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Tuesday, April 21

The slogth of troweling AF content into your yup (as far as news-feed shope). A trinzy into meta dating - pre-geeking the « unh-uhh. » ènNNooo. [Ur mom]

So, upon investigating some of the many various sorts of tech-and-lifestyle sorts of life-diggs-in-to, of a life I could have fwocked ieuppe some bwaistier shope than a most-domesticated "cleanly" sort - <_< ... I'm a bit otherwise, in simply doing a weekly clippers trip and line up in on the taper hair cut - I gotta look fuck-ugly "just cut my hair" thing, of a poor person, living outside, yet I had procured some new Wahl clippers, which I packed with me, in my bags of essentials.

I'm just joking. That last guy would have been, like, me... and insulting of the Los Angeles CA mayor, in some of his publicity shots I see online. It's a tough tundra topological Army Corps of Engineering's Arctic Watershed, of vastly much deeper than the frazhamm!!! - a ball sack bold enough to brave the COVID-19 beach-faring ocean sea Waters.

[the context underlying this notion was that the weather had been frigidly cold, for the homeless demographic, being that there were several systems of storms of this recent time span, amidst a Google Maps view of the underwater cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, which were (imaginably) manufactured as such, through large-scale civic engineering efforts that had possibly gone untold, in the popular media news outlets, given the expanse of relevant Los Angeles area underground engineering projects of a watershed establishment, such as the Los Angeles Ballona River extension, coupled with new and recent parks and recreation areas opened, along the development context of extending the Los Angeles River, through several new areas, as well as that the expansion of the Metro Train lines would require significant amounts of energy and cooling accommodations, which I believe had been touted as largely dependent upon hydroelectric power and that it would take advantage of the nearby coastline ocean waters for the sake of water's heat-bearing capacity, scalability of resource, and that it ought be a localizable resource of ethically fair and sustainable methodology, in to implementation). I believe I'd read or inferred this context, somehow. The waters, as age trawled along, in to my younger mid-adult-age years, seeming to be more imposing than my psychotic explorative and adventuresome willingness episodes had been seemingly thwarted, for the sake of the fear of that I just "couldn't get that high, anymore," to suppose that I submit to a suggestive or self-supported notion of taking a night and early mornings' passing as a dark hours exhibitionist, out by the waves; then, as well - for the fact that Google Maps seemed to portray an unseemly deep-gorge fall-off of the shore, in to the open sea waters of the Pacific Ocean. One of my good friends had related to me, at one point, of that he had swam out, past the rip ride, in the ocean's waters, and the current was significantly much more powerful than the near-shore waters, and he became very fearful of being swept out to sea. (The solution being to swim parallel to the shore, in order to get back to land)].

I'm just the guy who writes this stuff out, like that, for the fact that it's honest, and I touch on tidbits and marketing » persona « as a PR aside job-hobby, because "I used to," ... and such like that, such that I probably wouldn't, or wouldn't "be allowed to," whereas I hopefully find an impressions for content valuation hits, for readers, organically, over years, in establishment, on here. 

That being said, being included in on « Google News », for example - while it's not Apple News, or Apple News +, for example: their stores aren't even open. People had done Dixie way in to Alabama of a Mac Store's secret breakdown lives of the « tech and lifestyle » "demographictechies" - better than « urh, urh, uhh...<?>"...?" » 

Okay. No one's so « actually » so much, off-hand, so much like they're better than others, per se (sor speekin's saeke) that's how it comes out, for some people, of the "likes to" and "thinkful|-ing" sort of... "sorta" type.

I just hope that I land my editorial grammatical thumbsplotches within the right alpha-numerical space when it comes to unsightly - it's now down to 229 dpi bitsy-bits on the Target BLū Android Mobile device - not too bad, I must say. 

Who knows - maybe the battery charging thing is something that hit us all - battery lives, lived [....errgh... whatever that word is - not facetiously, not interrently - but « in the place of » of a standard life, of a tech and lifestyle rendering - that's a more suitable digression far from an insult - a demographictechie might offer. 

