Gaining Competitive and Bargain Deals at Amazon: Forging your Cookies for an Ecology for Success.

A lot of people in journalism and in the major press circuits 

have been expressing regrets over how 2020 played out. Well, perhaps it's not all that common, given the expanse of topics that have been making news, but it seems that it sticks out, for me, as a guy who is fraught with all sorts of problematic issues at hand. 

2020 was a good year, I say, however. 

I do some speculative fashion jaunts at stylization takes on imaginative persona, of a marketing sort. Persona marketing came in to my world, as a one-time (or sometimes) Facebook aficionado for the cultural offerings that, for me, the design, pop culture, and fashion world had been, for commiting my likes for the pages of topics, people, companies, etc., that I'd been fond of during my teen years, and throughout college (I'm 38 years old, now). My first, and memorable takeaway experience with persona marketing came from an article that I had "saved," rather than simply standard "liked" on Facebook. (It says that it was put out about a week ago, but I know that I had it saved, going on years, now. I'm sure that it was at some point during my multiple personality crisis, of early stages of schizophrenia, in which I'd set this article aside, for the sake of searching for some answers to what had been going on, and for trying to establish some likeness in others, from sources that were discoverable for me. 

Anyways, have a look at the article. Perhaps it's the same, or similar enough context that would remain true to how I had discovered it, on first reading. I found it very compelling and relatable. Before I move on, though, I ought to divulge that the schizophrenia issue has not appreciably subsided, for the most part, since that time, <_< supposing that it had been at some point between now and back up til' 2012, or so, when it had begun (I was a DSM-IV textbook standard onset of schizophrenia, at age 30). 

Persona has had, historically, a rich grounding in classical arts, and literature, dating back to the day's of ancient Rome, where the Greeks had pre-dated the Romans' mythology and systems of deities and many cultural facets, such as in their dramatic form.

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It refers to the timeframe of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Ancient history includes the recorded Greek history beginning in about 776 BC (First Olympiad). This coincides roughly with the traditional date of the founding of Rome in 753 BC and the beginning of the history of Rome.
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Okay. That was quick enough. Today, persona plays out in many of the same ways - we appreciate the arts, culture, and music of our youth, and of former generations, and we celebrate our heroes and public figures, largely through the successful caricatures, performances, and portrayals of that which was compelling, or perhaps mysterious and profound, for us. At other times, persona had gotten the best of some individuals, as we'd seen in mass killings and terrorist bombings, whereas many, or most of us, were completely caught off guard. 

Nowadays, we have our guard up, against the common "other," in society, a topic which had stirred up some precedence in our future president, Joe Biden's purported claim of "100 days of masks," as for an optimistic outlook of that the COVID-19 Pandemic could be soon and quickly over, which I approached with both favor for it, and disbelief, although I feel like most of us are largely distant from the ones who'd become afflicted with the disease, and that hopefully they'd not truly passed on, yet they found a new life, somewhere more favorable for their suiting. I can think of one fellow whom I know who'd claimed that he had contracted the Coronavirus, and I hadn't followed up with him, through Facebook, but I'd largely moved on, to the Twitter platform, because I felt like airing out my schizophrenia issues in the face of people who would see me on Facebook regularly was distasteful, and I'd been doing that for a long time, anyhow. I'd cut some people out of my life, for the sake of suspicion that I'm simply "not crazy," and it's not the drug use, yet that it's people I actually know who are, or were doing this sort of thing to me. 

I blew off several hours of my sabbath Sunday, the day of rest, in relatively easy-going extents of research and publishing online, once the break of dawn had arrived, and it was time to get up off the floor, and sit myself up properly and behave 🥶.


So I went on Twitter, and I covered all sorts of stuff, personal, topic-driven, conflict-resolution, allegory, and there was some ladies' fashion stuff going on, like how I'd discovered a cute ipsy pouch "for my tech stuff" (that fits in there), since I wear the same thing every day, when I go out, and there's no easy pockets, except for my backpack, and in the back of my Sweaty Betty athleisure long-sleeve shirt. 

