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Monday, February 15

A sign of common sparrow genetic diversity effected through conscientious nutritional supplementation.

 The sparrows of Maguire Gardens at the Los Angeles Central Branch Public Library are a special and quaint brood.

I believe I may have assisted the flock in establishing greater genetic diversity through my efforts in feeding them, and, in intervals, I supplemented their nutrition with ionic, humic and fulvic minerals. 

This yellow-crested sparrow-like creature fits in seamlessly with the other sparrows as a new addition to the flock here at the library. It's a beautiful new bird to show face here. In time, perhaps there will be many more such unique and diverse new species here at Maguire Gardens. 

Tuesday, August 13

The DTLA Central Branch Los Angeles Public Library birds got a special treat this morning.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk. 

A crosswalk perspective of the pigeons vulturing outside the LAPL Central Library at the corner of 5th at Grand; a favorite pigeon haunt, as it features one of the busiest intersections in DTLA foot traffic.

The birds at the park-side (west-end) of the library got a huge midsummer belly's-full of nearly a whole loaf of bread's worth of PB & J sandwiches today. 

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