But a metadata-magician for a Google Search and News-listing Enterprise self-initiative sort? Much more programmably-sayins' that sort of thing, in the journalistic foray of a world, whereas I take to fwthamm'ed garbage posting with unrelentless grammatical foundation to suppose I ought to look clean cut - and not have shaven my butt, lately - as the "holding it down" demographic for the sake of adulting "bum guy." 

Not like I would talk about myself, like this, to begin with. But how few people actually read and critically devour the context, of such plain text, bereft of Art of Composition connotations and embellishments - « to the eyes »  <_< ... 

I like it. 

The pigeon bum's bwitchy little bum life on Blogger. 

That's the most I'm hoping for. That I satisfy some unfulfilled,yet relationally fvwasthmmmwham... of a spread of persona demographic, then we move on, to the next, in enumeration, and hopefully,I'm still cite-fully good for courage in the battle's cry and purpose, and it goes down in what seems in to as becoming of the troglodyte Los Angeles heroite - a bitsy one - an player, in the future - (my future endeavoring aspiration, in gaming development) - such that I « just get to » , [do], albeit, in decades from now - all because of the years of demographictechie stuff, going on, like that. Like this? 

Well, okay. I met a most charming young vocal èntendué - ... okay. Of some French stuff you'd have to have been « as well » coquettishly en fançie-mais-way-too-gay, to have been localized parfait of "some day," some people are just fags, of how they're likely to have been received, in life... Me too, for that matter." 

For this Los Angeles area. Although, there is the culture high-brow demographic of "having children," of which « I don't » [laughably, although just simply good enough... the stuf... the stuff they have me writing on here, sometimes ... " 

And I can be "okay. It wasn't just quite so such like it was all about sex and reproduction going on so casually, without a proper formality courtsmanship, in acquaintanceship ecouterie etiquette, and Fetty Wap, yeah. I listened to his shit. Africa holds it down for the French state-nationality-maítre. 

A bit different than the Stateside identification, with something that wasn't French...? 

... A bit questionable, at this juncture, yet it could be worse, ... 

No, it wasn't that it was someone else, it could have been me, and worse, and not even dumb, - just acknowledging it. It was about me, doing a French thing, to begin with, but pulling it off? 

The French, and their African neighbors, alike, are all good for a good pig's roast. For those who don't eat pigs, I'll pray for you, I suppose. I eat all of pigs' goodness, as a Christian man. 

The topic? Pretty far out to sea, of digression, is what I'd established, of myself. If I didn't have to peek, or be helped, ... But I'm just typing, on some level... But what... 

What if I was actually stupid about what I was talking about, at this point in the discussion? 

Hahhhh... Ahhhh... That would be some seahhhh... droolin' life sort of take on me, for doing anything. And it doesn't get really any much better, for the standard observers, upon the topic.

"Just some guy. He coulda been like that girl." -[in the tabloids] ... sorta thing. 

Iconic legendary persona, yet not classy, of a nature of intimidating. Just drool-boy fwamm. 

But forgetting? That would be so everyone, on the topic, by now. 

But news meta-data pre-dating fwopp-on-schlepp'd they fizzled up the Scwheppes seltzer... And look how hard they're doing seltzer nowadays, in the grocery aisles. 

Alright, but supposedly, that stuff could be remanufactured - for the sake of a cultured and charismatic classy one to rebeouff, of the revue of the journalistic highbeams shinin', 

in Neww Yoooorrrkk, dah-dii-di-di Dih-di du dee-dee... 

Alicia Keys, and stuff. That was this young starlet one, here, in my presence, last night. I made sure to lay this one down with all the warmth and affections I ought to have offered, and chocolate, on top of it. [at that]. 

Okay. That's somewhat all my point of coming out Blogging was, for this one.  

Wednesday, April 8

I « almost » got a room at the Olive Motel

For those who know dive-trawl motel(ing)-Los Angeles, for this side of town (Echo Park), there's scarcely a more dive trawl motel to dump on in to, for a night of seedy scenarios playing out amidst the motel patron's self and periphery. Not that the management is all that bad; (the man at the register is a Chinese man), and, to their credit, I've never caught or seen a bed bug there. 

