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Wednesday, September 1

Alternatives to Gig Work, Now that the Federal Extension Unemployment Benefits are Ending.

 Although it may seem like a bleak outlook on the newsfeed, lately, I'm not going to freak out. There are plenty of ways in which I can assert my enterprising self and my entrepreneurial spirit, even as of yet;

Hopefully you'd also managed to procure and safeguard some capital investments, using unemployment benefits from the Employment Development Department, etc. - for me, it was perfume and fragrance | aroma ingredients that stuck things out, beyond the stock market and the cryptocurrency craze that hit many newcomers, from the wayside, with attractive and compelling distractions from what few opportunities many of us were afforded, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent social strata fallout that was the Black Lives Matter movement and associated civic center occupations and unrest. 

In any case, you might be wondering what else there is to do, now that much of the attention is on the presidential administration, the weather, etc., while here, in Southern California, the weather is relatively balmy and cool - at least for a few days, now; we',ve got raindrops notifications coming through on Dark Sky, and it's only the height of mid-day that's unbearably hot and overly bright. Things could be worse; they « had been » worse, previously... 

Then, from out of what seems like nowhere, Google manages to pull through in some new releases; there's the Pixel 6 coming out soon, and with it (preceding it's release), there's plenty of self-starter enterprising frontier, development and production space that's rich as all of the major topics of Big Tech, as of late: AI, ML, Call Center stuff, IoT, online retail, ad marketing, domaining... that sort of thing. 

For me, Google Workspace reignited the development aspirations fire within me, and I was drawn in by Gmail's chat space, which, for me, is constantly dead space, or non-existent, as I work primarily on mobile; finger-flipping up and down, checking on this and that, waiting for my benefits to come in, ... although that was bound to come to an end, at some point in time. Now that those things had come to fruition, during their time, it's obvious that we'd expect to have something to show, as for ourselves, and for our adult life and professional careers, to come. That's how I see it, in any case. 

There's Dialogflow, which is the linguistic version of what was, and is - the visual foray of Machine Learning platform, which is TensorFlow; we've all been familiarized with the notion of what TensorFlow does for us, in having to go through Captchas, as the intelligence barrier, between us, and some fated necessary task of scripting, that comes about, as a result of browsing the web, sometimes. 

There's the Tovusound Organ Pipe Music Boxes, which I'm a huge fan of, as a DTLA pigeon carnival enthusiast and proponent (lately, I've been getting shipped around, various parts of town, for the sake of tending to the other pigeon flocks and small establishments of them, in numbers, whether they were known gatherings of birds, or unbeknownst to me), given that the birds are likely to flourish, here and there, regardless of whether or not it's the civic center, or not. In these many various locales that I traverse, I encounter signs of that the pigeons and the people are getting along well, and that the birds are treated well in various parts of town.

Saturday, January 16

More of the ostensible fashionable pigeons of lé lyçée Françoise.

Un petit pigeon
Le jeunesse - le Bebe petít un

A classic moment of pigeons' socialization habits - the aggressor warns the young one, given the nurturing environment; or perhaps it is a fight over food. The  ravishment of pigeons in being scared of people will take years of presence as a .instiute founding Director to correct in society.
Lé pigeonne avec le sass pour le jeunesse

Old Ironsides broken-legged pigeon.

Le pigeonne-íl c'est ont téntatíf
Grazing pigeons.

Pretty pigeon, fluffy feathers
Pretty pigeon, fluffy feathers.

Le sass pour le jeunesse.

Lé bébe, uné fruítbat.

Petites pattes! Skeet skeet! - the flattened rat.

Orric (old oak tree), the pig 

Sunday, March 29

I see some scattered white bread pieces in the Terminal Metro station;

Then I wonder, what if... they don't all end up being carnival pigeons? 

I suppose that many pigeons will be witnessed on an off day, or venturing out from the flock, but that would be part of the inquisitive nature of the urban pigeons lifestyle. Pigeons land in front of human observers and passersby in order to enact the time-worn ritual of evincing some food. 

Of course, not every creature could possibly be up to a finery carnival performance Fletch, at all times. The organic nature of the crowd and the audience is that of an ebb and flow, around the unfolding of the event, as it happens. 

Then, the sociable behaviors of the post-excitement engagement (for now, it's simply a feeding, but today, it was special food - horchata cream cheese mini sandwich bites). Some of them flutter away, in a flurry of wind, as the unknown signal becomes triggered amongst the birds, in agreement of that they should flee.

I wonder how the Manchester flock is faring. I was tearful at the notion of abandoning them, in to adulting - that they would be. 

