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Monday, August 12 hosted a job fair at LADOT Headquarters today.

I was thankfully wrangled in to the event by 2 nice ladies, who offered me a flyer.

I'm particularly hopeful about the job proposition, being that I'm currently employed only as the pigeon-feeder of the area, and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation is the job-sponsor.

I was feeding the pigeons and sparrows (obviously).

The sparrows try to wrangle hold over a snack-size Twix bar.

It's an exciting prospect, and I was interviewed by Richard, who holds 2 degrees, one of them in Urban Planning. It feels like this could be a fortuitous job prospect for me, if I'm accepted. 

I filled out a job application ad hoc, prior to being interviewed. 

Jay Ammon

(213) 545-6660 [text only, currently]

304 W. 90th St. 
Apt. #2
Los Angeles, CA  90003
United States of America

DOB: 03/23/1982
CA ID #: B9449425
Social Security #: XXX-XX-XXXX

Date:August 12th, 2019 Job Application

  1. I stay in South Los Angeles, one of the project areas (Broadway at Manchester).
  2. I have a Bachelor's degree in the Arts (humanities). UC Riverside, BA (Music; graduated 2004).
  3. I am outgoing, unprejudiced, and engaging with the community. I feel comfortable around all people.
  4. I'm active and successful in establishing effective and influential public relations on social media and, as well,in establishing search and content metrics amongst organic demographics on websites from scratch.
  5. I'm effective and proactive in establishing personal relations within the homeless community as a former homeless individual. 
  6. I'm a gracious recipient of opportunities offered to me in the job sphere and in personal contexts that pertain to professionalism and ethics alike. 
  7. I'm accountable and communicative about my workplace and scheduling matters.
  8. I thrive within organized workplace structures. 
  9. I'm capable in dynamic workplace delegations; I'm hiquick to pick up on tasks that merit attention and closure. 
  10. I'm effective in public speaking and outreach. I don't mind starting in menial job positions. 
  11. I have dynamic aspirations within the transportation sector of job industry as an individual research academic. 
  12. I am objective and effective in learning and applying technical and critical analysis in leadership opportunities and in establishing sound statistics. 
  13. I have 10 years experience in client-service occupations. I can offer a numerous many personal references as towards former successes in the work sphere. 
  14. I'm an effective and considerate public speaker and community representative for needful demographics in the homeless and mental-health affected communities. 
  15. I am particularly astute at following traffic laws and lights, as a common pedestrian, walking over 100 miles per month. 
  16. I am particularly well-educated, effective, and accountable in dealing with and in reporting on mental illness-affected individuals.

Work and Education History:
Winter 2016-Current: Blogger© and Tumblr Website Administration and Mobile App Development
  • I've worked diligently and with perseverance in establishing fruitful and meangful social media and internet website engagements with organic and professional-network relevant audiences, as a content producer. 
  • Since mid-2018, I've been an avid independent researcher in the field of website development and, as well, in establishing internet presence from bootstrapped startup-basis websites and socio-cultural internet establishment initiatives. 
  • I've established accountable and successful initiative outreach for community causes such as making sure that birds in South Los Angeles and Downtown LA receive proper nutrition and water. (This cause is currently one of my main daily purposes that I try to fulfill)
  • My causes have been community-supported; I commonly receive affirmations for the efforts I put out.

Fall 2017-Spring 2017 - Master of Social Work School Applicant, USC and Simmons School of Social Work.
  • I worked at implementing Christian-based initiatives of extending community service and causes in the Downtown LA and neighboring areas as a Master of Social Work Fall and Spring matriculation applicant at 2 schools. 
  • Ultimately, I was unsuccessful at gaining financial aid, and I ceased in the application process due to same such financial difficulties. 

Fall 2006-Summer 2016 - Technical and Software Support.
  • I engaged with many clients during this time, providing on-site technical support services and Software installation support for individuals and small businesses.

Fall 2000-Summer 2004 - University of California at Riverside - BA in Music
  • I received an overall GPA of 3.6 during my academic career at UC Riverside.


Alexis Orens, ACSW, Telecare Corporation. 
  • Relation: Social Worker, Therapist.
  • Phone: +1 213-239-4859

Wish me luck! 

The job description is manifold. The Vision Zero LA project, essentially, hosts events and does outreach amongst individuals and the community at large in promoting and showcasing the latest developments in the transportation and public works sector. 

I could, potentially, be doing outreach and public engagement as a canvasser, with potential to move up on the career ladder as time goes on.

The pigeons at the Grand Park Playground make a mess of themselves amidst cut grass and soggy graham crackers. 

I'm supposed to hear back via email between tomorrow and Friday. 

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