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Wednesday, February 14

Lenten practices at - 2024

Some people, here and there, over the years since had initially been founded, out of my renewed interest in feeding the birds, in town, posed the question, or they had surmised, perhaps, whether, or that - I feed the birds out of some kind of particular connection or affiliation with Catholicism, being that they ostensibly draw a connection between the birds being taken care of, with the imagery of Saint Francis of Assisi, who is typically pictured, in art and in sculpture, as being surrounded by small animals and birds. In addition, a seedy side of suspicions, upon ulterior motives, assertedly at issue, is suggested about the practice of feeding the birds, as we, here, in Southern California, of this generation, have, as well, come to associate Catholicism with child exploitation, and other tawdry deeds, such as homosexuality. I'll address these issues, in the following paragraphs.

I had just received the notion, early in the morning, today, as to update my blog (finally - it's been since late June, 2023, that I'd last published, I believe, since I died early in July (it was encephalitis, or something like that, this time, that I had fallen dead). These days, dying could be, kinda... like that, I've come to discover. Nowadays, out here, Fentanyl is on the rise, and, in my first instance of dying, I'd snorted a bag of what I thought was cocaine - a foolish thrill to marginally indulge, since I'm immune to cocaine intoxication and euphoria, like it used to be. This last time that I died, I had no recollection or warning of that I was going to fall unconscious - I simply woke up, naked, with tubes in me, in a dormitory-like room setting, with young nurses, about my age, and somewhat my peer demographic, although I was very uncomfortable about the situation, since I had no idea, for some time, where my belongings were - being a materialistic guy, whereas I'd been keeping up with important bills to support owning my belongings, it was a dire blow to my identity, I could feel. I was feeble, to some degree, when I had woken up, with some numbness on a couple sections in my leg, and my good hand was weak, in the forearm. Nobody gave me any information as to what had happened, or how I had gotten there. 

All of this being the by and large underlying premise of how I could possibly compose myself, given the consideration of that today is Ash Wednesday, as well as Valentine's Day - two days in which Catholicism looms large, on the calendars. People who are Christian, such as myself, don't make much of Catholic traditions - and, in the case of Valentine's Day, largely being a popular point of reference to a holiday, perhaps, yet, on our calendar, most standard holidays fall on days next to the end or beginning of the week; around the weekends - I'd suppose that this practice of dating national and federal holidays, in the United States, is potentially a context developed from out of our American society's roots in labor and manifest destiny, in which, as I'd come to ascertain - of that it's difficult, over time, in particular, to sustain a laboring lifestyle and workplace practice that works, throughout every day. Compared to Valentine's Day, which is traditional, still, in American society, yet moreso an arbitrary distinction, of a specific date, rather than a planned and more generally described "day, out of some numbered weeks," given the various calendar months. 

This being the case, I find that it's somewhat too misfortunate - this aspect of how I'd unexpectedly died, of all things, and self-sacrifice had been a heavy burden upon me, since I used my iPad Pro for accessibility issues, and, since my passing away had been a tragic experience for me. I'm still being burdened and stalked, in the streets, even by activists, in addition to gang members, although I do expect better outcomes for myself, and, I'd suppose, I could fairly much, not speak for others, since nobody presents themselves to me. 

I've been to mass, before, however, so I somewhat know how it is - it's a bit more liturgical and formal, in setting and ritual, at least, on a more generalized basis, as far as how the service goes. As far as content, I'd say that it really depends - various cultures have their own flavor, at times, so to speak, on religious services. I find that I'm in too dark a mood, on account of that I am a stalking victim, to care much about religion, or of things that people say, or claim to care about. There's nobody that's actually speaking to me, there's just voices in my head. People that speak to me, as voices in my head, are being identified, regularly, as being developmentally disabled, and bordering on retarded. 


so, that's my story, as for this year. My significantly primary goal is to feed the pigeons, and develop them in to fine birds and poultry, over the years and decades to come. I get the feeling, as such, as though some people read an account like that, and - as well, "so easily" attempt to mount and claim a stake upon what they ostensibly "fear," in fearing death, of some inevitable outcome, whereas they're sitting or standing around, or something - gathering, perhaps, for the sake of stalking me, in town; in turn, upon religious standards, general practices, and expectations that people who are rational, the throughout society - get by on; "live by," in other words. 

I'm not a large-scale influential individual - I have vast and rich facets of my personality that I'm not addressing, even, for much of the time, out of my days, most commonly. I could communicate some various things on many topics, quite well, yet, beyond what I face, as obstacles to my civil liberties and rights, as an American citizen. I "suppose" not that people are so limited in sociability traits, and decency, solely; I imagine that, rather, some of the other "people" in my head, speaking to me, have a grip on rational outcomes, for people who refuse to repent from sinful acts. Death was easy enough - once I'd passed out, and, as I'd said, I didn't even notice it coming, this last time. The first time, it was like a desperate nausea, overcoming me, and that portion of things lasted perhaps a half hour. While I was unconscious, I didn't know, or realize anything further. Once I woke up, it was about 6 nights' stay at the hospital, and I'd eventually recovered, and moved forward, from where I was at, in life. 

Friday, May 26

Getting started with Logic Pro for iPadOS - a hands-on starter’s guide, for beginners. (Updating)

Discovering that Logic Pro for iPadOS (was|is) [going to be] available was big news, amongst a generation of music enthusiasts and audio professionals. 

Conceivably, for those amongst this demographic, work had become stale, given that our musical imaginations had disappointed us, for the sake of the number of physical steps that digital music creation would require of us, during the creative process, itself. Thinking back, and comparatively, perhaps some of the cutting-edge and elite music producers and studios had, for a long time, now, employed touchscreen formats, which allowed for similar types of control over the workflow and user interface formats, along with software and hardware plugins, instruments, and effects, perhaps - all suited to accommodate music creation and capture, and, also, unique, to some degree, perhaps. 

 For me, I happen to recall that I intently set aside the creation of music tracks and songs, at some point, back when I was trying to juggle so many acts, in between work, walking the dog, home life, and various other attempts at juggling lifestyle concerns. 


the late model iPad Pros make things easy, and so many pursuits in life, that had been accommodated by ostensibly larger, clunkier, hardware, are much more well-suited and accommodated by this handheld device, control surface, and screen, all in one. 

For one thing, the sheer speed and power of the late model iPad Pros (I have the 2022 11-inch version) are a challenge to beat, in terms of some senses, of “doing things,” so to speak - in particular, music-wise, in graphic design, in an illustrative sense, and for the sense of user experience and interactivity. The possibilities are, by far, much more on the creative enthusiast’s side, with the iPadOS format; for example, I am a classical pianist, since age 5, which is the recommended age at which a child is recommended to begin piano lessons, in general. I ended up attending university and grad school for music and for music composition, as my concentrations, and majors. 

That being said, 

perhaps that sense of belonging, and, of… 🤔 perhaps, longing, as well - for a familiar platform, in music creation, which accommodates the user at the point at which familiarity brings relief, rather than discontent, for the fact of that it feels like little has changed, in some regards, from the desktop / laptop macOS (and prior) versions of Logic Pro - I’d been a Logic user since version 5, I believe, somewhere back, around 2002-2003, or so - that’s how far this particular platform dates back, historically, for me: it was my preferred platform for creating music, for as long as I’d worked with digital music, on a computer.

Landscape view of the workspace layout, in a new project session I had tinkered around in, in the new Logic Pro for iPadOS app. Here, I had learned where the patches, control panels, session features, such as creating new tracks, instrument patch selection, mixer, and various options, for instruments, for example, are located. 

Now, granted,

I’d long ago ditched such things as jailbreaking my device(s), and I’d set out on the comparatively much brighter outlook of purchasing my software from the App Store. To be sure, it’s a golden age, somewhat, of affordable software, on a top-tier platform, and format - it’s been this way, for a very long time, and for performance, over newness and novelty considerations, it’s truly an illustrious time to be an avid App Store browser and searcher, with the degree, versatility, depth, and features of the third party apps - instruments (inter-app audio) and plugins (Audio Units) that have already been developed, going on, for a good run and a show of things - all of these things, considered, for over a handful of years, and then some (I got on to the latest-model iPhone and iPad Pro formats beginning around 2017, or so. That being said, I’d personally accumulated a fair number of handy and nifty plugins, instruments, and apps - for that matter, apps of all sorts.