Wednesday, December 18

Lean development aesthetic gestural poses, using plurisubharmonic octal Fouriers.

As a hauler of a constant endurance load,  being a collector of recyclables (myself), I continually contend with the presence of lumbar (lower back) spine inflammation.  A dull soreness of the base of the spine,  connecting the hip bone.

What I've discovered,  through many long hours of attempted self-healing,  some library topic dalliances,  and some critical analysis logic applied to the situation,  is that the periphery joints

(which I'll deem "octals," since they are correlated to the "cracking" of the joints - a resonance),

and even the extremities,  in the sense of the fingers' knuckles, the ankles and toes,  extend their own harmonic resonance load-bearing capacity of assuaging the long-trek endurance jaunt of a load-bearing laboriousness, in that the relief of these periphery and extremity octal Fouriers of joint-cracking gestures through the various bodily aesthetics employed in natural-poses of a self-sustainable pressure-point healing methodology are, time after time, correlated in the unifying delimiter of that all of the pressure-points joints, during an acute inflammation episode (which is common for me) play a part in assuaging the lumbar spinal pain. As well, the lower digestive organs and the pressures inherent in the excretory process are causally affected by the relief and offset of the pressure and inflammation of the joints.

What works best? In a sense,  being that this is very much actively-involved self-healing process and procedure (which is colloquially known as "lean" development - hanging on the heels of other colloquial forms of development found in project management nomenclature forms, such as agile, astute,  scrum; for example. Here; relevant in that the lumbar spinal inflammation correlates positively with the expulsion of trapped heat energy (it is common for flatulence to be released after some cracks are attained in healing the lumbar region).

It would be a most fiscally ostensible caricature (or silhouette) to encounter,  for a colloquially-engaged local | familiar on the subject. A person, dressed in ostensibly civic-casual clothing - leanin'aff of on jaunt,  against a street-side accommodation of some sort of object. Pop-culture and fashion had precluded lean development plurisubharmonic octal Fouriers aficionados and street gawkers at the spectacle in the iconic athleisure formative identity; whereas lean development builds upon outdoor dailies and nightlife standards, with an extra shift of in-home SlädeAF™ in front of the computer monitor, on the sofa, or in bed, working on any number of development projects, or of on of AF pronz of hibachi.

The well-jaunted courtesan of such a lifestyle would inevitably end up back in the pedestrian districts in town, come daylight, to show face, that the slädeAF™ had not conquered the dignity within.

Some people get massages, true; but for me, I live down a life of a casual schizophrenic (gone on over 7 years, now, at this point), of a folklorish and old-fashioned (Old Testament) Biblical consternation upon me by "people I used to know." Supposedly, this sort of thing passes by people's whims about town, and the stalking victim subject-topic shows up as best as could be had (hopefully), and redeems the lowly betrudgeon'ed identity ego and self-esteem amongst society's peers, overseers, critics, and public relations firms, while suiting the ostensibly standard athleisure identity, as a minimum.

Sometimes, though, the lean is in order.

What else?

It's somewhat Barre ballet technique (imaginably), although I've never myself taken ballet. Here, in at least two forms, in that tight-fitting elastic sorts of legging fabric are appropriate, as outerwear (or as an underneath-layer), and that of hoisting up the placid leg upon a chair, rail, or "something" available, out around town, to do one of the critical gestural lean development techniques of bodily aesthetic - the hip rotation. Here, in being done and attained of various Civic accommodations, of various height and size, suited for optimal plurisubharmonic Fourier octals to be attained, for the sake of the fact that it takes the entire rotary entity of the hip joint and socket pair, in and of themselves, a multiplicity of radiance, dynamic, and broadcast - of the various projections and intrinsics that could be had of them (the hip joints and connecting bone structures).

What did that mean?


Well, in essence, I prefer to just move ahead and describe the implementation of the rotarian form of the hip bone end of the thigh bone, which is somewhat of the shape of a club, if I recall and imagine correctly.

The simple fact of slumping up the limp leg on to a Barre (of some sort) and turning the foot and ankle one way, and the other, as the upper body recoils, leans, and inters over oppositional and dynamic few or several bends of the foot (ankle), versus the butt (bottom), given the spine (upper), all moving slowly, to form a plurisubharmonic octals of Fouriers to enact a naturally healing pose that could compensate for a much worse inflammation injury episode than standard expectations would confer.

Think of an iceberg, sitting in the water, with the various seasons and years upon it, to calculate the structure and formatization of cracks, crags, and splits of the iceberg. It has to do with the various sources (Dynamics) of heat, whereas they also have different properties. These, in turn, form what seem to be unique and random cracks in the otherwise solidified and unified form of ice, whereas the cracks are what makes it different (when cracks do, or have - appeared, that is).