That being said, I caught some sort of sweat or parasitic critter-based rash that's been in development of fighting for it's right to exist, amidst « bird bath » sink showers, liquid ionic mineral supplements, both internally and externally, as well as some Permethrin 
PermethrinListen to pronunciation
Common brands: Nix Creme RinseLice Killing (permethrin)Elimite
It can treat head lice and scabies.
Brands: Nix Creme Rinse, Lice Killing (permethrin), Elimite, Lice Bedding Spray, Lice Treatment (permethrin), Nix Complete, and Stop Lice
Availability: Prescription sometimes needed
Pregnancy: No known risks
Alcohol: No known interactions with light drinking

 All things considered, I would have ended up a woeful caricature of a young adult motel(ing) demographic. My mental psyche periphery has thankfully been fairly calm seas lately, thanks to my dedication to talking things out, my postings on social media and here, on Blogger, as well as that I'd been dutifully bound to the critter community in the capacity of keeping them fed with some good nibbles - the latest kick for them is Log Cabin Maple Syrup.

Learn more about Log Cabin breakfast syrups, all made with no high fructose corn syrup, and our delicious, fluffy pancake mix.
This is my current outlook - in favor of a more pro-active stance and action against the potential ticks-infestation nibbling on my arms, in intervals.

After all, I did pick all this stuff up off the ground, outside. It stands to reason that some tick-infested poor soul found themselves stricken with ticks, and simply changed clothes, while dumping the infested clothes in the street.

Getting back to the mental health thing: washing clothes is, after all, a strong front in the face of hospitalization, which, due to coronavirus rules in place still (potentially until May, is probably a nightmare.

It's been a nightmare getting around, some nice my personal tote cart has been taking a beating, logging miles in Santa Monica for the first week of the month; now I'm back in the Civic center and Echo Park, of which I'll have a special photoblog to come.

Check out these cart wheels:

That's right - that's zip ties, aquarium hose, and plastic bag wrap cinching together my tires on my personal tote cart.

My upper body has been burgeoning with endurance lifting-holding strength, for the sake of the fact that I've been tilt-pushing the cart to preserve the wheels' integrity, while I pursue a new cart life, at some point soon.

My laundry is done washing.

Tuesday, April 7

A squirrel's lark's call is one of the fun heralds of spring.

Being taken for one's goods by a playful lark, though costly, is part of the process in caring for wild animals and birds. While staying over in Santa Monica, CA, this past week, I observed a family of squirrels, as I stopped on a bench at Palisades Park to feed the pigeons.

The call of a squirrel lark is similar to that of a bird, with a beacon effect. I was unable to capture photos of the family of squirrels because I had no batteries for my phone. 

Today, though, back over at Garfield Park, in South Pasadena, I caught some examples of a similarly playful lark of a squirrel. 

Thursday, April 2

A nook, or rather, a plaza - of iPigeon sneaky repose, amidst a mobile plug-in charging interest upon the place - the Ernst & Young | FigAt7th « plaza » :pigeons:;

The pigeons of the Ernst & Young DTLA high-rise corporate and banking building plaza is a scenic backdrop of foliage and masonry, alongside cast-irob and bronze statues of various social inquiry and satire at issue. 

It happens to be - 


« It » , though, being the pigeons bronze casting [or perhaps it's copper?" 

Anyhow, this blog would prove to be a bit clumsy in compositional merit, I'd have to admit. Yet I strive to delve deeper than late-night pizza pigeons, in the critical analysis of the text here, which happens to re-hash (and for new readers who had not covered my early material on this blog) the au français theme - of some nature, yet undoubtedly of a reference to the Administrative Language influence of the 25%, or so: indebted task to which we owe the nation France, of it's origin - of the classical Romance languages syntax and usage basis, as well as for grammatical and dictionary compendium of such that might, as much, amount to an ad hoc, more universal phonetic and semantic contextual usage, such that gestures of speech and text could be made-to-order, as take-out as Google User Information Download, which happened months ago, for me, and I never even looked at it. 

