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Monday, January 4

Gaining Competitive and Bargain Deals at Amazon: Forging your Cookies for an Ecology for Success.

A lot of people in journalism and in the major press circuits 

have been expressing regrets over how 2020 played out. Well, perhaps it's not all that common, given the expanse of topics that have been making news, but it seems that it sticks out, for me, as a guy who is fraught with all sorts of problematic issues at hand. 

2020 was a good year, I say, however. 

I do some speculative fashion jaunts at stylization takes on imaginative persona, of a marketing sort. Persona marketing came in to my world, as a one-time (or sometimes) Facebook aficionado for the cultural offerings that, for me, the design, pop culture, and fashion world had been, for commiting my likes for the pages of topics, people, companies, etc., that I'd been fond of during my teen years, and throughout college (I'm 38 years old, now). My first, and memorable takeaway experience with persona marketing came from an article that I had "saved," rather than simply standard "liked" on Facebook. (It says that it was put out about a week ago, but I know that I had it saved, going on years, now. I'm sure that it was at some point during my multiple personality crisis, of early stages of schizophrenia, in which I'd set this article aside, for the sake of searching for some answers to what had been going on, and for trying to establish some likeness in others, from sources that were discoverable for me. 

Anyways, have a look at the article. Perhaps it's the same, or similar enough context that would remain true to how I had discovered it, on first reading. I found it very compelling and relatable. Before I move on, though, I ought to divulge that the schizophrenia issue has not appreciably subsided, for the most part, since that time, <_< supposing that it had been at some point between now and back up til' 2012, or so, when it had begun (I was a DSM-IV textbook standard onset of schizophrenia, at age 30). 

Persona has had, historically, a rich grounding in classical arts, and literature, dating back to the day's of ancient Rome, where the Greeks had pre-dated the Romans' mythology and systems of deities and many cultural facets, such as in their dramatic form.

Saturday, June 6

iPigeon Games that I Play. [development, self-expression, inner child]. Update: I can play spinner.

As I'm out, in our region's civic centers, and pedestrian districts, [or at home, nestling in, for a content publish push and post, on the Internet], in between newsfeed intake, social media rapport and upkeep, and checkin' my face - today, I had sooo embarrassing boogers in my nose, which I discovered after talking to people; and I have to live this life out somehow, still - I play little iPigeon games, as an aside. 

These iPigeon games are cute, darling, and endearing standing attestments to what's commonly otherwise referred to, ‹ in our upbringing › [or, in the former generation], as attending to the figurative context of the "inner child." Everybody can relate to the inner child, I'd say. As we grow and adapt in to adulting, we're, in intervals, fraught with abuse of what's otherwise "not know|in'| well enough, to twang it into context, whereas, as iPigeons-officinalus, of appropriate husbandry and heritage of heraldry, we're brought up as our best-selves, that we [rather, as underlings], are lacking of, given that our ‹ inner-child › had been inured:

Saturday, May 30

A methodology of choice in movement patterns within the context of collecting recyclables.

A simple photo-aided workflow of how I « most effectively » "could" establish a search inquiry in to the trash cans around a formative establishment of a recycler's good fortune: a well-traveled and well-patronized gas station establishment, such as the Shell station at Olympic at Grand, in downtown Los Angeles. 

The gas station is placed at an impeccable location - right up the street from the Staples Center, where sporting and entertainment events are common. I'd commonly discover rich caches of discarded recyclables in the trash, for example. Sometimes food. On a couple of occasions, a patron of the gas station would offer me charity. A man, who called himself Baba, had chatted me up, one time. He told me that I seemed like a good person, as I dug through the trash at the gas station. He offered me some change. The Indian Subcontinent people can be endearing, at times, as this man was, in his persona about me. He related to me in a spiritually enlightened sense. 

Here, I had left the gas station, and I set out to do a full survey of the « recyclables » area, as I was intent on seeking out, and discovering - all the recyclables that I might find, and collect, on my outing, for the night. Perhaps I had an endeavor to pursue; a bill to pay, an aspiration for the coming morning, perhaps. 