Here, the concept is to form various Dynamics of oppositional pressures and gestural aesthetics of "lean," on to the focal point of the lumbar spinal section, the rotation of the hips, via the ankles, or (that the pressure had moved to the extremeties), even the fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders - all of these internal pressures being forced against, with intentional oppositional pressures - contribute to the relief of lumbar spinal pain.

This sort of thing is important in longevity in heart health. Dangerous blockages could build up, over days of släde and athleisure, amidst being a fashionable stalking victim, as well, in creating acute topical local buildups of looser blood pressure around a region, whereas the inflamed sections are generating a different harmonic pressure dynamic in another section of the body. Over time, these sorts of internal pressure resonances, left unattended to, contribute to embolisms and heart shock. Indeed, most people could probably recall the shock of a pinched nerve being stretched. A sharply painful thing, whereas the dullness of muscle and joint relief is actually a resonance of the blood pressure over the body's formative and various construction, of its own making - the skin, the bones, the blood - all different, yet all capable of resonating and of contributing to resonance. A shock would be some form of harmonic dissonance, of significant distortions (which essentially means that the ceiling threshold of tolerability had been reached, and the resonant harmonic frequencies have to work within the lower ceiling allowed by the body).

The Grecian-urn lifting-and-twisting aesthetic is also a crucial move to embody, with a lean of the back, upon a solid, yet pressured, foot holding, versus the knee twisting and pushing against the two opposing top and bottom forces of the back and foot. This type of move will offset the lumbar pressure out to the hips, which crack when the twists are done correctly, in various angles of declination, to crack the hips from several (7-10) various rotarian dynamic angles, around the entirety of the club-shaped hip-leg-bone ending.

A similar technique of postural planking, with the arms at the behind, and bent upwards, towards the top of the spine - the hands, or clenched fists - reaching for the top of the spine. Meanwhile, leg lifts are done. This can be done standing (not the leg lifts), or even better, laying down.

Performing this sort of self-healing ritual is a many-hours-invested project, on lean. Leaning for several hours is necessary, as much as sleep, warm baths, perhaps a sauna, exercise, and ionic mineral salts and saltwater (externally as well as internally) are, in contributing to best-practice lean development performance benchmarking of going at it for one more day, while meanwhile managing medication regimens and bad habits. 

Tuesday, May 7

A great day for charity for pigeons and people alike.

 With pigeons being noted, yesterday, as "the homeless person's pet, a good and many people showed out in downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA in and around the civic center areas, as well as Pasadena. 

These birds were a hungry bunch, as the day started early, and, as people know of the lovable birds, they are a fat bird, at that. 

There was everything from sandwiches, to sushi, to noodles, and birthday cake!

Saturday, June 2

Cute iOS App Crushes for The Professionally Considerate iPad ❤️’ers Graphic Design GFX Mock-up « Whatever » Gig-pay Artisan of iPad au jour Denizenry [Draft]

Cute iOS App Crushes for The Professionally Considerate iPad ❤️’ers Graphic Design GFX 
Mock-up « Whatever » 
Gig-pay Artisan of iPad au jour Denizenry

an Enterprise Grandiosity Psychologically-post-Freudian Public Persona Facial Wherewithal Astute Typology; Sex-Offender Jaunt Trifles None-wha-huh-who?
None Whatsoever Typology.

Nuclear-Identity Periphery Proximity Marketing Radiation-Gamma-Sustainable Watershed Persona Development Cycle Persona - Standard Boundaries, for Aesthetics Finery of the Humanities. 

That being said, this article is the hand-over-hand-in-hand true iPad blog-lifestyle of tech-dieter crash-food craze asifever... 🙄 then, (perhaps, over time, etc. exigencies of outcomes, given valid jaunted buntiglios of shitsicles, various counting schemes; definite facie-selfie « check-its » valid sober stance mirror moments - for heterosexuality, at the forefront of the jaunt-stated purpose. 

That being said, this content has been cleared by the most already-watershed graphics-design-of-iOS iPad srsly non-fuckin’ aficionados stance of valid prêt-pelletier no-ass glance back at y’a sideways about letting a fart out, this one’s definitely tissue-stuffed fart-leisurely passable recreation for both genders.