I've eaten garbage, to be honest, most affectionately, of what I can make out, about food. Today, though, as well as last night - two men, in vehicles - treated me to a more relevant: non-tech and lifestyle blog standard target demographic of the truly relevant ones, even so - the pigeons thing, ... pretty scarce info. 

Yet here, in this copper casting, we find that in the ending word phonetic iteration of nonplussed, it rhymes with dust, which would be simply improper, for a French language student's stake in what it should sound like, whereas perhaps it's simply what happened, with the text, yet it wasn't French, how it ended - sort of thing, as the issue at hand. It's perhaps a bit funny, to some, but the French would have had of it simply differently, making it an issue of seriousness. 

I won't further elaborate. Here are the photos of the two copper castings.

One more look at me, in the unicorn outfit:

A « learning » diversion from tired news and weather topics - Wikipedia's orthogonal (orthographic) geometry learning branches of knowledge.

For the adult self-starter graphics and design enthusiasts, it would be difficult to imagine a more relevant and topically succinct, not to mention the practical applications recognizance of the features of the postulates and theorems of those found in the writings of Euclid, who composed three volumes of mathematical knowledge which have come to be known, in today's library reference books, as the Elements.

There had been iTunes App Store versions of app-interface transcriptions and accompanying interactive visual representations of his major postulates, but I can't seem to discover Google links for the apps, over the course of a few searches. There are other apps available on the Google Play Store, as well as on Apple's App Store listings, which function as dynamic calculating grapher tools and function formula interfaces for working with Euclid's geometry indices of knowledge, which span and branch out in to topics more (Early) modern-day (period) mathematicians had covered in greater depth, but which, here, with Euclid, as one of the formative classicism composers of such mathematical knowledge foray, covered basic practical applications such as optics, perspective, projections, and transformations. 
Such knowledge inquiry had formerly been a favorite dig,deep in to Wikipedia's knowledge base of articles. To kick off a fork in the road, (perhaps), of people's decision to "nerd out" on a new Wikipedia article binge, as I update this article to highlight some of my favorite developments of theorems and geometric rules and ordinaries of the practice, I'll sponsor a Wikipedia contribution of Jimmy Wales' opening asking offer of a donation of $3.00 per user, since I fairly trust that this dig is somehow compelling enough to drive end-user engagement over on Wikipedia, and for the sake of the fact that donating the $3, in former pledge drives, had somehow seemed tough, and donations had likely not much plowed through to end usereCommerce transactions. I'll commit to fulfilling the donation drive for the amount of article click-throughs over the first 24 hours of the posting of this article (although, in the future, I'll revisit this convention posted here, and, hopefully, as progress and sustainable growth might conceivably allow, over time, I could, perhaps, simply continue on in this original spirit of donating $3.00 per hit on this article (which happens to be somewhat different from a preview link, or, as well, different than simply visiting the blog; assuming that relevance drives the impetus to check out the Wikipedia links and references I'll post here, for a viable-enough click-through user basis, hopefully to inspire a years-to-come memory of a practical look at geometric mathematical writings and history, well enough to return to, as I can return to this to that I've been meabing to cover in the detail and capacity which I ought to be able to carry through with, at this point (... also that I've ended up with more funds in my prepaid debit card account than I particularly plan on needing, and whereas I'd like some basis of financial records, for the sake of having some "stuff" on the books, during the course of establishing just what sort of vehicle and works of merit and transacting might be powered through the endowments and agreements upon ethical and intellectual property, as well as open-source backings of community, and such (not to mention that I run my own PR campaigns in the spirit of self-starter (regressions to the norm; of a high standard of achievement and requitable support, given good faith investments and offering events, which I try to circulate in an about, in the operating dailies of my Enterprise composer management occupation [as founding director of the .institute Top Level Domain entity and associated offshoot-branded concepts - obviously, the work of a good number of great minds and entrepreneurs, of various establishments and fields in, of achievement and of profession, industry, and with me, doing the pidginKit Beacon Ball Carnival Pigeons Pipe Organ Calliope one-off mock-up Enterprise (although that is, to be rational, a most obscure fringe Fringe of development investment hours, and I had originally gestured of that it would be a study and practice in development, given sustainable means, along the way - spanning decades to come (... I, err, uhh... well, ... I guess that's a fair arc of failures and investments of pocket-change amounts of time, for what would involve [seemingly] more physically viable communities of established and visible people, although Bill Gates, in my Facebook News Feed, today, happened to, perhaps - strike a note of co-relevance, of his taper hair cut and glasses intellectual "thing," with altruistic and pro-intellectual (let's get real, on the fuzz-heads lifestyle fwamm going on - I suppose I could donate $3 per hit on this article, for the resource that Wikipedia is, in the course of development of our autonomous intellectual selves, whereas we could, perhaps, be distracted by one more instance of losing face amongst our own distinction of ourselves, lose sight of that we had faltered in looks, or perhaps, had been misunderstood, when it came time to be real, for the "walking the dog" thing; (that buying street drugs had been for me, on many occasions).

