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Thursday, August 22

A Nordstrom Pigeon-[perhaps] - beautiful iconic hen design.

This iconic design-by-primitives and ornamentals caught me by the pigeon's tail the other day as I was perusing through the Downtown LA garbage receptacles, so I thought I'd share it. 

This is one side of Nordstrom's current shopping purchase bag for retail customers. 

This lovely (imaginably-) hen bird-pigeon form reminds me of one of the ostensible pigeons of my Lé Lyceé Françoise trifles of formative  pigeon sorts that might be seen, in the case of the preening pigeon; one which I have not caught well on camera, by the time I've posted this blog (August 22nd, 2019). 

In any case, I found this shopping bag from Nordstroms gorgeous, so I felt like I ought to share it with my readers. 


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