The next block over is Olive, I believe. This slight locale features an up-and-coming corporate identity and persona establishment, with the Oakwood corporate housing complex seated next to a Starbucks. The height of developing adults' expression of self-esteem in the confidence of their burgeoning professionalism careers. Here, in this trash can, I'd typically discover nearly-to-wholly-eaten meal packaging, drinks from Starbucks, and hard Seltzer's, which are common recyclables to encounter in the trash, for the fact that drinking alcohol in public is illegal. Do the patrons of the trash can |slight| locality conscientiously disburse of their cans, after drinking them inside? [the car? ... perhaps?]. 

Maybe. I, as a recyclables collector, would hope so. On one hand, for my own benefit, but also to engender the notion that such recycling jaunts are a venture establishment of the overseers of the Grand-Central-|ing| of the schedule rotation of who the up-and-coming aspirational homeless ones are, of the recyclables-collecting sort. It's a semaphore development locality, in this neighborhood; somewhat bordering South Park, and just up the street, on this one, some eclectic and clichey small cottage establishments that made it out of the garage, or apartment complex - in to the relatively walking-distance-capable campus identity that a dedicated walker could suit, for the sake of establishing a local guides locality and persona marketing identity suitable for accommodating some leisure time, of the tech and lifestyle establishment afforded by the Google Maps and Contribute arms of the Google umbrella of companies and entities afforded by Google. Doing local guide "stuff" around town will definitely work the walking muscle, for the square mileage that DTLA is; although I say that it's all walking distance. I figure that I can check this trash can out, on some nights, and in the interim, establish some publishing merit towards a « perhaps » readership and participatory contingency of "people who talk to the Cloud Platform identities - the overseers and administrators of the City Quadrants: in a civic center where 1 or 2 streets "over" could be a completely different vibe, it's important to timely acknowledge and homestead the locale that one lives in, in a place like DTLA. I feel that the USC-large presence that's been establishing itself, through the Keck Medical Center, and the USC-labeled former AT&T highrise, is a demographic that's largely included in the Cloud Platform civic and governmental development prospectuses of the overseeing city controllers, whom a fond former acquaintance had related to me as a significantly impressive technological operation, behind the office doors, somewhere. 

Then, across the street, there's another trash can. This place, next to it, is a kitschy dive bar, or something. It's kind of a dog-poop trash can, but I checked it, on this night, and I was duly rewarded, for my efforts, even in spite of the fact that it's typically a dump and poop trash can. 

There's four trash cans at this intersection. One on each corner. The one at the corner outside this [seeming] city administrative building is largely likely the same story as the last trash can, as far as poop goes. I checked it, and I believe that I found some more riches of recyclables here. 

This is the last trash can, seen for the conquering of the intersection, by the recycling bum, [also a mobility-lifestyle techie-trekker]. This trash can had some wealth of some discarded stuff in it, for sure. 

The point is, is that, in Grand-Central-|ing| the semaphore of the slight locale, here; somewhat subdued, within the context of the recycling bum persona; yet rich, behind the scenes, of the stories of the people who patronize the trash cans of the intersection here - which is a fortunate one to « hotspot » for recycling's sake, in that it's conceivably trying and difficult to search out every trash can of all of DTLA for recyclables, yet it's a reasonably good jump off point of an outset and basis of a recycling bum identity, which reaps the rewards as such, miniscule in fiduciary scale ad it might be - it endows the partaker in a more rugged and well-heeled, more sustainable and pervasive identity of homesteading one's way in to appearing to be a valid local, which is an enviable pursuit to succeed in, in the high-threshold rental basis of the apartment lofts and condos of South Park, DTLA, as well as the furnished corporate housing establishment that is Oakwood (I believe that they are the primary corporate housing establishment, nationwide, last I heard). They do furnished and short-term leasing, on a more choicey budget scale than a well-situated budget, of establishing locale identity in a persona of young-life professionalism, as I'd formerly discovered, and lived out, as a renter of the Marina Del Rey Oakwood apartment complex branch of the company's several offerings throughout the greater Los Angeles area. 