Getting fairly personal, here - a peek at my first-page Home Screen, on my current 11-inch 2022 iPad Pro. Here, I had tried to include as broad-reaching, yet contextually succinct, in most cases - the nested folders, which describe the apps I placed in to them. In some cases, the context is largely generalized. For example, I included Logic Pro in my “Apple” nested folder.

All of this being the case,

a newcomer / enthusiast, to the iPadOS format might be wondering where, and or how, they could fit themselves in to this vast ecosystem of new opportunities and grand possibilities in music and audio, with Logic Pro, now being offered, for iPad. I’ll be quick, since other sites cover this sort of specification requirements - essentially, at this point, a Logic Pro user would have to be on a late 2020, or later (release) standard iPad, such as the 8th generation standard iPad, which came out, in late 2020, the iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5, or any more-recent device. The prospects are not so dim - devices dating back to this time, in development and production, hardware-wise, given iPads - this is an iPad thing, to be certain, and I feel that some users might begin obsessing and searching, madly, for some sort of “other” platform hack, or crack, or otherwise, some sort of solution, which would allow for Logic Pro to work on an iPhone, or something - it won’t work out; that’s my advice (at least not to a person’s overall satisfaction with such an arrangement, if it does become possible to do so). 

So, people will need a late 2020 or later model iPad, of (any|some) sort.

What to do? - if a person doesn’t already own an iPad?

A conundrum, and a frustrating situation, of all things, but, trust me, it’s worth it to switch to iPad, if you’re a music and audio enthusiast. First of all, the display (screen) real estate is at it’s best, with the iPad, and it’s Retina display features, at this stage of starting out with iPads, as a standard feature. All things considered, it’s about (or, at least) as much display and screen space as people had become accustomed to, with iPhones, or other mobile devices, and I consider it a must, for doing work in digital formats, for any kind of digital multimedia arts enthusiast. Trust me, it’s a bargain, in many ways. For one thing, people can employ Google Voice, to field their phone calls, on mobile, and be done with paying for cellular service, and, instead, switch to an unlimited data Tablet Plan, such as AT&T offers, for only $20 a month

Hmm… the information detailed in that link suggests that this plan is only for business users, but it’s the plan that I’m on. I’m wondering what the particulars are, on this topic. Perhaps you’ll have to fashion your own business premise, out of this iPad procurement issue - not beyond reach, for the otherwise standard user, who’s aspiring to create music. AT&T has some obscure, behind-the-scenes marketing distribution efforts, I’d estimate, directing customers to one or another offer, to suit, and these types of distinctions and exclusivity could be somewhat incremental, and progressive, in a sense - you might have to come back to the AT&T website, over several days, perhaps, and contingent on that you’d worked out your budget for a device and for this plan, yet I find it the most suitable accommodation in Apple iPad financing and data plans - this AT&T package. For one thing, it greatly reduces the cost of monthly payment commitments, making owning an iPad vastly within reach - for example, I’m mostly outfitted with a welfare-benefits budget, yet I still qualified for this program; that being said, I do run this blog, and associated activities, as a business, for example. I imagine that my readers might encounter different offers, from AT&T, yet, as I’d said, previously, try back at it (AT&T’s website, or app), over the course of several days, perhaps, and see if you get a progressively better deal, once you’ve worked out your finances and budget, for allowing for this sort of thing, with leasing-to-own an iPad, if you can’t purchase one outright.

The next thing to consider is storage.

Here, you could potentially have several choices, depending on where and how you buy in, to the iPad format. Perhaps you already own an iOS device, with some storage used up. On one hand, you’d be fairly hard-put to allow for a fully-featured, free-roaming Logic Pro installation, which, in and of itself, at this point, of the outset of its release, on iPadOS, amounts to about 16 GB of space, if you install all of the content, included in Logic Pro. Recent macOS users of the Logic Pro app would find many of these offerings in the iPadOS version to be very familiar. I chose to download everything, since I have 512 GB storage on my iPad Pro, with plenty of space, at this point. 

The Logic Pro Sound Library dashboard, on iPadOS.

Some of the add-on Sound Packs included, standard, with iPadOS.

A page describing one of the sound packs and instruments included with Logic Pro.

As I’d said, the total installation size, for the complete offerings included with Logic Pro, as well as the app, itself, amounts to about 16 GB. That being the case, if your device only has 64 GB storage, you could, conceivably, already not have enough space, considering other apps, music, photo, document, video, and system data storage content that.s already been filled. On one hand, I wouldn’t much recommend trying to fit Logic Pro in to your iPadOS system, to the exclusion of other stuff you have going on, in your digital iDevice life, since it’s probably also necessary, and it feels good to have options available, as well as an appropriately situated outlook for storage expansion, given legacies of apps, content, and storage committed to our iCloud+ backups, which you’ll also have to figure in monthly fees, to store your backup iPadOS system images, as well as store content, which will be accessible on your iCloud+ subscription plan, which is a good, well-integrated, cloud storage system, in my opinion. 

So, for example, if your current installation is nearing, at, or over - 100 GB, then you’ll definitely be much more comfortable with a 256 GB device, over 64 GB options, that might typically be available. You can find deals on iPads, locally, at any time, on craigslist - one of my old favorites, and a long-time tech-buyers’ and sellers’ haven, for Apple device transactions to go down, locally, and, most commonly, without a hitch. Be sure that the seller is willing to let you demo the device, as far as setting things up, if you go this route. The other well-established platform for local deals would be Facebook Marketplace, which, locally, is very comparable, and, perhaps, even more well-populated, with deals on Apple devices, for local, in-person transactions. Here, you will have various options, and, at times, more options, perhaps, as far as payment, with regards to completing your side of the transaction. I’ve not yet had a poor experience using Facebook Marketplace. There’s also eBay, which is another well-trusted platform for e-commerce transactions to take place; here, with buyer and seller standards, of ratings, and reviews, at the forefront. Amazon is also a suitable marketplace for online transactions, in searching for a new iPadOS device. 

Some things to consider are that, ideally - in my opinion, you’d want to go with a “carrier unlocked” device, which means that it’s been paid for, in full, most likely, by the seller, or, by another previous user, and you can check out any carrier’s plans, as far as getting your device hooked up with data service - iPads can, and do, have their own “phone numbers” provisioned to them, but you can’t make “phone” calls from iPadOS devices, although you can use the phone number for Apple device messaging and FaceTime only - you can’t make calls from your iPad, per se, although you can use Google Voice, for free calling, and it works just as well as a real cellular phone number, in many cases. Only occasionally, a person would run in to a problem with verifying their accounts, from various websites, for example, for needing to use a Google Voice number - it isn’t allowed, in some cases, or, you’d have to contact customer service to notify them of the difficulties in using a VoIP number, such as a Google Voice number.

You’d definitely have to avoid an “iCloud locked” device, since those devices are ones that the current owner of the iPad cannot unlock, themselves, which is questionable. It’s practically junk, in other words. At the time of the transaction, make sure to meet in a comfortable, public or private setting, where it would be reasonable to “go over” your personalization and booting up of your new iPad device, if you’re buying from a local buyer. Make sure that your purchasing platform, or payment medium, has buyer protection, in case something strange happens. 

That being said, remember to try to go with a reasonable amount of storage. If your iOS device backup is already at 100+ GB, or so, you could reasonably, in short order, max out 256 GB, but maxing out 512 GB would be far more off, in the future, perhaps years from this point. Keep in mind some general rules of solid state storage, such as that performance starts to decrease, when the storage drive becomes filled at over 50%. Beyond that, there is about a 10% decrease in performance, with every increase of 10% beyond 50% of storage space filled. Remember, an iPad is a versatile device, and you’d probably explore many different interests, in the App Store - some of which will require a fair amount of storage, themselves, for the app, and for content you create. Set aside a vast amount of data storage for yourself, and don’t worry about it, all that much, for the time being. Just stay intent on expanding, over years, with newer devices. By that time, storage performance and read/write access times will greatly increase, over newer generations of device busses, RAM, VRAM, and storage.


