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Wednesday, August 14

The pigeons of Wilshire at Normandie are developing near-tumbler flight.

What is a tumbler pigeon? 

A tumbler pigeon is a skills-developed pigeon; ostensibly in a well-established flock such as is the flock here at Wilshire at Normandie.  

There is a row of restaurants here on Wilshire, and the flock's main roost is on the south side of Wilshire on Normandie.

The difference between a tumbler and a regular pigeon is that the tumbler has a greater capability over its flight strength and hovering (which I've not seen established well in other flocks in the nearby area. Ostensibly, in later years and generations, the pigeon tumbling will take a more significant form in literal flight tumbling. 

More to come, in the future. :)

I found a discarded box of donuts in the alley behind the nearby Catholic church .

In future years, I estimate that the pigeons here will learn to do in-flight tricks like tumbling. 

Thursday, June 27

The pigeons of Wilshire at Western Ralph's are a flock to behold.

As a recyclables collector, I've commonly come in to homed flocks of pigeons concentrated in a certain area.

Wilshire at Western Ralph's Grocery Store.

Here, at Wilshire at Western in Wilshire Center (of Los Angeles, CA USA), the locals must have been kind and considerate towards birds as a concentrated demographic of people in the area. 

The pigeons of the Ralph's parking lot are a heartwarming feature of the store that merits a visit, for bird lovers.

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