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Thursday, April 15

Product Review: Trace Minerals Research Ionic Zinc.

 Ionic minerals, which I frequently tout, here, on Blogger, and on my social media accounts, are personally known, going on several years now, to be some of the most easily accessible and acutely potent detoxifying agents and physiognomically-improvements-catalyzing products available, at least here, in the United States. Some of the company’s products are sourced from other countries, such as their Zechstein Magnesium spray (which works great for acute inflammation and slight radiation overdoses). 

That being said, my encounter with Ionic Zinc, which had been purported to be correlative with hormonal corrections in the body, off-handedly, was a painful and nauseating experience, for that I’d 4x-6.5x increased the suggested dosage, without much dilution of the ionic liquid mineral concentrate. It was my own doing, obviously, but in my personal profile circumstances, of being a long-time stimulants abuser and tobacco smoker, I had been unprepared, and otherwise unaffected by other products in the Trace Minerals Research, line, of which I’d tried out a large expanse of their other offerings. I simply decided to give Zinc a chance, since I hadn’t, up to this point, and I’d filled out my sampling and regimens of their other mineral concentrates and isolated nutrient offerings to a satisfactory and successful outcome. All in all, after continuing use with the Ionic Zinc product, at a more reasonable dose, and more diluted, in water, I’ve come to encounter it as a powerful healing product for the digestive system organs, and perhaps that it had been the missing link in much of my personal and self-induced (mostly) toxicity trauma of my drug abuse history and the cohort mental health traumas, of their psychosomatic symptoms, such as tension, caused by neurosis and debilitating crises of non-self inflicted sufferings, such as schizophrenic episodes, and the isolating and socially-averse mechanisms that come with being psychologically unwell, or unusual, at a minimum; perhaps simply uncommon, or scarce, for that matter, as that I’d been left with no nearby human partner or companion who could compassionately support me, and that mechanism had been enforced through psychological cruelties, by even lesser psychiatric subjects and models “sorts” of people, or persons. 

A complex set of debacles, and not many people well-equipped to seem to care well enough for me, in my vicinity. I’d become condescending and elitist, in my attitudes, and my dealings with people. That being said, however, my problems are my problems, and my detox regimen is my self-enforcing mechanism, in place, such that I expect that I get better, over time, and that I am better, for proactively detoxifying my body. That’s the sort of supportive foundation to what amounts to perhaps “narcissism,” of which I receive a hefty well supply thereof, in favor of that means to an end, in life, however faulty, yet compelling that it is, that it might be. I recognize  that it lends itself to baser behaviors and affinities, and it obviously shows, and it’s a gross method of a support system. 

Not that looking unwell, or unattractive, is a superior solution; nay, narcissism is a complicated step in a multi-fold psychological unwellness complex, of a potentially “dark traits” sort of identity life to live down, with the paranoid schizophrenic as the end-point of the far end spectrum being the unfortunately singled out and misfortunately isolated sort, with technological establishments in place for a lesser-mindful and lesser cares society to mete out consequences of lesser circumstance and import, yet with greater volume and scale, as it were, I’d come to commonly encounter in life, since 2012; at this point, it’s 2021, and I’m 39 years old. I’m trying to rehash my young-mid adult career professional life, of various tries-at embodying, for different takes on what I could potentially become, and portray myself as, with psychology, seeming to me, to be a well-heeled and well-established form of superiority I could reasonably wield as my unexpected trick up my sleeve, of which people typically simply turn quiet, consequently, or they retreat, at regather their forces and stances against me, whereas the problem just simply never quite was me; it was psychology that was at issue, the entire time. Each unto their own, and I’m a widely well-read (for myself; reading material read, that is) individual, when it comes to psychology, and it commonly turns out that psychology ends up being my unexpected misfortune upon others, that I make out of them, for whatever they attempt to make out of me - a douchebag, even, as it were, as ionic mineral detoxification regimens are quite aught known to be. 

A complex problem for a digestive, immune support, and growth and development-touted liquid ionic mineral concentrate solution to enforce some sort of rational healing regimen, to arise from up out of it’s use, simply put, and as much as that, at all, for that matter, yet holistic and diverse strands of wellness, and attending to problem areas, of which the physiognomical would obviously be at issue, with the appetite and follow-through of expected eating and meals scheduling being largely at stake, and I’m focused on a “gainer” portrayal of myself, in intentional and measured amounts, but then again, not everything has to be so primal as such that physical attractiveness need be so subjective or juvenile, and at issue, in the needs fulfillment arena of that we all would appreciate a good and well life partner, of “some sort,” at least, and of our preference, if things could be more bright and shiny for us. Who would deny it? That’s not the purpose of my place in life, on this blog, right now, for show and for whatever else might be at issue. I just took the ionic minerals, and they have a powerful effect upon healing and detoxification; in this case, uniquely potent, of detoxifying catalyst for me, of an extent such that I’d described. 

Thursday, November 26

Product Review: Trace Minerals Research Ionic Calcium 200 mg 2 fl. oz.

I commonly use ionic trace minerals for nutrition supplementation, as well as for experimentation with my biological projects (now on Now, since I’ve been receiving Unemployment Insurance payments and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award money from the California Employment Development Department, I’ve been fortunate to be able to venture out beyond the general concentrated Utah Great Salt Lake sea water solutions, by Trace Minerals Research, and I’ve expanded my inquiry and experimentations in cellular regeneration, nerve, blood, and bone health, in to their single-element concentrates. 

In my latest epiphany, from Trace Minerals Research’s product line, I purchased two bottles of ionic calcium; one for me, and one for extra experimentation in to my algae project that I’m documenting and developing upon, over in my new blog. I had a highly beneficial rejuvenating experience, after ingesting some of my algae-and-ionic-mineral concentrates water solution, after sleeping, upon waking up, the next morning. I decided to start a blog about it, and it’s called, forming from out of the brand, of my original pigeons blog. 

Every now and then, since late July, it’s been, I’ve gotten a well-with-all Umemployment Insurance and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award boon to my finances. It’s good money, coming from receiving General Relief ($221) and SNAP Food Stamps ($194) for years on end, now, leading up to this year, as my only source of income, aside from collecting recyclables for CA redemption money. The guys at the recycling places know me by name. It’s a friendly little establishment of reasonable gains, given adverse circumstances. If I collect glass bottles, as well, I consider it good work ethic. For that matter, I’ve gained 15 pounds, since I’ve come in to this extra Employment Development Department money, perhaps akin to the college “freshman 15,” as I reconcile the new-found luxuries and accountability inherent in receiving the Unemployment Insurance money, paying payroll tax, filing sales and use tax, and submitting quarterly personal income tax returns.

Getting ahead on my personal physical health endowment aspirations is something that I’m investing deeply upon in this span of time (the Unemployment Insurance money and COVID-19 pandemic era of 2020), and my latest favorite ionic mineral single-element concentrate is Trace Minerals Research Ionic Calcium. I’ve been fortunate to experience that with even as little as 4 droppers, I have noticed that my thinning teeth, from formerly smoking hard drugs, is winnowing its way back, in to thickening of the teeth, even after only a few days in, after sampling the product. As you can see, the dosage, of which there are about 48, in the bottle, supplies 200mg (15%) of Calcium, from calcium chloride; not even a full 100% FDA recommended amount of calcium; yet, for damaged teeth, just a single-day’s supplementation of 4 droppers produced a notably palpable effect upon the thickness of the edge of my front teeth. 

I purchased the ionic calcium from There are several suppliers and dealers who sell the product, at comparable, or competitive prices. 


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