Monday, April 25

Product Review: Liberty Natural - Licorice “anise” Air Freshener.

 Recently, I’ve been having a significant hankering for the scent of licorice, and for designing fragrances around a licorice fragrance. That being the case, and being that licorice, in and of itself, is not all that much thought, per se, in perfumery - I came up against some challenges, during the course of my inquiries in to what “stuff” available there could possibly be, on the internet, as far as licorice extracts, etc., of various sorts, for example. I was searching for a licorice absolute, which apparently had been made available, at some point, in the past, at a very small number of suppliers, I’d discovered, after fairly rigorous extents made, of “search,” as it were. At this point, however, I did not discover any supplier for a licorice absolute. 

After discovering Liberty Naturals’ Licorice “anise” Air Freshener, I’d put a small amount of thought into it, and I figured, “hey; they do fragrance extract products fairly well, I’d suppose that this product is fairly well enough, if they say it is an air freshener.” On one hand, that was a fairly well enough thing to suppose, as it turns out, since I purchased the bottle, and it says that it contains 100% essential oil. In some sense, on the matter, getting one or another fragrance extraction, per specimen or per species of plant, will give the creator of a fragrance ingredient, isolate, or extraction product - various options, on one hand, various outcomes, on the other, with variable desirability, with cases in which a particular “this or that” sort of solution that works for one type of plant, winds up not being desirable or ideal, for a different type of plant. In this instance, perhaps a licorice absolute isn’t quite desirable, in industry-informed “types,” such that there could be, upon the topic of licorice, as a fragrance.’s product, Licorice “anise” Air Freshener.

I get it. A person finds themselves significantly hooked - fetishistically, even, in a sense, when it comes to some sort of purist decree, or something like that, on a licorice search, of all things. Sure, there’s star anise, fennel, and maybe one or two other things (in short), that smell “like” licorice, and on the other hand, this product ☝🏼 “is” fairly much licorice, and it says that it is licorice essential oil, for that matter. I suppose that star anise and fennel might be slightly distinct, but perhaps not. I’ll have to look in to that matter, at some point in the future. 

The company isn’t quite the quickest to ship things, but they are, as a basis, a farm, as a business, and I’d suppose that the people who work and manage the operation make a slim taking, on a sale, and that much of the time and attentions paid to things, of their business dailies, for example, end up being tending to the farm. But if you end up purchasing from them, please don’t give them a hassle about anything - they do ship their stuff they have listed, and it’s standardized and pure as any other decent supplier. They do also offer other licorice-like fragrance products, in their online offerings. Perhaps I’ll look in to experiencing those, as well, at some point, and I’ll report back on this topic. 

Just buy it from the site I told you to purchase it from, not some other place - you’re reading this, and I know how it is - having that feeling as though good enough isn’t good enough, when it comes to a licorice fragrance. This one is perfectly good and fine licorice fragrance, and perhaps there couldn’t be better, for that matter. 

Tuesday, November 23

Ask why do my genitals smell like I’m dirty from out of nowhere, lately?

 I’ve been experiencing this phenomenon going on years, at this point, albeit in intervals. The experience of having this sort of debacle befall one’s self is a traumatic and humiliating one, to be certain, because most of us take care to keep ourselves clean. So why does this sort of thing happen? It would nearly seem as though we had somehow had a lapse in consciousness, where somebody had molested us, intentionally wiping their body odor on us, whereas we may have become aware of this; for me, for living out on the streets - it becomes a questionable occurrence, as well: then I clean myself, and it ends up happening all over again, whereas only a short time had passed, and there had been no established belief of that I had had a lapse in consciousness, or a strange encounter. Is it epilepsy? How could the continuity of time have been so seamlessly thwarted? It would, on the surface level, imply that there is a state of warfare, here in The Militarized Zone of DTLA and surrounding localities, of an unimaginable cost. There may be this sort of unspoken, ongoing strife and expenses wrought upon society, from where we stand, and stay, here, while intimations of “perhaps” truths are lobbed at us, some of them, an attempt to evince belief, others, to challenge us, of our beliefs, and some things that seem beyond belief. 

So, what is the truth? 

On some level, it’s important to simply just not freak out. Just recognize, or look it up: we do live in The Militarized Zone here. I didn’t know it until I started studying for my A+ certification, and I got the big book, for my studies. It seemed a somewhat aside note, yet somehow conceded, here, in this premise, for the techies. For the tech guys to understand. To gloat over it, or to disavow it would suppose that they’d been lying in this book of standard literature that many of us (perhaps mostly guys, this being the tech field and industry) had studied. I never went through with taking the test and certifying, but this inclusion of information was a preeminent and formative small facet of truth that was imbued in to my life. 

To continue, upon “not freaking out,” it simply “makes sense” that we’re here, by our own choice and volition, and many of us had been indulging in the vice industries, here. On some level, it’s somewhat “allowed;” even included, in the list of startup business licenses that are available out here, in the city of Los Angeles (at some point, perhaps I’ll come across this moment, once again, in my own startups pursuits, and I’ll include the link; I feel that it would be a bit of an arcane lore thing to rediscover, and cite, at this point in time. At least the article will have been written, already, though). 

The perhaps more sensible truth, that I’ll offer, being that casual remote sensing acquaintanceships and “portrayals,” I’ll say, are common - particularly for a guy like me, who tries to appear fetching and attractive. For example, an attractive young lady, about my age, or so, passed by me, as I was bummed out on the ground, earlier today. She was walking her dog. The supposition that I’d been attracted to her was gleaned, via intelligence, observing all of my interactions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions, all the time. Just maybe, she was attracted to me, as well. I personally choose to tread carefully, on this sort of context, since I know that I’m a bum. So how does this sort of thing happen? Is she a prostitute, smelling her day’s partner, and it becomes transmutable upon my own personage, for that a compellingly charming flirtation episode unraveled itself, as though she knew that I’m the pigeon-feeding bum? What did she really feel? was one of the suggestions lobbed at me. She was sociably a superior to me, as many women of this sort are: they get at the truth of sociability, in regards to many types of guys, and of girls who are like them, who live out this sort of prostitution-based lifestyle. 

Or am I being stalked by guys who are upset that they’re outside, and there’s a handsomer bum out here, being a narcissist, and they somehow command this capability? I certainly doubt that I had an unbeknownst (and, for that matter), commonplace sort of genitalia-smell exchange sort of sicko molestation sort of quick encounter, of a reputation that I don’t know about, happening to me. That would seem to imply an inordinate demand upon people of a type of cost and primacy basis, of being somewhere at a timely-enough jaunt, such to render me a more humble and hapless man, whereas I don’t really deserve that sort of outcome, in life. Sure, I had once (only once, though), been an ass-grabber, and I’d “somewhat” molested women, and all of these sorts of events were, in fact, consensual activities, and I was just a guy who’d been brought up, in part, of a detrimental nature, to have given me this sort of psychotic abandon and sense of entitlement of inappropriateness. So I did this sort of thing, many years ago, back in my youth. I don’t talk much to guys, so I don’t really know how prevalent this agreement of seeking and discovering a prostitute, for patronage, actually happens. Much of what I hear is conjecture, simply put.

