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Thursday, September 8

How to rig a bum cart for success

Doing a bum cart life gig is a palpable common bum identity commonly flaunted in a metropolitan district such as DTLA (downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA). The benefits of doing bum cart life are manifold over other types of transitive bum personae such as the bicycling bum and the bag'ged bum, « on foot. »
This one is bum life at it's most flaunch; stylistically. A bum cart with all the trimmings - a unicorn cosplay costume head sticking out - to denote the playfulness and good humor of the bum's identity,
Along with needful trimmings, such as site-detoxification utilities, sweetened powdered milk jug for bread-feeding the pigeons, luxuriant toiletries from various boutique retailers of finery Los Angeles and beyond, hand sanitizer (useful in a post COVID-19 outbreak world), and a daily usage recyclables collecting bag, up top.
Many various-use bags can be tied alongside the ridges of the handles and top of the cart, for sorting the daily necessities of bum life. 

One thing to make sure of, though, is that you don't overload the bum personal tote cart too jaunted - the cart could potentially break down, at the axles, particularly going down a curb. 

Update: Sunday, August 14th, 2022:

I’ve discerned, lately, that a fair-enough degree of bum-looking-ness, for a cart, will earn a person “not” having their bum cart stolen, in downtown LA, while sleeping in certain areas, or, for leaving it outside of Ralph’s, while grocery shopping, at least, during certain hours, or days of the week, while out shopping. I’d stayed out, for the entire week, and thankfully, food stamps had come in, earlier today, so I went to the grocery store. 

Update: Thursday, September 8th, 6:56 a.m. - new incarnations on of bum cart aspirations - now, with a dolly. 

I’d tried out tote carting a whole plenty much, and the things always break, after several weeks, or less. For me, it’s tough on my budget, to try and replace these sorts of things, so I was fortunate to come across this sturdy-looking dolly | hand truck rendition of the similar notion; the bum tote cart. 

With this version, I’m capable of having a compact form, for the cart’s travel time, and I can fit it in to my food-carrying backpack (also pictured, since the cart can fold flat. All convenient features of this combo. I’m going to add some new noiseless wheels, so I can go about my tree-watering work by night, hauling jugs of water, and watering the trees; that’s my plan for this backpacking lifestyle aspiration. I can’t wait to try it out!

Wednesday, April 8

I « almost » got a room at the Olive Motel

For those who know dive-trawl motel(ing)-Los Angeles, for this side of town (Echo Park), there's scarcely a more dive trawl motel to dump on in to, for a night of seedy scenarios playing out amidst the motel patron's self and periphery. Not that the management is all that bad; (the man at the register is a Chinese man), and, to their credit, I've never caught or seen a bed bug there. 

That being said, I caught some sort of sweat or parasitic critter-based rash that's been in development of fighting for it's right to exist, amidst « bird bath » sink showers, liquid ionic mineral supplements, both internally and externally, as well as some Permethrin 
PermethrinListen to pronunciation
Common brands: Nix Creme RinseLice Killing (permethrin)Elimite
It can treat head lice and scabies.
Brands: Nix Creme Rinse, Lice Killing (permethrin), Elimite, Lice Bedding Spray, Lice Treatment (permethrin), Nix Complete, and Stop Lice
Availability: Prescription sometimes needed
Pregnancy: No known risks
Alcohol: No known interactions with light drinking

 All things considered, I would have ended up a woeful caricature of a young adult motel(ing) demographic. My mental psyche periphery has thankfully been fairly calm seas lately, thanks to my dedication to talking things out, my postings on social media and here, on Blogger, as well as that I'd been dutifully bound to the critter community in the capacity of keeping them fed with some good nibbles - the latest kick for them is Log Cabin Maple Syrup.

Learn more about Log Cabin breakfast syrups, all made with no high fructose corn syrup, and our delicious, fluffy pancake mix.
This is my current outlook - in favor of a more pro-active stance and action against the potential ticks-infestation nibbling on my arms, in intervals.

After all, I did pick all this stuff up off the ground, outside. It stands to reason that some tick-infested poor soul found themselves stricken with ticks, and simply changed clothes, while dumping the infested clothes in the street.

Getting back to the mental health thing: washing clothes is, after all, a strong front in the face of hospitalization, which, due to coronavirus rules in place still (potentially until May, is probably a nightmare.

It's been a nightmare getting around, some nice my personal tote cart has been taking a beating, logging miles in Santa Monica for the first week of the month; now I'm back in the Civic center and Echo Park, of which I'll have a special photoblog to come.

Check out these cart wheels:

That's right - that's zip ties, aquarium hose, and plastic bag wrap cinching together my tires on my personal tote cart.

My upper body has been burgeoning with endurance lifting-holding strength, for the sake of the fact that I've been tilt-pushing the cart to preserve the wheels' integrity, while I pursue a new cart life, at some point soon.

My laundry is done washing.

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