By the way, 

I figured out, at a certain point in time, that a person ought both never do anything uncommon, yet also not be afraid to trek out and do something boldly uncommon, like doing Olympic Boulevard, or Topanga Canyon, out to Malibu, and back home, for an outing. 

For me, it was for the jaunt, and for the algae, out in the more upscale parts of the L.A. beaches, although the algae scene is also better, qualitatively-speaking, for a well-beach traveled former Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey resident, for a few years, before I lived in DTLA, up on the corner of 6th and Spring, in the Arts District. Back then, all I did was watch pornography and smoke crack. I did coke, also, for too long, and then, when methamphetamine had found it's way back in to my life, it was sooooo time for something new and much less of what I'd had about the neurotic paranoia that had been established, for smoking crack, and I figured it smelled, and my neighbors knew, and they'd try to maybe peek at me, through the back door of the patio, or something. Gross, I know. 

I say that, though, about the doing something different thing, while not doing anything uncommon, because doing outings is always a good thing, and we have so much of nature, here, in Los Angeles, and if you're trekking along, it's easy to figure out if there's people that have started to following behind, because that barely ever happens, but when it does, it's uncomfortable. A person ought to know, though, and perhaps along the way, there'll be a friend that could be met (that one was Olympic Blvd., for me). But don't ever put money in a jeans coin pocket, though, because it always ends up missing by the time I get somewhere; I figure it could happen to anyone, for doing the same. 

The point is, is that perhaps there are people observing you, all the time, and there ought to be all sorts of opportunity hidden in that aspect of our lives, whether it be that someone's following behind, or portraying some dramatic persona, in a remote gang stalking way, or if we happen to allow developers and internet establishments sell our private data, which I do, and I end up getting great deals for my tech procurements, of some sprawling combination of all the stuff I'd covered, here, but I would say that there really ought to be more, of what I'd covered, in that Twitter moment, because the Twitter thing had become my favorite social media marketing outlet, of no... not much, in terms of monetization, although the regularity, and form, of dumping bwopp on a willing and organic feed of audience, is, for me, pretty reassuring of that I could at least reach people, and stand a chance of not being cared so much about, or facing significant consequences, that I'm aware of, given that I remain fairly sober, detoxing, regularly, and well-composed, of speaking the truth, about things that are disturbing, about other people's behaviors, while acknowledging the ugly truths about what really goes on, of my own part of things - I feel that people on Facebook understand, but I dunno... It seems like Facebook doesn't get indexed, much, or something, on Google, at least, yet, as I'd remarked, once, you'd find me "Google fwopp Jay Ammon," on the first top 10 results, as a consequence of shittin' big bwopp on of, in and around the Skid Row area, of Downtown Los Angeles. 

And then, the deals, on Amazon. Man, are those some big bwopp price drops, on some of these things. But if you'd see, from my iPad Pro ScreenTime, which I'd covered, in my Twitter moment, back there, I spent a good nearly 5 hours online shopping, for the absolute most refined aspects of what's needed, of my tech procurements, for my aux jours Pigeon Carnival Parisian street fare |post-|Baroque, or so French Cabinet Pipe Organ playing dreams, and over time, I found the right piece that suited me, of what I could afford, and I suppose that there's some give and take, when it comes to real-time analytics and bids, of advertisers, that they are, on Amazon: a great big pool of advertisers, and who knows, how much attention people of my audience could ratchet off of me, for doing something same, or similar, of their own sort, and notions of purchasing on Amazon, as well, or similarly big name online retailers? 

For me, it's not quite like Bitcoin mining, which pays Bitcoins, over time, but I have a difficult time in getting people to acknowledge anything, which is okay, I'd say. As long as people read my stuff, and then monetize on the same basis, and marketing of one's user experience, as valuable, for others, is not inconsiderable, I'd say. There's people who are out there who are good at that sort of thing, and at some point, they bwopp, but almost, just to hurry up and do the deal, just perhaps. But it's got to be that it's different stuff that people are in to, on one hand... Not everyone would try out every product that I hawk, and promote, or do a product review over, unless they had a much different basis of funding. 

I just don't quite know, who most of my readers are, but at some point, up the scale of analytics and intelligence, in ad marketing, these sorts of things, in big tech and corporate offerings, become both more friendly, and cooperative, and it feels good to win one out, for your own audience. 