I just feed the sparrows. I won’t deny that resonance warfare tactics exist, and I also wouldn’t quite suppose that people “don’t” commonly hear voices in their head, and I’d somewhat believe that people do establish face to f1ce relationships, perhaps sometimes, only, based on positive affirmations and positive conditioning that occurs, as a consequence of having been coddled, by what amounts to a support mechanism, of the intelligence community, that transpires, whereas I feel that the excuse is that we’re shy around each other, and perhaps not ready to really take the plunge, whereas more bold men, better for it, for a moment, or for a more long-term outset about things, are the ones who gain inroads in to establishing romantic relationships at this point in time, and so far. I feel that it’s well enough if I get people to acknowledge me and smile, perhaps, and it boosts my self esteem a little, when that happens. A truly serendipitous occasion, or opportunity, is a much more rare thing, although it more typically winds up in producing a long-term relationship, more fruitfully, and surely so, whereas I can imagine that it’s difficult to convince someone to not continue forth in life, as a prostitute. It’s awrr rawr rough and tough, not being a prostitute, I imagine. 

Wednesday, September 1

Alternatives to Gig Work, Now that the Federal Extension Unemployment Benefits are Ending.

 Although it may seem like a bleak outlook on the newsfeed, lately, I'm not going to freak out. There are plenty of ways in which I can assert my enterprising self and my entrepreneurial spirit, even as of yet;

Hopefully you'd also managed to procure and safeguard some capital investments, using unemployment benefits from the Employment Development Department, etc. - for me, it was perfume and fragrance | aroma ingredients that stuck things out, beyond the stock market and the cryptocurrency craze that hit many newcomers, from the wayside, with attractive and compelling distractions from what few opportunities many of us were afforded, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent social strata fallout that was the Black Lives Matter movement and associated civic center occupations and unrest. 

In any case, you might be wondering what else there is to do, now that much of the attention is on the presidential administration, the weather, etc., while here, in Southern California, the weather is relatively balmy and cool - at least for a few days, now; we',ve got raindrops notifications coming through on Dark Sky, and it's only the height of mid-day that's unbearably hot and overly bright. Things could be worse; they « had been » worse, previously... 

Then, from out of what seems like nowhere, Google manages to pull through in some new releases; there's the Pixel 6 coming out soon, and with it (preceding it's release), there's plenty of self-starter enterprising frontier, development and production space that's rich as all of the major topics of Big Tech, as of late: AI, ML, Call Center stuff, IoT, online retail, ad marketing, domaining... that sort of thing. 

For me, Google Workspace reignited the development aspirations fire within me, and I was drawn in by Gmail's chat space, which, for me, is constantly dead space, or non-existent, as I work primarily on mobile; finger-flipping up and down, checking on this and that, waiting for my benefits to come in, ... although that was bound to come to an end, at some point in time. Now that those things had come to fruition, during their time, it's obvious that we'd expect to have something to show, as for ourselves, and for our adult life and professional careers, to come. That's how I see it, in any case. 

There's Dialogflow, which is the linguistic version of what was, and is - the visual foray of Machine Learning platform, which is TensorFlow; we've all been familiarized with the notion of what TensorFlow does for us, in having to go through Captchas, as the intelligence barrier, between us, and some fated necessary task of scripting, that comes about, as a result of browsing the web, sometimes. 

There's the Tovusound Organ Pipe Music Boxes, which I'm a huge fan of, as a DTLA pigeon carnival enthusiast and proponent (lately, I've been getting shipped around, various parts of town, for the sake of tending to the other pigeon flocks and small establishments of them, in numbers, whether they were known gatherings of birds, or unbeknownst to me), given that the birds are likely to flourish, here and there, regardless of whether or not it's the civic center, or not. In these many various locales that I traverse, I encounter signs of that the pigeons and the people are getting along well, and that the birds are treated well in various parts of town.

Saturday, March 20

How to save on Coinbase |Pro| transaction fees - Transfer back and forth method.

 Even in the instances in which a new or novice trader is adept enough in managing transactions in day trading (quick and volatile types of trades) in Coinbase, or Coinbase Pro, there ought to be some respite from scaling in to all-out trading madness, which is sometimes inherent in doing such a thing as quick trading.

[At this point in time, a few weeks in to taking a dip in the cryptocurrency trading and investment thing], I encountered a simple little loophole that helps cut out the fees involved in converting from some transaction pairs in Coinbase Pro - as that the fiat currency pairs, which are purchased with USD, and the stablecoin markets, which are purchased (mostly) with USDC, feature familiar currency pairs, from having started out in Coinbase, as a trading platform, and therefore, we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the cryptocurrencies as enterprise and organizational foundries, with some purpose and meaning behind them. This sort of thing helps build affinities, attractions, loyalties, and it brings some folklore in to starting out on these developing platforms of investment and trading. 

As you can see, my more haphazard and impetuous trading self had built up a sizable amount of fees, for doing impulsive sellouts and buy-ins in volatile market conditions. In essence, these fees fees in to what could have been some profit, potentially, but I do appreciate the Coinbase platform itself, as it offers notable perks and features for the beginner, in it’s relative simplicity. 

The workaround for saving on transaction fees, here, which, since we’re not able to convert directly between USD and USDC, to trade on the different platforms - fiat and stablecoin, and we would otherwise have to buy in on BTC or ETH in an intermediary transaction to transfer investment funding in to the different markets - 

Is to simply withdraw the money from Coinbase Pro in to Coinbase, as either USD, or USDC, with the caveat of that there are one week and two week withdrawal limitations, in time basis involved requisite for allowing us to withdraw, in the first place (something like that… or does that apply to withdrawals to a bank? Maybe not just withdrawals to a bank, but perhaps also withdrawing from Coinbase Pro to Coinbase), such as I’m describing here. 

Withdrawing is simple enough.

The thing about it is, though, is that we can convert USDC to USD, and vice-versa, for free, on Coinbase, and we are not able to do it directly, and for free, on Coinbase Pro. It’ll save you some change, but the fees add up, especially in the heat of the moment, when trying to capitalize on market volatility, and in needing to dump sunken losses, for the time being. For when it’s “like that,” so to speak. Use the “sell” option, in Coinbase, for converting the USD in to USDC, or the other way around, buying USDC with USD. Then, transfer it back in to Coinbase Pro, to purchase a new currency pair trade.

Monday, May 25

Contributing user analytics to improve web browsing experiences through engaging with advertisers and developers.

Maybe you've noticed it, here and there, at some point, in the past: while browsing the web, a strangely relevant facet of your recent life and goings-on, in the world, are suddenly brought back in to your forefront through an ad banner, from out of the periphery of pursuing web-browsing stuff. 

I've been there. I'd believe that many people could relate. Perhaps, at some point, the accuracy of the advertisement that caught your attention was too much to bear, and you switched your account and advertising opt-in settings for advertisement content and context, and you shut them all off, in a slight panic. 

While the intricacies of just how these things play out, in the world of advertising agencies, and development, I'd say that a more rational perspective is that we live in a world, where engaging with the retail sector has been one of our favored pasttimes, at least, on some occasions. It stands to consider that the retailers appreciate our patronage of their operation, and, like many self-starting entrepreneurs, we'd established some slight nuances of connectivity, just slightly more up, on the threshold of friendliness, as opposed to professionalism, which is expected of retail operations. 

Nowadays, with so many businesses still shuttered, from the public health crisis still abound, it makes me wonder what caused them to perhaps fail, permanently, or what's holding them together, for such a long stretch of the imagination. I had always lived a month-to-month sort of lifestyle, in my entrepeurial endeavors. 

Now, with that I feed the birds, on such a regular basis, keeping in mind that the pigeon is the "homeless person's pet," or so, it goes, I have a keepsake token of opportunity to say that I could see myself doing what I'm doing now, far in to the future, and I'd still have my bird-feeding endeavors as a daily to-do, for my stability's sake, and that I'm doing something that returns fruits to my labors, given that little Mr. Sparrow, of the Grand Park area, has taken a fondness to me, undoubtedly for his family's sake, for recognizing that I'm the one who feeds him the sweet treats, most of the time. He just, earlier in the morning, actually once again visited me. I think he's hanging out on the cellular service delivery antenna. It's a serene little soiree of common fare, out here. Me and the birds. 