Maid service, too. 

The point is that, in proper methodology, in data-scrumming; here, recyclables from the trash cans, context, basis, intent, and Grand Central semaphore development contingencies, such as seen in more refined establishments, such as cloud computing, are portrayed, in the scope of the trash cans, for the recyclables - for what it's worth, the seeker who goes the distance: here, it's only four corners of an intersection - gets the rewards, at least sometimes. 

In executive and administrative functioning, it's important to viably monetize every moment and movement about and around completing a task. The developers of civic establishment and zoning do the ground work, and corporate enterprise provides the visionary paths through which people live out the meaningful pursuit and outlook of their lives, meanwhile also having the potential to affect others within the locale. 

Neglecting suitable and viable monetizable facets of an archetypal city quadrant, or data set, of a subject-contingency, is sure to suit all of the unlikable facets of neglect, in the first place. 

The recyclables aren't going to collect themselves, after all. 

Wednesday, December 18

Lean development aesthetic gestural poses, using plurisubharmonic octal Fouriers.

As a hauler of a constant endurance load,  being a collector of recyclables (myself), I continually contend with the presence of lumbar (lower back) spine inflammation.  A dull soreness of the base of the spine,  connecting the hip bone.

What I've discovered,  through many long hours of attempted self-healing,  some library topic dalliances,  and some critical analysis logic applied to the situation,  is that the periphery joints

(which I'll deem "octals," since they are correlated to the "cracking" of the joints - a resonance),

and even the extremities,  in the sense of the fingers' knuckles, the ankles and toes,  extend their own harmonic resonance load-bearing capacity of assuaging the long-trek endurance jaunt of a load-bearing laboriousness, in that the relief of these periphery and extremity octal Fouriers of joint-cracking gestures through the various bodily aesthetics employed in natural-poses of a self-sustainable pressure-point healing methodology are, time after time, correlated in the unifying delimiter of that all of the pressure-points joints, during an acute inflammation episode (which is common for me) play a part in assuaging the lumbar spinal pain. As well, the lower digestive organs and the pressures inherent in the excretory process are causally affected by the relief and offset of the pressure and inflammation of the joints.

What works best? In a sense,  being that this is very much actively-involved self-healing process and procedure (which is colloquially known as "lean" development - hanging on the heels of other colloquial forms of development found in project management nomenclature forms, such as agile, astute,  scrum; for example. Here; relevant in that the lumbar spinal inflammation correlates positively with the expulsion of trapped heat energy (it is common for flatulence to be released after some cracks are attained in healing the lumbar region).

It would be a most fiscally ostensible caricature (or silhouette) to encounter,  for a colloquially-engaged local | familiar on the subject. A person, dressed in ostensibly civic-casual clothing - leanin'aff of on jaunt,  against a street-side accommodation of some sort of object. Pop-culture and fashion had precluded lean development plurisubharmonic octal Fouriers aficionados and street gawkers at the spectacle in the iconic athleisure formative identity; whereas lean development builds upon outdoor dailies and nightlife standards, with an extra shift of in-home SlädeAF™ in front of the computer monitor, on the sofa, or in bed, working on any number of development projects, or of on of AF pronz of hibachi.

The well-jaunted courtesan of such a lifestyle would inevitably end up back in the pedestrian districts in town, come daylight, to show face, that the slädeAF™ had not conquered the dignity within.

Some people get massages, true; but for me, I live down a life of a casual schizophrenic (gone on over 7 years, now, at this point), of a folklorish and old-fashioned (Old Testament) Biblical consternation upon me by "people I used to know." Supposedly, this sort of thing passes by people's whims about town, and the stalking victim subject-topic shows up as best as could be had (hopefully), and redeems the lowly betrudgeon'ed identity ego and self-esteem amongst society's peers, overseers, critics, and public relations firms, while suiting the ostensibly standard athleisure identity, as a minimum.

Sometimes, though, the lean is in order.