It's a bit like the sideways-steppin' cockroach, of my main blog's folklore, of the pigeons-feeding thing, but at some point, despite initial charms, the cockroaches took over my home, yet I just dealt with it, until I had to move out, for some forgettable reason. The cockroach, though, was pretty slick, in how it came in, all fancy like that. Sideways stepping, and stuff. 

Note: I made a bwippsies sideways mistake, and I posted this on my main blog, even though it was supposed to be an Ecology blog. 

Anyhow, I suppose that this is my public relations blog, in any case. 


Update, 1 hour and 50 minutes later (2:39). There's even things about the user analytics, system logs, cookies-allow, and tracking allowances thing, of the persona marketing thing; of one's own valuated digital and online identity: 

For example: recently, after I launched my site, and posted several blogs, having had some initial momentum to the first few weeks in starting out, for being valuated, myself, in Google Marketing Platform, as a Content Publishing shared revenue percentage earner, in Google's AdSense program,

I started having timely notification bwopps, of on: at timely moments, of a personally meaningful bwopp, of on, for how novel and timely the notifications would show up. There's stuff that people can customize, in the web browsers, of allowing things such as access to the camera, the microphone, the "location," which is somewhat to say, that developers are allowed a 3D print, nearly, of the resonance and effects of the space. For me, it's typically a quiet and peaceful environment, and some rustling about of the bag of recyclables, and stuff. It becomes a bit reassuring, at times, though, that somebody, somewhere, even for reading Indian news articles, for example - for a while, I allowed an Indian news publisher to deliver push notifications, although I'd come to believe that it was an unhealthy thing for me to do, being that I live in Los Angeles, and that the news is strictly of a localized nature, of their place of residence and business. I was receiving push notifications early in to the morning, and late at night, leading up to that sort of thing, but I read some other article, at some point, that praised the experience of novelty, in the psychedelic drug users' intoxication, that the Pihkals and Tihkals are (apparently; I've tried only a few, or so, and I don't experiment with shoddy mock-up chemistry). 

That notification arrived at 2:38 a.m., and I have the Google Pixel 4a 5G's "Gibbon" notification sound, which is a piercing high-pitched whistling hoot, so I can hear it. And then, the vibrations of the Pixel 4a 5G. The haptics are quite fine, I must say. 

Now it’s 3:12 a.m. I put the clip of me typing stuff out through a quick run through in iMovie, to boost the audio, then I threw the audio in to Brusfri, to remove the noise of the fan in the background. It’s 3:20 right now. A timely news article push notification happened a little while ago. I set my early morning large-scope project aspirations for the time of day that I see fit for it; perhaps that I’d go home, if my day could go as planned, perhaps, and I have some inspiration left in me to work on project development sorts of things, and reduce my task list, and notifications to myself. Otherwise, I plop the notification in at the time I find myself; a time like right now: 3:24 a.m. 

I figure, I’m awake and up, right now - and this is a long blog, but the fates ... no, the hands of fate, of some turn of events, earlier, saw me pay my bill, somehow, and I did, in fact - pay my bill, but ... okay. It was, “at that time,” I paid the bill. But the charge hadn’t gone through, and then, I went shopping way bwamm, on Amazon, and I spent everything down to my last, except I was $0.02 short, so I had to do an Employment Development Department bank account transfer - (they’re both Bank of America accounts, though), so I figure that it’s already designed - the infrastructure to run these things. 

There had been some mention of that Google is appropriately attempting to establish their Google Pay mechanism to the effect of that it runs a smooth show, because it’s financials, of course. But then, right around that time, I’m sure that it was, I got the Google Workspace payment verification notification, and I’d attempted to contact them about the mistake, but the user interface, for chat support is fully documented, of the knowledge base articles, (purportedly), I’d suppose, and I didn’t quite get through to the support agent. It was around past 1 a.m., or so. 


No, the Google email happened around 6:41 p.m., last night. It’s somehow mixed in with some notions of other stuff that had, and hadn’t been going on, and there was some contention about what ought to be going on, such as that I clean my room - and I’d gotten my room this messy again, which was funny, the first time, on Twitter. 


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