That being the case, as it were, I worry much less about « if I’m offensive » about fletching my ass-happenstance in valid Christian shamefulness, unh-uhh, now I am free to do about iOS App Store perusal as a valid supporter of the corporate capitalist trifling-jibs one-off marketing outpost that is as is such: the iOS iTunes App Store, of such happenstance-also recursive exigent drama; yet some people jaunt pigeons, and that’s where I lay my clutch: the lil’ darling aficionado love-cycling relationship of the validly iPad-as-stated aficionado lore culture: it’s valid, without yet as much as I did that okay happenstance wherewithal of a perhaps had-had-to « needs-be » non-concomitant avec les offrent d’leurs sexualities, to be as so much French as have-happenstance wherewithal:

All government organization ligature psychological babble aside: what more could they do to stop people from jaunting no « fingernails no more » jaunt shitzi-tiglios way more jaunted than frostbite lately; it’s June 2nd already in some places, according to as-happened to be Cupertino Time Zone mock-up map-mapping AR-arbitrary-of mapping augmented-reality have-happenstance wherewithal: continuing among the classical traditions of humanities and science; mathematics, etc. 

[Euclid’s 13 Books of the Elements gave way to hundreds upon dozens, at least; of proper taskmanship artisan roles for academically-inclined finery] or constructively somewhat « at least » valid basis foundations for the algorithmic ML and Data Visualization Aesthetics establishments that some of the more handiwork-vested infographies of naturally sustainable recursive developments, to speak of, etcetera. 

Orthographic projections of engineering industries planar views and proportional dynamic dimensional physics rendering is still in development as a macro and micro science in art aesthetics, to this day. 

The app production development teams on these curated selections of a project of open-source common stance; buy from the App Store; get superior choice and capabilities in iOS mobile graphic design, in comparison to jailbreaking personas that are so commonly a « stated jaunt Tweaker trifle », in French brackets for quotations, as according to the AZERTY standard; for me, it’s an iPad thing. 

Get a good 2013 or later model iPad Air or better, big screen is good; and 128 GB of storage. That’s what I’m running, for $175 off of craigslist, from the computers and tech section. I live in Los Angeles; I’m perhaps somewhat fortunate, comparatively. 

Make it a jaunt athleisurely lifestyle-destination vacation and wash up here as a gutter dump transvestite drug-seeking demographic from out where you came from. (I’ll leave my door open and a pair of good-‘nough panties in a pile of crap in my closet for when I’m out jaunting: about town...) for the hapless street-dwelling serious needs-for-an-iPad « of blog lifestyle » aficionado stated stance: you can check my latest facile-selfie - it’s clear. 


Just don’t let me catch you smoking drugs in my place: there’s families around, and I’m running a pigeon institute, here. The closet check-status persona hamster wheel mock-up au jour is to die for: just a 90 block walk from DTLA. No franchise or co-location network PrimeTime mockery of a valid shortcoming: a jaunted ass panties-aficionado-stated ass gutta-ass lifestyle, you find yourself; have at it, just no weird shit, and no noise. No smoking the drugs, either; some people don’t believe it when they hear it, but trust me: I totally did one-off trifling entrepreneurial mock-up narcissistic outstanding achiever; perhaps as such as « I do my own 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico » establishment finery coterie au jour (somewhat of the belief that that’s about fine cuts of meat: and that’s what you get here - a jaunt trifling « more than you asked for, better than you could expect » as far as psychologically forensics talk-of-the-Town, slight celebrities, they’ll make you, for a jaunted-AF valid corner Olde English 800 stance on the subject - with valid oversight from professionals, distanced somewhat and enough (sic). 

That being said, all things aside: I assume all things Christian and good-natured in mankind; you might deny a valid pantries-aficionado stance-stated jaunted needs-to-have-besides drug-abuse recovery stance, but some people think that I just talk up a pigeon carnival wherewithal iPigeon finery talk; I’ve got some ionic minerals and M! Scaling at the Computer iOS App Store aficionado iTunes welfare-recipient chipping-away-at-it: yet even more iPad validly development scrum 2nd glance have-you on technology diet: eating pronz off the hibachi ain’t goin’ down like that all the time. A mock-up tranny to-speak-of hamster wheel persona theme park is have-at-it: 

The 3 hour video is coming: the mixes etc. need to be attenuated, and then, in measures: reintroduced as valid semantics for fodder iPigeon Carnival app enterprise institute speak-of you find me: I was mumbling, true; but this is my breakout on-camera persona, and, oh - the visuals! I almost forgot about the representation of a valid tech diet basis jaunt-level depravity standards development narcissist stance on development: blog. Dot dot dot... how bout you? The ever-sociable « just-good » dog, as Jim used to say. He’s just a good dog.

Now: we do I. 

Now, we do pigeons. Me, as in I, as of we. Validly précédent in the .com of iPigeon branding ad marketing; it’s got all the valid makings of a serious adulting-validly stance on a life’s formative aspects: orthographically sound; we do leans, do fletch, do jaunted AF trifling through the gutters for some just perhaps findings, to-do.