It's uncommon enough for date-night topic conversation, at a minimum.


Updates to come on some of the highlights of this Wikipedia search-and-dig collection of favorite geometric and orthographic projections and physics articles, below.

* Typically, at this injunct of intelligence discourse and dissemination of information, via broadcast, over TMZ of greater Civic Center and Metro-rail covered territories of Los Angeles, California, United States of America, the quality threshold of intelligence deliverables had commonly come to pass, of my own (and nameless, countless others) - of a first-off, just right - and then, the information flows off in to unbeknownst expanse and extensible resource and reach, as the Machine Learning operators would have pre-dated, of perhaps, applied theory and established or experimental models, yet with such complexity in the Administrative Language breakout transliterations of my two thumbs, given so many words per thread and sentence, I believe that it stands to be told that it ought to also feel authentic, and that I had establish a short rule of thumb, of that:


In the instance of a knowable and | or known problem occuring, rather than that, yet even as such, in social graces, that "messing up, visually ostensible, or, reasonably, at fault," is where the fixie job tech task management aspect of "um, uhh.. just fixin' stuff," 
Small claims, one might prefer. Yet to have actually simply fixed the problem in a fair enough amount of time - is typically good enough, if the job is the one that was signed up, in agreements for (typically over craigslist); still), since that's pretty standard, of what most people stand to pay,or earn, given a vast spread of talent and opportunity.

I still have scarcely monetized craigslist, except as a sports massage therapist - yet requitable successfully so, albeit, with qualms of depravities that had gone down, in the consensual agreements that underlie professional ethics - versus the tides of pro-homo kink, which I'd just have to dumb-faced, and naive, just turn down, and claim that the guy was too high for me to really take at face value last night. $20 and he wants to blowjob me? Man, I could have have iPigeon'ed him some Euclidean orthographic geometry bwipps, of on Wikipedia, if I had an iPigeonMiniPad, still... 🤨.

I think I maybe knew the guy, but he's become distant; perhaps skinnier than he'd notably been, but maybe he was of of on was on did, that he'd decided was on fuckin', no problem, of an iPigeon bwippin' made tote cart pushing bum-slade, just looking for some extra corner nooks and cranny critter-stage in post-holiday sweater accoutrements, given that it's Fashion Week of DTLA kick-off season, and then it rained, but I'd hoped it wouldn't rain on me, and get me wet, but I was prepared to discuss iPigeon'able standard expectations, but then, who really expects a homo blowjob to come out so good on paper, digital, "whatever." I have a critter post-holiday cutesy sweater, with bwi-bwipps of pigeon-feeding stuff going on, and he would've blown me, at that.

I had, temporarily, though decidedly, assigned my Google My Business professional trade as a Taoist Temple, organized professional trade that it had | has been, historically, whereas that facet of masculinity, amongst disciplined, and agency-stutionaliz'ed cohorts (... something like that - sure me nuít... ).

