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Thursday, November 29

Quick Emergency Regional and Coastal alert about an impending depravity crime of satanism, following from the Manson years of the 1960's generation. This date being November 29th, 2018 - 11/29/2018. time GMT-8:00 or GMT-9:00 (Pacific Islands) - victims are I and my family: Beatrice Fung, my mother - age 85-90ish or so. My father, Ray Ammon, possibly around the same age, of looks, but he is 10 years older. He had a recent birthday. So did my older brother, Garry Ammon. He had a wife, Ruby; last time I had spoken to him. They had 2 children together; t₹|

The gist is that (the story I had heard and is published on Reuters):

As a quick aside, my phone service or capable contiguous conscious self - for being stalked for stuff that I would entertain as a long-gone-unbeknownst to me:

As towards / for the sake of the fact that it is such common knowledge that I had publicly decried the

Willing and intentional 

* Not « known » to me as to speak of the years that had passed, 

nature of and magnitude of disparagement of all of society; and here, in noting : that today is significantly rainy; 

Yesterday was conspicuously, on the other hand - completely sunny. 

There's some

Micah Electric - "betting Bitcoins"

- in Reference to the untimely and debacled timely delivery of this blog article publication; as 

I'm using a new keyboard language for input, and 

this one, Gujarati; I find to be not quite very different, yet reasonably aesthetically suitable, given that perhaps 

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