Regardless of all that, some people will simply just not do anything at all, by standards and measures, and thus take on a valid sexual identity depravity personality disorder mock-up water cooler « as-if » this is post coffee-shop beverage patron status du jour iPigeon linguistics fan: if anything, make it a caramel Frappuccino, extra caramel. Mmm... 

That being the basis of a jaunt mock-up persona campaign, all kinds of jaunt-oppositional demographics: for antériorité French momentous-of-novelties « finds-you » or others; I don’t get into that kind of nomenclature discussion to cast dispersions thereafter; I also so many things about life everything, in fact; yet some people - constituently sex offender, aside from all that, simply Freudian identity shortcoming happenstance mock-up speak-of, as a once-off, for some people. 

For some people, it passes. For others, it’s butterknifes out the grocery store for a pigeon-waffles young-enterprise carnival institute aesthetics auteur - as if it wasn’t also of valid armed forces to-speak-of folk nomenclature finery establishment talk-up, of caretakers, nonetheless, of the finery establishment such as iPigeon institute. 

All sorts of folklore nomenclature talk up of pigeons, to speak of. Some people take it differently.

Needless to say; I felt that the pigeons deserved an au jour grandiose des les française petit ecouterie Jean-blanc mock-up peasantry faire take on aesthetics of pigeons, as illustrative subjects, thus leading towards all sorts of thousands of words as towards non-Freudian shortcomings personalities typos and oppositional lean-to’s; as if the jaunted buntiglios lean status-stance knees-crumbling take on the subject was poor happenstance strange now enemy combatant black militant site - developing around me validly; and it’s public relations - I do talk-ups dès leurs, and I dunno 🤷‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♀️ emojis of linguistic forthright bonjour-ing locality Apple proximity protocol networking also, how brand-marketing psychological... 


But seriously, cut it out on the Freudian slips. I wear females’ clothes, and it’s sometimes an issue, but I do validly 12 steps recovery. All things in substantiation to fletch, if you will: a pigeon racing-birds specialist

First off;

Second of all,

First of all. Some people change the subject from pigeons. Without any aficionado or love for the birds. It’s stated-as the biggest mistake of any man’s life, time in, and time again. 

Whereas some people...

Is this departure into a moment way more summer breeze casuals pussy of finery jaunt-buntiglios undoing of American standards: cleanliness, and then bleh... some people speak of strange and un-Christianly things. 🤷‍♂️ then I see such things in such plain sober view. Etc.

That being said, the affinity for an avid graphics-design artisan stewardship young jaunted as-classic as-Folger’s: how standard American AF is a kidney disorder? Trite shitsicles for the have-bits of coffee-STRf#ckerstry, I do Frappuccinos, grande, extra caramel, by the way, and you can find me in adult themes if necessary, as well. All within standards-ordinance of wow: someday soon, I’ll post the 3 hour video: 

Of a pigeon-fletch jaunt demographic; all sorts of Euclidean arrêter aesthetics are rawr-rawr-rawr-rawr... some people disparage the cute.

That being said: here’s the breakdown of several of my workflow aspirational attainments and tools of des leurs: the ones who do graphic design aesthetically « okay, I’m a narcissist » stance on some things, then they make it even worse, etc. Lifestyle blog tech diet aficionado relationships folklorist valid « blog ». I do blog valid leisure writing gigs-free: for tech-diet non-smoker demographics of tech diet aesthete, then I talk up a pigeon carnival institute enterprise, over waffles: standard as the liturgy - waffles, ... ehhh, I spoke of them already. The pigeon waffles.


Okay. The list.

Jay is a demographic for valid web standards arrête aux jours of a mock-up European Early Modern Period Aesthetic and Forensics watershed establishment in civilian society: he do’s why we have tables and anti-psychotic medications prescribed to us, as « standards committees. »

UI/UX design-standards-depravity model aesthetics, yet this one’s about iconic app icon vectorization workflow and novel endowments as towards highly beyond-aficionado STRf#cker TMZ mock-ups of tabloïds réputé: thèse are valid needs-to French-stated basis aesthetics about it: an aux jours des leurs: the home exhibition re-artisanship process, in digital form, in various aptitudes as of to speak of, such as to not become -as irrelevant. So many wordplay and valid ulterior motivés to an iOS love relationship debacle for the « athleisure », yet Nikes regardless and sometimes - the jaunt gets way speculative about body aesthetic OTG like, you know - carefully aromatherapeutics applied constituent happenstance speak of, that I do.

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