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Sunday, July 22

My yesterday-early morning geocache localization development efforts - Mark Twain Branch LA Public Library Review, [stalkers showed up during the day, substituently, regardless]

The Mark Twain Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is a branch in it's youthful stage in life; it is clean and new, on one hand. The book selection is probably mostly dependent on reasonable accommodations for any branch or local offerings, although it seems like they shuffle through some up-and-coming book titles here [although I typically seem to like it better when I do a quick flip-through of the (then) interesting stuff.

Without this "place" in the area, serious criminal autonomy over some rare victims of profiling-for-stalking and pwn jaunt athleisure dominance games of young folks, some of whom are simply incapable of being honest...

I go here to reconvene on my social media outlets when I've been somehow deprived of my mobile device. It's super close to my new move-in section 8 lifestyle thing going on, and some people jaunt on stuff like that, for buntiglios crowd-stalking efforts, and for (commonly) Freudian oh FML! wtf fluff demographics, but the locals are nice. Locals are always nice.

If I had to pick between this branch, as an outing, compared to the central library, the stalking-group violent-threat demographic commonly keeps me home-bound, so I stay home and jaunt. Now I have a mobile phone, but it's not quite like a resourceful impactful research jaunt at the central library on a gallon of milk diet (per day) for the AF fluff gastronomical novelty when I pass by non-eating types on that day. [I fart...].

Aside from that, people take pretty standard poops in the bathroom, comparatively; 95% of the homeless around here are transients, so a non-local triste fluff demographic is notably strange, I'd believe people would think, as well as myself. Even the people who aren't stalking people might agree that some people show up as stalkers, and it's weird. Sometimes they try to pull the most ostensible racial disparagement au jour, strangely.

That being said, most people simply don't stalk people, so it's noticeable when non-local fluff moves in to hold people hostage and the Nuclear Regulatory Committee gets micro-bots peepin' in on the slight Holocaust long-standing identity stuff [people of stuff].

On the other hand, I get talked up a srsly get some timing together to handle the stalking threat at an inconvenienced discrepancy of WGAF, they're stalkers? I know I'm being watched, and being a sociopath on top of that is so stopping my central library researching jaunts, and I'm being held up for:stalking him:purposes, can't clean my home type of thing.

I think that schools around here don't really fill up, and I read in the Economist that people are halting on having babies, statistically. People make stark decisions to simply die off around considering a life to be disparaged for any reason, to be honest. To some people, it's just obvious that people look and act as they will, and for racial disparities in South Los Angeles, simple as that. (also for stalking for sex trafficking, as if life couldn't be better, to mention on broadcast).

I try to fill my mind with book-like thoughts, instead of stuff like that. 🤔

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