domain

a .appspot App Engine page, which I feel, in this instance is ingeniously presented of what App Engine is capable of. 

Monday, July 15

A Google Cloud Unix CLI (command-line interface) morning of appengine devlopment

An Aztec code from Barcode Generator of some of this morning's work.

I covered a lot of ground this past evening in mobile app development; namely for Actions on Google and/for Google Assistant. 

I'm proceeding faithfully quickly, with the graces of monthly data un-throttled bestowed upon my Alcatel TCL LX phone, only $40, and a great deal on processing power on mobile, from Target. 

target usc tcl lx from

The TracFone Alcatel TCL LXgives you all the tools you need and fun features you want to help tackle your busy mobile life. ... With a camera that features includes Panorama mode, Time-lapse, HDR, Night Mode and Instant Collage TracFone Alcatel TCL LX Prepaid Smartphone.
In stock

It's pretty, slick, sturdy, and staunch; for the most part. I can't quite trawl through a textual transliterative « everything » 30+ WPM thumbsies quite all the time, but the device pulls through and it jaunts a faithful AppEngine 28-hour workday no problem.


↰ Google App Engine

What's the meaning of 28 instances hours mean in free limit section of pricing detail? Can i know what's the price for firebase cloud messaging?
5/26/16Lim Ta Sheng
What's the meaning of 28 instances hours mean in free limit section of pricing detail?   Can i know what's the price for firebase cloud messaging? 
5/26/16Kamran (Google Cloud Support)

Hello Lim,

Based on your message, I understand that you want to know the meaning of instance-hours in the App Engine pricing section of this articleIf so, I suggest visiting this thread on where my colleague posted an answer to a similar question. You can also visit this article for more detail information:

Instances running in manual and basic scaling services are billed at hourly rates based on uptime. Billing begins when an instance starts and ends fifteen minutes after a manual instance shuts down or fifteen minutes after a basic instance has finished processing its last request. 


Aside from all that, I got my Pigeon Trivia little Google Assistant game show up in the Google Assistant Directory; hopefully it'll stand to remain in the catalog with some more astute development hours put in to it.

These are some photos of common pages I've been scrumming through to work out the development workflow. It's a massive undertaking of knowledge base.

The Google Cloud Unix Bash Shell Command-Line Interface

The Pigeon Trivia Google Assistant Actions Trivia Game Simulator.

The Google Application Programming Interface[s] catalog.

The Google Cloud Platform Retina App Logo

One of my pigeon App logos, from ink brush illustration. 

One of the internal Google Cloud Platform User Interface icon logos.

Here's my Google Assistant Action in the Google Assistant Directory. With luck, I'll be granted a pass with the work on development I've done on this and be given some monthly credits and a T-Shirt from the Google Assistant team!
Another Aztec encoding of the .webp format and protocol description itself; utilized in the Google Cloud Data Labeling API.

Wednesday, July 10

A second-degree-removed 💗 flub. Some seminal thoughts, here: on dying.

As I had been a guy for the sociable scene this recent holiday week (July 4th, 20¹9);

I felt a confidence about the air, of that love, of that cleanliness, and good old-fashioned romance might win many over, including myself, as I saw many couples. 

Then, (twice, I believe « on a släde couch jaunt », I interred a heart flutter. I say twice-(removed) because it was <_ about="" along="" and="" as="" athleticism="" be="" better="" brought="" confidence="" deluded="" dying="" folklore="" forth="" get="" h4="" had="" how="" i="" immortal="" in="" it="" life="" many="" me.="" mortality="" my="" nbsp="" not="" obvious="" of="" on="" others="" our="" self.="" sense="" some="" that="" thoughts="" to="" we="" well="" with="" yet="" youthful="">
That being said, I'm fairly well-to-the-self as far as routine (getting back to it), and it was a good several to many hours spent in caring self-healing therapy; mainly of pressure-point massage. 

Some repressed memories came to mind, during several of many traumatic-crisis incidents that bubbled forth, upon my ⁴th of July weekend. 
That I am 37 years old, I felt it fairly iconic celebutante of me, (nearly) incurring a heart-attack. It made me realize several things.

  1. First of all, the attrition. Who wouldn't [given Scientology] be held at questioning and tribulation for justice? Is my objective reality different than others'? 
  2. Second of all, I felt like I was suitably seated only somewhat to have faithfully only dalliançèd a heart attack « émbue », as it were. Just a flub. My rote and good deeds unto faith towards the feeding of the pigeons had done me well, as for this go-round. 
  3. But what about others? Would they have haunted so bwamm, just like myself, and fared so dauntless jaunt regardless fwamm . . . the sidewalk's upturned now-ish? 
Fairly bwammAF to note, it's fairly unexpected conversational topic to bring up recent circulatory issues outside of the medical field, yet I'm a fairly astute abstracts-by-night reader, with a fairly well-to-do IQ to go with it. 

I thought about my interrent peers and their such-to-suppose (also [nearly]) heart-attacks. Regardless of (whatever), I feel like perhaps it (I); ergo: ought be wrought out in the public. 

First of all, it's a looming spectre for all of us, some day. I've determined that it takes death over fighting and waste to produce crystal methamphetamine. Nobody (supposed)...<_ div="" nbsp="">

Well, okay. People do give effort and produce will and means for the [<_ div="" go="" good="" identities="" much="" nbsp="" of="" others.="" psychology.="" standard="" the="" through="" we="">

But okay. Fwiff. But what's the point? We all fwiff, some alike, some different. 

The heart murmur, and subsequent blood circulatory debacles, which I had worked out in my self-physical pressure-point therapy, over many hours, became a self-evident article of forensics, given repressed-memories, time-elapsed had withheld from myself; I felt that it was so; as well, unto others who cho[o]se to a abuse me. 

Perhaps we were all harboring hidden resonances of childhood traumas that none of us were grown up well enough, by far - to the expectations of that God would not burden Man with more that He Himself could ought handle. 

The Bible rings true, and in society, we have the seminal works of others as upon our Daily Bread offerings of choices we might make, rarely noticing or remembering the unique traumas within each one of us who had been unduly abused, yet a formative self of abusive concomitance that had become our spectre alter self; our Sympathetic Resonance of pain, that formed our early lives; the framework that we had grown up within and amongst. 

Perhaps leading us to nearly die early, at some point in our lives. 

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