In a similar manner, our user identities and facets of our online behavior and habits must be similarly valuable to advertising agencies, who, in this day and age, of a hard sell, for advertisers, facing uncertain economic conditions and social cudtoms, themselves, now coming in to question; particularly in an area such that I live in; yet, with internet data service being patched through, and provided for us, even our autonomy of assuming that we're « somewhere, or other », being put to question. 

My service regularly reports that my location is in Chicago, Illinois, and Texas. I get news articles lobbed at me, from those locations, in many apps and feeds I visit. 

Somehow, though, the relevance of personal and identifying behavior, over time, had become a welcome feature of improving my esteem about my place, in the ecosphere, of the larger identity that my online life turns out to be, and of the richness of the interaction and engagement experiences have been, while observing, here and there, the blunders of people who "just don't care" to compose themselves well, of their outward appearance before others; oftentimes, perhaps - simply a matter of that they just don't realize how unsober they'd become. 

There's several things that are becoming of composure, yet - another facets of modern-day etiquette is that proper sociable consideration for others is typically met with improvements, in life, on many measures, whereas going back to a place of abuse, time and again,with no news as to otherwise, that had developed - is largely quite likely to yield such similar results of abuse, again, inevitably. 

All in all, much of the rough and tumble work of the intricacies of measuring and analyzing bulk swaths of data, had already been carried out, painstakingly, by the scientists and engineers who brought us the internet, and social media - for example, which markets itself towards our desire for rewards, in the form of fulfillment upon expectations. One of the headlines that I came across today, was the old adage - "a failure to plan, is a plan to fail," which becomes a strangely hinged magnet of contingency operators within the mesh of our lives, as various entities wish to market themselves to us, for the sake of fulfilling their own expectations. 

That being said, if you expect poor results, and yet, still maintain the relationship, that's simply a false attachment to courtesy, or for laziness' sake, yet, otherwise known as the Stockholm Syndrome, in psychology - where victims (hostages), rather, over time, tended to - in this historic study - begin to empathize with their captors. I'd say that it were a failing prospect to simply endeavor that there's not simply better people out there, than a person that treats you poorly. In this country (the United States of America), we are given the freedom to leave, while also having the burden of due process, in criminality, to suppose that people are not simply guilty,until proven innocent. 

Given that I hear voices, and many of them, at that, as a person largely of a socially isolated sort, it begs the question, of "should I be narcissistic and grandiose, as a shortcoming?" or believe that damaging the relationship that's establishing itself, from what's developed, out of an overbearing abundance of propriety, incloseness, being that I was made uncomfortable, and with some people, uncommunicative, obviously languishing behind, in the ever-boding ladder of sociable entrepreneurship, that affords itself to the time-honored classics of the bread-winner; the one who brings home the bacon. In this day and age, baser things, such as sexuality, gender, childhood traumas - all of these sorts of things, could potentially simply matter much less, in the perspective of myriads of enterprising endeavors being bestowed upon the one who might simply compose themselves up, as the better man, better woman, the patient child - the sociable little Mr. Sparrow, of the day, for example - these are all simply choices, to the mind's eye, yet when we become arbitrarily uncomfortable, it stands to reason that someone unfamiliar, or uncommon, or even more of an obscurity, in society - I mean, I'm on the bottom scale of sociable endeavors, to a limited perspective. Criminal pettiness attracts itself like the nuclear watershed attracts filth unto water on cloth, for example. It follows a natural pattern, rather than intelligent design, whereas intelligence is happening all the world over. 

Some people simply behave as if "the world is their oyster," yet many people simply fail to reciprocate the oyster, for it's plénitude in seafood gourmet - it is a strong and constant creature, with a closed mind, except as towards survival, as it knows, of life. 

On one hand, it's got an enterprising establishment about it's reputation, yet, in many circumstances, it's simply controversial to suggest so much of oysters, for eating. 

What's the point? 

Criminals generally take and steal from others, as some form of crime, whereas good people make offerings to others. Given one further, an intelligent design, of an iPigeon-made petitude would demand that the offering be ethically and morally sound, and sustainable. Going further up the ladder of the standards in psychology, the social and ecological benefit of the offering ought be good and fruitful, for the betterment of all, and beyond our own reach, as the winds and the waters expanse will flow and churn, unlike the nuclear watershed, which is still and tense, yet calm, over the broad expanse of noisy things, and frequency wavelengths, of disturbance. 

Now, establishing that some things are disturbing one's self could be simply just enough to establish that someone is a criminal, in pursuit of a victim, which it typically seems to be. 

It doesn't take much, for violence to become established, at least on some occasions, out of the fruitulness of having established a good reputation for a sociable endeavor, as the anomaly to the norm. 

Out here, there's several debacles, not only of such, but also of time - the passing of which, is a strange thing to leave, unobserved, or abandoned. I live in the Pacific Daylight Savings Time locality, as a prospective Maps and Timezones Cloud Platform Applications studies and development inquiries enthusiast. Those sorts of things are the types of things that seem to catch my attentions, lately. I simply wonder at what the possibilities are, and then I set out, and endeavor to live out my standard day, to the best of my capability. 

In general, I'd say that our leaders are best spoken for, when it's established that there's been some nuance of professionalism upon persona that's been established, somehow - of what could possibly be surmised about a person, based on what's offered. Sometimes, it takes a lot of words to establish a suitable particular position, in things, whereas some things, in leadership roles, just seem to be compelling, whereas true leaders train the most, in several manifest facets of the word - in and of themselves, and for others, the same, or less. But for someone who asks too much of what's reasonably accommodable of themselves, it's difficult, on the lower levels of achievement-capability, to truly appreciate much. 

Now, ... Even "now," though. It's a completely different topic, from person, to person, except that many people simply establish the standards of a day, as the day goes by, and as far as days go, and come again. 

I felt like, if I hadn't established some notions of that people had somehow ruined their reputations, for standing against personal freedoms, in life, it would suppose that this entire COVID-19 thing is largely well understood, by and large, for what it might mean, for other people. Other people have been having a huge roil about it, somewhat facetiously; people had gotten away with a lot of garbage behavior, both online, and off - some people planned out criminal activities and victim profiling and targeting, out in society. 

One person's voice said, though, that she hadn't seen anyone "dying," and news reports would affirm that many people who had been reported to have had the coronavirus disease, and died - had comorbid illnesses, on top of coronavirus - to suppose that they had perhaps been targets of some form of nuclear watershed abandonment, neglect, or that they had simply been "nasty" people, whereas I strive to have little of that, as for myself. Even better if I could have none. 

Tobacco, though, and I'll have some, regularly. Feeding the birds, and I'll go to the park. Some other things, I'll simply just not understand, for the moment, and I'd have to leave it, at that.

Sunday, May 3

A resourceful homeless person's « desperately in need » smoker's cure - the aluminum can.

A good and decent old-time friend of mine, named Anthony, back in high school, taught me an often-forgotten tobacco smoker's small artisan craft: the aluminum can, slight crush, with a pocket for packing tobacco, poked through with safety pins. 

It's a much more preferable life to see through, during rough financial times, and in areas where cigarette butts are uncommon - having some tobacco to smoke, for having picked up some discarded tobacco; perhaps of a former marijuana blunt roll session, in which the wrapper of a cigarillo is opened up, or cut open, for the sake of hand rolling the blunt. 

In locales where I frequent, I oftentimes come across discarded cigarillo tobacco, enough to get me by, as far as smoking tobacco. Thanks, local Los Angeles, CA, USA smokers, for slightly littering. 

Tuesday, January 28

The iPadOS 13.3 top 224 cute app crushes.

Updating regularly, to get this post up to the original aspirations of that which it was created upon - listing and [slight] reviewing my top picks for iPadOS front-page desktop space on my 2019 7th Generation iPad - which is an iPad of several other iPads and iOS devices that I've previously owned, thanks to iCloud backups, and an iPadOS of much aspirations and expertise in several fields, as well as many nights of invested App Store browsings. 

Alright, so I’ve got my iPad 7th Generation 128 GB iCloud-restored, everything fine and exciting for me, having been away from my fond iPigeonPad workstation and development tool since I traded it for an iMac several weeks ago. As a token of my happiness for having a new-model iPad, I’m offering a quick review of hundreds of apps that I have on my device, which I’ve found to be indispensable (or useful, at a minimum). These apps will fit on as small as 32 GB on an iPadOS device.