What else?

It's somewhat Barre ballet technique (imaginably), although I've never myself taken ballet. Here, in at least two forms, in that tight-fitting elastic sorts of legging fabric are appropriate, as outerwear (or as an underneath-layer), and that of hoisting up the placid leg upon a chair, rail, or "something" available, out around town, to do one of the critical gestural lean development techniques of bodily aesthetic - the hip rotation. Here, in being done and attained of various Civic accommodations, of various height and size, suited for optimal plurisubharmonic Fourier octals to be attained, for the sake of the fact that it takes the entire rotary entity of the hip joint and socket pair, in and of themselves, a multiplicity of radiance, dynamic, and broadcast - of the various projections and intrinsics that could be had of them (the hip joints and connecting bone structures).

What did that mean?


Well, in essence, I prefer to just move ahead and describe the implementation of the rotarian form of the hip bone end of the thigh bone, which is somewhat of the shape of a club, if I recall and imagine correctly.

The simple fact of slumping up the limp leg on to a Barre (of some sort) and turning the foot and ankle one way, and the other, as the upper body recoils, leans, and inters over oppositional and dynamic few or several bends of the foot (ankle), versus the butt (bottom), given the spine (upper), all moving slowly, to form a plurisubharmonic octals of Fouriers to enact a naturally healing pose that could compensate for a much worse inflammation injury episode than standard expectations would confer.

Think of an iceberg, sitting in the water, with the various seasons and years upon it, to calculate the structure and formatization of cracks, crags, and splits of the iceberg. It has to do with the various sources (Dynamics) of heat, whereas they also have different properties. These, in turn, form what seem to be unique and random cracks in the otherwise solidified and unified form of ice, whereas the cracks are what makes it different (when cracks do, or have - appeared, that is).

Here, the concept is to form various Dynamics of oppositional pressures and gestural aesthetics of "lean," on to the focal point of the lumbar spinal section, the rotation of the hips, via the ankles, or (that the pressure had moved to the extremeties), even the fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders - all of these internal pressures being forced against, with intentional oppositional pressures - contribute to the relief of lumbar spinal pain.

This sort of thing is important in longevity in heart health. Dangerous blockages could build up, over days of släde and athleisure, amidst being a fashionable stalking victim, as well, in creating acute topical local buildups of looser blood pressure around a region, whereas the inflamed sections are generating a different harmonic pressure dynamic in another section of the body. Over time, these sorts of internal pressure resonances, left unattended to, contribute to embolisms and heart shock. Indeed, most people could probably recall the shock of a pinched nerve being stretched. A sharply painful thing, whereas the dullness of muscle and joint relief is actually a resonance of the blood pressure over the body's formative and various construction, of its own making - the skin, the bones, the blood - all different, yet all capable of resonating and of contributing to resonance. A shock would be some form of harmonic dissonance, of significant distortions (which essentially means that the ceiling threshold of tolerability had been reached, and the resonant harmonic frequencies have to work within the lower ceiling allowed by the body).

The Grecian-urn lifting-and-twisting aesthetic is also a crucial move to embody, with a lean of the back, upon a solid, yet pressured, foot holding, versus the knee twisting and pushing against the two opposing top and bottom forces of the back and foot. This type of move will offset the lumbar pressure out to the hips, which crack when the twists are done correctly, in various angles of declination, to crack the hips from several (7-10) various rotarian dynamic angles, around the entirety of the club-shaped hip-leg-bone ending.

A similar technique of postural planking, with the arms at the behind, and bent upwards, towards the top of the spine - the hands, or clenched fists - reaching for the top of the spine. Meanwhile, leg lifts are done. This can be done standing (not the leg lifts), or even better, laying down.

Performing this sort of self-healing ritual is a many-hours-invested project, on lean. Leaning for several hours is necessary, as much as sleep, warm baths, perhaps a sauna, exercise, and ionic mineral salts and saltwater (externally as well as internally) are, in contributing to best-practice lean development performance benchmarking of going at it for one more day, while meanwhile managing medication regimens and bad habits. 