Man, that would have been a most classically notable diversion, given the remote audio monitoring belief that had been established in me, with elements of obvious distaste, embedded within the folkloric dispersions of the passing of a night, whereas Tom from Radiohead does a classic romantic creep, who gets the beautiful ladies' affections, still, whereas this was no romantic gesture to it, whatsoever, and I was [okay] just hangin' out, in my critter book, with the sweater "look," thing, and I felt that cute stuff ought to reasonably pass, however notably of "just checkin'" stuff might have, upon any occasion, some reason to have turned standard proper English grammar, whereas I'd prefer to not also have been a homo, playing with my iPigeonMiniPad, « supposed to » particularly with no common established mechanism, in a frontiering locale of Pasadena, that it was, and besides, I couldn't possibly understand how that could be desired of between him and also, of inclusive of me, and the martial arts will teach a man, woman, child - suitable flexibility stretching - standard - understanding that he could have done it to himself, ostensibly, mine couldn't have been any more notable than his own.


As of the new month arriving, and me settling in | on my latest months budget, needs, and accommodations of my financial means, it is the case that I'll have to strive to find balance in my daily routine, as well as harmony (somehow), with many strange and seemingly irrelevant contexts being established, whereas my understanding and beliefs threshold capacitance is of a very abnormal (admittedly) sort. 

It's a fairly strange topic - my beliefs threshold. 

Some racing pigeon interest has been sparked in China, recently. (reblog)

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal detailing some of the establishing culture and interests amidst the pigeon aficionados of China.

As Chinese Buyers Flock, Homing Pigeon Prices Soar

Wednesday, April 1

A Kathmandu carnival look, with streamers at the sleeve-cuffs.

Social Distancing as Government Decree Amidst the Weaponization of Proximity as a Risk Factor in Remote State Sensing and Remote Communications Applications.

In this day and age, whereas the surveillance state was widely publicized back during the Barack Obama presidency; wherefore rational thought (aside from this, and otherwise) would suppose that time, in an industrialized nation, sees progress, rather than blank spaces where, instead, technology and science (Scientology) provides us ,ith solutions and answers. 

Like any studious cohort to the Scientology Faith would attest, the means by which allegory presents itself as moralistic fable, whereas critical analysis is suggestibly at the core of arriving at some reasonable take-out drive-through of what these minds'-eye visions would and ought portend. 

I'm not, somewhat, supposing that everyone is in agreement of all matters at stake here; I'm simply providing a mock-up stub of arriving at a theory of that victim profilers, as criminals, oftentimes fail at overcoming the fallacy of the proximally significant Target of their scheme(s), out in society. 

Several things come in to play here. (I'll try to keep things short, stub, and simple. 

There's nano-meta-material electromagnetically construed quantum-arrangements of what could be the natural aesthetic of what constitutes a parasitic organism. Such a thing, philosophically, would be wrought out of the disorder of a ramshackle and detrimented lifestyle. Given the modern day foray of industrialized society, electrical currents, wear and tear on the infrastructure, private and public Enterprise, variants takes on personal space, and of criminality, all contribute to circumstances in which the electrical grid might be compromised, of an organic nature - such that would construe, given the aesthetic developments of disarray, wear and tear, environmental stress, etc. upon a host organism, who consumes radioactive materials through smoking, through pollution, or through the use of medications - these aesthetic "accidents" of an organic nature could, conceivably: provide the physical and underlying nano-metamaterial to construe a classically formed parasitic organism or virus, through nano-wire Faradaic induction transmission, for example, as one step in the process of a mock-up host creation of a creature which has all of the elements of life, as necessary, given a lesser state of evolutionary development - we can all agree on that much - that various creatures are representative of different stages of evolution, as they present themselves. 

Tracing back, just a bit, take, for example, my laborer's hand, as an image of such a structural environment of circumstantial disarray. There are various opportunities for protein structures to intermingle, become loosened from my hand, and provide fodder for a nano-materials-age ad-hoc creature to become mocked-up, if I were to neglect my common hygeine. 