I’m hopeful that my particular screen layout is a beneficial set of organizing folders that you might find highly useful, as a creative professional (or, in the making).
If you’ll notice, my app groups are pretty tight woven. I’ve got, perhaps, 200 or so, apps on this first page, alone. The rest of the pages are a few app items that I hadn’t gotten around to organizing yet. 
  • Communication
  • I kept Calendar second, and at the top, because of the frequency of usage, and for the sake of that this, and the other familiar Apple logos are comforting features, to me, of the iPadOS interface, and I like to use them, despite other options. 
  • Photography 
  • Internet Various
  • Web Develop
  • Phys 
  • Wavelength Gen
  • AudioUnits
  • AudioKit
  • Art Design iC
  • Google
  • Maps GIS
  • Writing
  • MIDI
  • Daily Stuff
  • Weird Music, etc. 
  • Bleeding Edge
  • Video Post
  • Adobe

Okay, now. Here I go with the breakdown of what’s in each folder / group, why I chose it, and why it fits here [my app groups are several revisions in, at this point in time]


  • This one has 4 apps. I’m a bit of a solitary enterprise, at the moment, and I don’t keep too close to a lot of people, through my direct contact, on my device. 
  • FaceTime. I’d obviously like to be able to know where my FaceTime is, for showing face amongst my contacts and clients. A very useful tool for keeping in touch, giving lessons or consultation, etc.
  • AirCall. I click on this one, and it’s a fair mystery to me. I don’t know what it does. Then I looked it up, and apparently it’s a call center and CRM (customer relations manager). Perhaps I’ll get to it.
  • Google Voice. A beautiful tool for choosing and managing a second phone line on your iOS device, (or other mobile device). In the case of the iPad, it’s a first phone line, since the iPad doesn’t officially do phone stuff, of talking and speaking to others while held to the ear. (Okay, ... somewhat like that).
  • Home (by Apple). Apple’s HomePod and iPad-as-a-Home Hub are great interfaces to launch the newest upcoming communications technologies of our IoT, proximity, communicatory, switch, and sensor-based devices, founded on the Apple mFi technology, as it’s known. In addition, the HomePod has a host of familiar home and work assistant-environment features such as incorporating Siri in to it. The Home app is a central location to manage HomePods and iPads used as Home Hubs, as well as scripting and automated actions that can be programmed for these devices to be triggered by.


  • Here, I have apps that are for capturing photos and for photography effects.
  • C4LA2+. Camera for Line Art 2 is a camera app which breaks down the edges, light and dark of the visual space before it, and makes them in to lines, such that cartoons might be founded upon, as well as works of illustrative line art aside from cartooning. A good app for tracing lines, visualizing vector art(-esque, not actual SVG here [scalable vector graphic]). Another app that does this effect quite nicely (better) is imagenomic.
  • Hydra. A high-definition and HDR camera photo-and-video capture app. This app does successive clicks of the shutter to capture higher definition photos, up to 32 megapixels, high-quality HDR photos, and it also captures video in HDR at 1080p. If you’re not on a higher-end photography camera-equipped newer model iPhone or iPad, the higher definition comes in handy, at times. 
  • Enlight. An all-around handy and helpful quite of common and some special (rarer) effects that extend beyond the Apple built-in effects suite. Highly recommended.
  • ProShot. A manual-settings camera. Adjust the shutter-speed, the ISO, aperture, frame size, mode of photography, etc. I was originally very taken by the light-painting feature of this app. I believe that’s what led me to purchase it. The other modes are time-lapse, video, and slo-motion. The modus of vanishing point and perspective is a bit different than the Apple camera app, and you will notice that structural features of a photo differ when using this app.
  • iMeta and Exif Photos. Two birds of a feather which allow users to have access to richer details in their photo library in a rich content | forms setting. View location data, edit rights and copyrights, descriptions, software used, commentary, etc. about photos, for high-quality indexing and exhibiting of individual photographs. Good for when the photos taken require additional merits about them because of their importance.
  • Pixlromatic. Made by Autodesk; aficionados and software legacy veterans alike would recognize that Autodesk is a long-standing fixture of fine offerings of software for architects, engineers, pre-visualization and digital imagery performance and projection. Here, we have what is somewhat standard to see, upon first opening the app; a carousel of presets for photos, as well as an in-app camera capture, to begin with, yet the presets are just a lot more special, it seems, in quality and in uniqueness of the looks available, on account of Autodesk’s technology and software engineers behind the photo-alteration programming that went in to the app. A true gem.
  • DFT. (Digital Film Tools) by Tiffany is also a long-standing offering, simulating effects and techniques from the days of analog photography, before digital came out, such as lenses, color grading, standard lighting, temperature, and other slider effects of photo editing, all with expert presets of classic photo and film lab settings.
  • HDR Merge. A simple yet elegant High Dynamic Range photo camera capture, multi-shot compositing, and post effects on the composite photos. 

Internet Various

  • Here, a mixed bag of apps that correspond to various internet-related tasks.
  • Acoustigram. This app features sound clips from various contributing creators, each with their own story to tell. At the moment, the app is not running at full mast, as far as being burgeoned with content. There are but several recordings on the app. The format is somewhat similar to a location-based news delivery service.
  • Reality Composer. Apple’s iOS Augmented Reality creation developer app features several handfuls of functions for placing and creating content, amidst a visual backdrop of the world around (camera-facing) the user. 
  • Indoor Survey. An Apple Business Program app, based on hyperlocalization data gathering of a working environment. I believe that this app allows the user to delineate not only the latitude and longitudinal confines and expanse of a space, but also the elevation.
  • Transocks. A speedy SOCKS VPN server, based in China, most likely, so there’s possibly some concern over data privacy, for privacy buffs; I’m like, “whatever” on that note. They can see my traffic, use my camera, get my location, if they want to. The automatically-set-up one-button push process of establishing the VPN was simple enough, and the increased speeds of the server-sideloading have gotten me some good graces of surfing the internet and downloading needed files when time and location was in a crunch (not to mention that I’d run out of tethering for my iPad, at that point in time.
  • Inspect. This app allows the user to inspect SSL certificates, as well as Certificate Authorities, as a listed item in contextual uses in web-browsing applications such as Apple’s Safari or Google Chrome.
  • Ads Calculator. An advertising revenue calculator that allows the user to set goals and percentages in growth, over periods of time. The calculator returns various integrals of time, with the projected revenue attached to it.
  • AirPort Utility. A scanner of the user device’s WiFi neighbors, as well as for internet connectivity through AirPort routers and the presence of AirPort routers themselves.
  • AdSense. Google’s content me,Giza Timon program for content creators is AdSense. The app allows the user to monitor daily, weekly, week-over-week, etc. earnings reports that pertain to the major analytics stats involved in Pay Per Click advertising. The app also returns the biggest performing ads, location data, revenue per 1,000 impressions, etc. 
  • Cloud Search. Search (potentially) all of Google’s user cloud resources, including mail, drive, sites, groups, and calendar for user files and keywords found within entries or documents.
  • Beacon Tools. Provision a device as a beacon, with a unique device identifier ID.
  • Creative Preview. Members of Google’s Marketing Platform can preview ad creatives.