Tuesday, July 24

On: the thrust that would power a colony moving to outer space. From

Substituently:upon coming across Volatility in any commerce of situation, a crouch, wings-to-the-hind-being backwards thrust, to flying muscles-development aesthetic Grecian urn lifter athleticism is a multivariate grounding and considerate act to invoke. I came upon this notion while trying to archive for usage:attenuation of convolution reverb impulse responses (IRs; audio engineering) on an early morning and I witnessed, of continuous South LA Jet Stream aeroplane engine vast chaos of granular noise; the thrust that was slow-moving, compared to a jet-engine, but this thrust was a thrust that didn't have an arc to it, and it would likely power the jaunt-enterprise-extra-terrestrial into outer space, with how thrust it was moving. That would be a lot of Grecian urn lifts. The scalar-offset-dynamic thrusts of the torso and limbs is a particularly challenging and virtuous movement exercise; essentially forming the body's inertial momentum into what might aught be instability or par-stituęvaitre energetic arrête for the surrounding environment. It's very obvious when the movement fails to balance itself and fit, physiognomically within a 1:1 or similar ratio of just and slight variance; what kind of battery would the thrust exercise movement power of the individual? Then I heard, allegorically ad hoc, that all massive industrial enterprise apparatus are run entirely upon human power, in order to be properly sustainable energy and valid worth in a competitive world power economy. I was so intent on blogtastic'ing about [something...] I can't entirely relate, after the days-spent awake in crisis amongst people around me, based on auf of such fluff sociopathic small-enterprise sociopath per-donnez-vraít, just seething "how white/Chinese/faggot he is; Jay." That was the gist of the long story blog entry; it hasn't gone up yet, in favor of more valid Pigeon-TasTasTic content arrete into molecular dynamics of storage devices, alphanumerical I/O fluffboy Au Ff new boy triste pwn psycho-autonomy practices, for serious professional takes as the stenographer's dicta tech psy-tripedenienne aux les valid passable dendrites of non-constituency demographic of unh-uhh... the stenographer...? Someone's on it wtf panshitsicles triste tri-state murderer au psychopathic acute axis 1 crisis demography, etc. Somebody is delimiting the ratio:to:faggot AF triste dendritis-tristecles gallon of milk/per day dieting, no romantic consideration about shitsicles AF trifle-poof-AF shit out the ass, and the ionic gaseous internals to deal with proximity jaunt - for athleisure bums Lifestyle And then, ... gallon of milk / per day and then walking through skid row? That's some valid proximity fluffboy tastastic new shit of a materials/trash/recyclables jaunt tech-and-lifestyle blogtastic array of considerable molecular and all sorts of arretic substituent organisme although most people are okay with a fashionable bum athleisure technical institute jaunt, for all-purpose fuckboytastastic class class class class classic AF jaunt, ... like a real one. The significant takeaway on the topic is that thrill-seekers are constantly fraught with a debt of resource misallocation and thievery of the Nuclear molecular energy {STEM} materials of raw periphery significant means of fletching the innards and worth of the localities:we exist. The vast bold Yukon divergent sociopath is simply a typically "can't help this person well and properly enough" to make the individual fit into society and communicate the forensic dendritic fluff past Freudian imperative cautionary stance, beyond the stats-rated fluff personae of the fluffboy-tastastic Los Angeles classically national historical heritage establishment au triste compatriot ... So much fluff AF considerable college years to discourse validity about, this is civilian life, to be real. But in compete:for nutritional intake, I do fluff off vast yukons of data science periphery and valid nepotism of executive's fluff of so many coteries of fluffboy-tastastic meaty burgers - of course I could do a jack in the box receipt survey jaunt on top of a jumbo jack jaunt: for a bum laid out on the streets, Pigeon-TasTasTic fluff demographic, for burgers? It's a fashionable bum-charity-lifestyle destination that exceeds distributing edible validated garbage au garbage: retail bisték-grilled meat: for a bum. That's how Freudian it gets. {Me}

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