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Thursday, June 25

What's there to be had of Google's latest (mid-June, 2020) SEO reorganization?

It's a significant topic news drop moment, when Google shifts their algorithms for the sake of establishing more meaningful and worthwhile results.

Here's what I've noticed, or drawn inferences on:

For example:
 Well, okay. Here's a peek at my personal account's web browsing stats, here and now, on the 25th of June, 2020 (evening):

I've been keeping up with the most-est on deez webz.

Friday, July 26

A cool Google Cloud Platform appspot app I've discovered.

I came across some cool stuff in the trash along the way of my route in recycling as I got out in to DTLA for feeding the pigeons and to get on the internet at the library (today I'm at the LA Law Library).

Including: a 44.4 WH myCharge RZ12BV-A portable USB mobile device battery backup charger.

All things interesting aside, I'm not all up on my voltages, watt hours to milli-amp hours, so I Google'd the conversion and I came up with this highly relevant search result, 


Convert mAh to Watt hours

connecting me to none other than a Google Cloud Platform webApp appliance as-a-page, much like would be expected in searching for a conversion hop-to, here: agreeably monetized in diminutive scale by serving ads, as an « appspot » page, which is Google Cloud Platform's App Engine's scalable solution for hosted cloud app delivery service as a page - 

Web results

Jul 15, 2019 · You can override this using the --host<hostname> flag when ... serve SSL ( HTTPS) traffic through your domain

a .appspot App Engine page, which I feel, in this instance is ingeniously presented of what App Engine is capable of. 

Saturday, November 3

Get Bitcoins for free every day by using the CryptoTab browser!

Mining Bitcoin is an obvious draw for people who inevitably trawl the Google Play Store to all extents of mobile app and web development, blogging, keyword and content ad marketing, and pigeon-related lifestyle trekking.

Here's the morning pigeons and sparrows shown up for some English muffins and mineral supplements at the Homeless Mobile Charging Site 3Q34+MM Los Angeles, California 

I purchased some Eidon Silica Ionic Minerals and ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops from Whole Foods in DTLA:

Mineral supplements from Whole Foods.

An Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser from Whole Foods. I put some of the Silica Liquid Concentrate and ConcentrCon Trace Mineral Drops in the Diffuser, along with Ylang-Ylang III organics essential oil.

These are some more of the pigeons that showed up.

I've been trying to figure out some of the best offerings on the web and on the Google Play Store for rewards, earnings, and Bitcoin.

I like CryptoTab because it lets me keep an eye on my BTC earnings and mining H/s in real time, and it has a decent interface for sharing the link to build a mining network, and also to promote the app and earn money through affiliate marketing.

Please use my affiliate link to download the CryptoTab browser for Android!

I'll follow up and post more of my findings soon.

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