Web Develop

  • Rest-O-Matic. An interface for making REST gets, calls, and more (such as headers and device user identity). 
  • iSource. A standard simple browser that allows the user to also see the html source code of the page, Whois information, console, headers; that sort of thing. 
  • TRUSTe. A long-established and familiar name in the scope of the internet; this app provides the user with a set of options in opting out and naming interests, for the sake of ads that would be served during internet browsing and app usage. 
  • DNS Override. Establishing a Virtual Private Network setting on your home or business local “intranet,” out to and throughout the internet, as you browse, is somewhat like a mid-side plug-in, for those of us who do live audio microphone monitoring, in the public relations and ad marketing business. A powerful kick in the jaunt, for the right setting. (I’ll get to the audio section soon enough, if you’re not familiar).
  • iCurlHTTP. A web-crawler and console feedback app for pinging webpages for HTTP responses.
  • Manual. (bash #) “man” pages of so, so many bash commands for the Bourne Again SHell, one of the most formative Terminal command line interfaces. Here you’ll find rich and overflowing resources of documentation to take with you when you go to pwn in your own Terminal UNIX system administration (on Mac or Linux). [Doing Terminal stuff in iPadOS is <_ ...="" i="" just="" not="" okay.="">really all that fruitful.
  • Discovery. Simple. A Bonjour (local area network, local devices) browser, based on Apple’s Bonjour protocol.
  • VNC Viewer. An essential, since there’s a lot of choices in the realm of remote viewing of other computers or devices you own, or are servicing. This one does a remote viewing client well, to the counterpart of the VNC Server being established and running on the remote device, whether it be an Arduino project, Raspberry Pi, or if you want to control your desktop or laptop, for example, with your iPad, it’s possible, through using this app.
  • iDatabase. A simple interface to catalog and create index entries of DB’able stuff, such as records of items and events. Several presets are offered, as well as customization options.
  • TestFlight. Apple’s beta software intermediary app. Installing any beta version of a software offering, whether it be an Apple Developer beta or a third party developer, will have to go through TestFlight, rather than the App Store, for the download of the beta app.
  • CocoaAssist. This app seemed to have a much more illustrious purpose, based on its App Store listing, as far as the CocoaPods package management system is concerned, and the app’s claims to that matter being documented in the App Store listing. I wasn’t able to figure it out, but there were not many other similar apps available that could claim to do what this app claims it will do. Web and app design isn’t my most particular premier skill set, at this point in time; hopefully the developer has some good documentation I can peruse, at some later point.
  • Developer. The Apple official app for the annual Worldwide Developer Conference, headed by Apple. Here, you can watch videos from all of the topics covered in the conference; there’s 2019 material up on there, at the moment.
  • Domainr. This one is a custom domain (website) broker and cute search engine. They list their available Top Level Domains and General gTLDs, country-specific ccTLDs, etc. in this app, which is featurably largely its search engine and results of the TLDs that are available for purchase, through the Domainr company.
  • Playgrounds. Although, ostensibly, one ought to know some fair amounts of coding, in order to “get into” coding, this app < somewhat > has a good grasp on establishing a lower nexus learning curve threshold, in that options for “what to type” in to the coding text editor are listed as options, and per stylistic and proper usage; say, for example, in between parentheses, [], or {} - which is helpful. Proper syntax and placement tips, updating live, as the user loves about the textual spaces and contexts of coding that is the Swift language. Aside from that, the app can compile and execute programs that are created here, in Playgrounds. I haven’t much gotten in to the meat and potatoes of all of that, quite just yet, personally.
  • Shortcuts. Similar to “Automator,” of the Mac OS X and macOS offerings, this is similarly a place where one could devise, structure, and implement automated triggers, when something happens, system-wide, or within apps, or contextually, such as when the sharing button is pushed. A potentially significantly powerful tool for making shortcake of the interface and the user’s need to do quite everything themselves, which would otherwise be more intricate and, as well, common enough to be a blockage in the workflow, at least somewhat (as a minimum).  


  • Investigations of the physical properties of the world around us.
  • WebMO. Allows the user to create 3-dimensional models of molecules and investigate more nuanced features, such as investigating what the molecule is known as, in external database looking at orbitals and electrostatic potentials.
  • Electronic Lab. This app simulates many fundamental forms and components of electronics and associated devices, generators, meters, etc.
  • Science Journal. Google’s Science Journal app utilizes the on-device sensors to gather and document raw sensor data, with specialized readings of the app pertaining to each sensor, such as lumens, for light sensing, and amplitude, for audio.
  • Vibrometer. As simple as it sounds - a vibrometer. Similar, somewhat, I suppose, to a seismometer, this app measures X, Y, and Z values of the iOS or iPadOS device being moved around, in real time.
  • LissaLab. This Lissajous curve generator simulates a device that would otherwise be known as an oscilloscope. Useful for visualizing various harmonic forms and geometries created with subtle modulations of the wavelength frequencies and associated parameters.
  • Harmonograph. A simulation of the mechanical devices known as harmonographs, which use pendulums to create geometric images known as Lissajous curves, or perhaps more complicated drawings. There are various setup controls for the drawings, which are essentially options within the X | Y fields, such as amplitude, frequency, phase shift, dampening factor, diagonals, rotary movements, etc. Similar to a spirograph. This app could conceivably have gone under the next category, Wavelength Gen.
  • PrismScope. An endlessly beautiful interactive canvas on your iOS / iPadOS device screen, in the form of a Prism-based camera, allowing users to capture prismatic images generated through user selection. A simple yet lovely app.
  • Hydrogen! This app is apparently not available on the App Store, anymore, but hopefully that will change. Hydrogen! creates beautiful visualizations of the hydrogen molecule, in its various electromagnetic and orbital phases.
  • MMDS. The Mobile Molecular DataSheet app provides chemical structure and reaction drawings, access to web services, generation of graphics, data sheet management, and more, pertaining to molecules.
  • TRACE. This app documents a list of the nuclear radioactive materials that are found in your vicinity. 
  • Atomify. Presents simulations of various physical phenomena in atomic form.
  • Molecule. Draw molecular structures.
  • CompTox. Search molecules by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, monoisotopic mass, and plain old name.
  • Neuronify. A tool to investigate how neurons and neural networks behave. 

Wavelength Gen

  • A niche in the audio and shortwave radio wavelength frequency generation category wavelength generators are essential for audio, visual, and radio wavelength researchers and scientists. iPadOS and iOS provide a rich platform for developing and researching wavelengths of many various forms.
  • RF-Gen. A wavelength frequency generator (apparently) in the MHz range, which is inaudible.
  • iSweep. This app is a true gem. It does what many users would love a wavelength generator to do, in offering multiple wavelength frequencies (2, to be precise), but it has several other functions that make this app an indispensable “kit” app for shaking things up, in terms of neat audio effects. This app includes both linear and logarithmic waveform functions, as well as a reverse function. The app gets some truly amazing and rare wavelength audio functions out of it.
  • A-E-2DF. An electron-trajectory 2D space mapping app.


  • BandShift
  • djay Pro
  • VoxSyn
  • ReSlice
  • iVoxel
  • GarageBand. An Apple-branded classic. Although GarageBand is the low-end audio app of the macOS (X) world, here, on iPadOS, Apple’s offerings of software instruments, features, and sound libraries truly shines with this app, which is a many-ways winner for multi-track audio.
  • shape synth
  • Soundbeam
  • Music Memos. Music Memos will create a great harmonic-progression audio wavelength memo of a recording.


  • VirtualRoom. Move left and right channels around in relation to a movable first person perspective, pictured in various-sized rooms, with the left and right channels also being pictured as movable objects within the stereo field.
  • Concertina. I had become interested in isomorphic musical instruments through working with digital virtual instruments, so I decided to look in to historical isomorphically-apportioned instruments. 
  • Wilsonic. A great app for modified instruments and microtonal scales. 
  • AudioCopy. AudioCopy provides some functionality within the iPadOS file management and contextual menu / sharing options that are not found natively. An essential app for working with audio files.
  • AudioShare. AudioShare provides some much-needed iPadOS and iOS features, in terms of working with audio files inside of the iPadOS and iOS operating systems. 
  • Audiobus 3
  • M/S Processor. This app really powers vocal audio monitoring well, with a lot more potential punch and really gain-y presence. This app works as an AudioUnit plugin.
  • AUM. A nicely done audio input and output with effects chain and access to all of the audio-related components of your device, MIDI, and network channels. AUM is one of the truly indispensable audio recording chain apps; here, in a lean version presentation.
  • Rooms!. An impulse response reverb recording and implementation app, with some fully digital convolution reverb settings also available. 
  • OttOrgan
  • StrandOrgan
  • Brusfri. Simple and effective noise elimination and reduction standalone app and AudioUnits plugin for a digital audio device chain. Select a noise sample from your existing physical surroundings, set a threshold for noise elimination, and press the processing button. Much of the noise of the background is effectively gone from the audio monitor and from subsequent recordings. 