There's various structural damage here. A bee sting, some scrapes, fingernail dirt, age lines and wrinkles. 

Given that this could have been my foot, in my sock, developing in such a similar environment, the nurturing life-sustaining medium of various types of bacterial and nano-sized breeding and grooming grounds could consequentially (moreso) be established, of an increased risk of establishment. 

With ionic minerals and electrolytes taken in to the diet, as supplementation, or as detoxification, the playgrounds for Faradaic currents to thread and Lorentz-attractors of electromagnetic-metalloids, currents carried through these particle-periphery structures - these things seem to become inherent (or apparent) in the concepts of Weaponization of intent, or in the exploitation of Proximity in culling a victim, to lessen the parasitic form's in(dis-)ease in a warfaring engagement of immunological or of a socially-bound structure. 

For example, a gay guy came up to me the other day, and I took him as standard; rather, at first. However, as it would turn out, he started acting gay towards me, which I somewhat just don't quite believe, or accept, as truth. Despite all things, he had gained some initial acquaintanceship exploits of common decency and twinges of friendship out of me, and he had gained the exploit potential of Proximity. 

He gestured towards my groin area, he wanted to hug me; he was drinking wine, and he had urged me to, despite me telling him that I'm allergic to alcohol. The solvent, volatile nature of alcohol comes in to question, with a subject such as myself, in that I am also allergic (perhaps moreso) to some of the metabolites of alcohol in the body, such as aldehydes (which my body more strongly produces. I relented to sipping some alcohol with him, while he became homosexually-interested drunk. 

My (sub-)theory is that having a matching duality of quantum endpoints, in two separate structures - here, our bodies, our stomachs, our lungs, our ear, nose, and throat structures - all come in to play with what I perceive as a "dirty" weaponization trick of proximity in social distancing being offended, which should have been obvious to him; yet he demanded that he was homosexually interested in intimacy with me. 

My take out order of the bum-at-the-park option for patronization of an establishment ended soon, thereafter. I noticed that the young man had an orthopaedic surgery scar on his left ankle, as he walked with a cane. I hadn't been let in on the extent of his limping in being such a drastic injury. I feel that his ministrations towards me were a form of ritualistic lurking intent, in persisting in my physical form, after the fact (here, being our interaction, and potential friendship, which had lost it's appeal, during the course of a couple of hours in which we were around each other, and speaking, which I felt was the basis and extent of our interaction, whereas I could have offered him options for hanging out with me further, of helping with work, whereas I found his gestured towards me unthinkably unprofessional, so I abandoned that hope for him). 

The situation had turned to me suggesting that he might need to be hospitalized. The story that played out in my mind's eye about the park suggested that he was being accommodated at the park with a warm blanket, as a homeless and unfortunate person, yet I returned, for my own sake, and there was no repeat of him showing up again. 

After leaving the initial encounter and situation that had established itself, as a crisis, I felt that he was trying to intend that his pain, of his surgery, and inflammation of his healing bones and ligaments in his ankle were perhaps the underlying motive in his "acting out" of a homosexually-interested nature.

I took the Metro Gold Line back towards downtown Los Angeles, Union Station, to take care of my administrative tasks and workload of the day. On the train ride back, there was a guy who was purported to be a vehemently anti-homosexual violent and volatile sort, who had also been drinking alcohol. It was reported to my internalized conscious mind that he would have wanted to complain of that I was wearing green and gold shiny eye makeup, whereas he would have taken it as a gesture of pro-homosexuality, which just isn't the case, in my case. I felt a sickening and relevant (to the context being described in my mind) illness, much like a drunken alcoholic hangover, (I suppose), yet definitely circumstantially, it seemed to be as a result of the proximity of one of the train's riders to me, whereas I consume a large amount of internally and externally applied ionic minerals during the course of a month. The spinning of the train's wheels seemed to reputedly be "milling" ionic periphery structural proximity calculations, whereas there were definitely compute calculations playing out in my head -

I wasn't thinking of these things, originally. 

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