Art Design iC

  • iC Colors. This one is apparently not currently working on my iPadOS device, so I can't offer a review of it, but it should have been a good and useful app. Hopefully it'll be updated to work with the newer operating systems.
  • AITaglio 2. Edit light, color, selective colors, or gamut (range) of colors in an image. 
  • MetaBrush. MetaBrush does a PhotoShop-esque job of managing brushes, based on image sources.
  • iC Brushes.  Allows for the importing and management of .abr Photoshop format brush files.
  • iC Painter. A beautifully done painting app and Image compositing app.
  • Iconik Studio. A low-poly image creation app.
  • iColorama. Katerina Alieksieienko does so many beautifully well done photo and video image editing and tool apps. iColorama is one of her flagship apps, as a full-featured photo editor and brush painting app on iOS and iPadOS.
  • Carbo. An Object and Character Recognition app; also does translation of detected text, and allows the user to skew and manage the image frame captures. Offers save functioning. 
  • ImageConverter. Whereas the macOS operating system (and legacy Mac OS X) is a powerhouse of functionality in supporting ad how file name changes in native app support, the iPadOS file management system is much more finicky. ImageConverter does an ‘official’ image file type conversion so that the next app in your workflow will accept the file, as changed and as named.
  • FondFont. 
  • CircularText
  • Tree Fractal
  • ShellTRI. A neat app for doing low-poly triangular image creation, done point-by-point. 
  • WheelMasks
  • Prêt-à-Template. A fashion drawing app, with many templates within the app itself. 
  • logotacular


  • Google Photos. Google’s photo management app sorts your images and videos in to albums automatically, and it incorporates Artificial Intelligence to create special stylized images, as well as decode QR codes and other photographic image data using Google Lens. 
  • Drive. Google Drive is an app with extensible features, and Drive Enterprise is a lean and elegant additional set of features atop the familiar free Google Drive app. Drive Enterprise includes workspaces for arranging files while working on a more permanent place for things to go.
  • Google. The Google app is the de facto in Google searching, featuring the latest build of Google Search. The app provides specialized faceted and richly-featured results.
  • Cloud Console. The Cloud Console app gives limited viewing and access to Google’s Cloud Platform, which you must have a subscription to, whether it be one of their free-pricing or trial models, or whether you pay for the service. The app also allows you to access the Cloud Console Command Line Terminal, which gives the user access to virtual machine resources, code repositories and libraries, and Application Programming Interfaces of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Chrome. Google’s omnibox-based web browser.
  • Docs. Docs is Google’s answer to the Microsoft Word app, and it is fairly full-featured.
  • Sheets. Google’s Sheets app is more than a spreadsheet app. It is also a tool for dynamic app creation within Google’s developer sites and app-creation models. 
  • My Business. The Google My Business app allows business owners to manage their business presence on the web, in a neat and tidy quick app and web interface known as My Business. Here, business owners can register and verify their business, set the location and hours, add products offered, and create a free website, on top of it all, to showcase the information displayed on Google’s search results in a web page.
  • Allo. This is Google’s discontinued Artificial Intelligence assistant, based on a Russian model. The responses offered by Allo are sometimes quirky and humorously sly.
  • Assistant. The Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence assistant that is triggered by saying ‘Hey Google!’ The Google Assistant has many features, such as games, trivia, recommendations, and more.
  • Google I/O 19. 
  • GoogleDeviceManagement

Maps GIS

  • Street View 
  • m|traffic
  • Map Measure
  • MapMyPlaces
  • Batphone
  • Find My 
  • Maps


  • Phraseology
  • LiquidText
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Books


  • Lemur
  • MF Keyboard
  • MF Splitter
  • MF Limiter
  • MF Randomizer
  • MF Scales
  • MF Motion
  • Rozeta
  • MIDI Converter 
  • Knob Lab
  • Web MIDI
  • Ringtone
  • Clean OSC

Daily Stuff

  • Coffivity. A great app to use when external noises become too invasive and an autonomous control over the conversational and ambiance noise threshold becomes desirable to have control over. Coffivity offers three environments - for morning, day, and evening. Have a random environment fill your earbuds with a completely remote café’s conversations. At times, it even seems like the other clients of the place chime in to the user’s own environment.
  • Qleedo+. An orthodox Christianity daily Bible meditation and verse.
  • HourlyChime-... For keeping track of the hours.
  • Objectality Biz. 
  • Facebook Page
  • Creator
  • Reminders
  • Pinterest
  • Target

Weird Music, etc.

An eclectic collection of music-making apps, as well as some random apps that felt like they fit here.
  • s t r n g
  • elsa 
  • MIDI Scope
  • Sketch 3D
  • Lirum info. Full device hardware specifications and capabilities. Check everything, from CPU speed, RAM, storage space, network connectivity speed, sensor information, battery life, and much more. 
  • nils
  • vBot
  • TextMusic
  • Virtual ANS. 
  • mPING. mPING allows users to submit timely weather reports to the National Weather Service.
  • frekvens
  • ström 
  • PhonoPaper
  • Night Camera
  • Nature-Oscillator

Bleeding Edge

  • BlueFeed
  • Clean Text
  • Analytics. Google’s Analytics app for websites that the user owns, or has rights of administrative access to. Metrics are provided for ad revenue, e-commerce, end-users, growth and change over time.
  • Mirror
  • WhatToWear. This app checks the weather based on your location and makes a suggestion for how many layers to wear, or whether or not to wear shorts, for example.
  • SVGmUnlimited
  • GNSS Status
  • Wear OS
  • Knuff
  • Network Tools
  • Pockethernet
  • md5generator 
  • HomeHub
  • AmpliFi Teleport
  • mFi
  • Admin. Google’s 

Video Post 

  • Pixel Nodes. This app is somewhat a throwback to old post-production visual effects apps such as Shake, by Apple, and some other workflows that some of the Autodesk apps had about them, in having a node-based processing manner of applying effects to visual content and to the motion graphics involved in the editor’s determination.
  • ColorTime. A simple and effective video grading app. Apply filters such that you would find in a standard photo editor, like brightness, contrast, temperature, etc. 


  • Lightroom. This app features highly nuanced controls over photo color and grade.
  • Adobe Scan. Adobe’s document scanning app features integration with Adobe’s Document Cloud online sync and workspace feature set. Some of the great features of this app are skew-image realignment and OCR text recognition of documents. Scan turns documents in to PDF form, from images. 
  • Adobe Capture. Capture is a unique and elegant app which uses the device’s camera in novel ways. You can create prismatic patterns, light | darkness vector images, color palettes, create material objects with various textural features, create brushes from images, and more.
  • Creative Cloud. This is one of the anchor apps of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, which is Adobe’s offering of various creative apps, spanning both mobile (iPadOS) and desktop apps. Creative Cloud offers free storage for projects across all of their creative app product offerings, and it is one of my most relied-upon go-to apps for quick workflow processing and automated sync and save features of past and current projects alike.
  • Behance. This app is used for creative professionals and aspiring artists to feature their works done with Adobe apps, and it features user feedback from the community.
  • Adobe Draw. A simple app in its elegance, Adobe Draw is a vector illustration app with various brush and pen-type tools that are best implemented by pairing the app with the Apple Pencil. You can create multiple transparent or opaque layers, import shapes to trace within, and export directly to the desktop companion apps Photoshop and Illustrator. One of the great effects of this app is that it creates a frame-by-frame record of the brushstrokes, and at the end of creating you illustration image, you can opt to have the app render the workflow as a video, which it does in short order. 
  • Adobe Comp. This app is a composite image layer app, good for doing quick mockups and as an intermediary app for creating professional-looking memes.

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