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Friday, August 12

Fresh, healthy meals for on the go lifestyles (or delivery) by Everytable. (Product Review)

Being out and about, on the go, in metropolitan Los Angeles, 

I’m always on the lookout for a great deal on food, as well as nice establishments offering food, so I couldn’t refuse the offer I saw, this morning, as an Everytable van passed me by - there was a promo code on the van for 4 free meals (via Everytable’s meal subscription service). It’s essentially an offer for 4 free meals, over the course of a month. At a quick glance, Everytable does freshly-prepared meals that are made with delicious and good-tasting ingredients. I chose their “trap chicken curry” meal. 

The meal itself is fairly tasty. There’s many more options available, on Everytable’s online ordering menu, as well as in-store.

I made it a point to try out the offer, and I headed out to the Los Feliz Everytable store. The store features nice accommodations, such as some indoor and outdoor tables and seating, power outlets, a restroom, friendly service for pickup orders, microwaves, for heating up ordered meals, and a nice, clean, minimal aesthetic. It’s simply good food, with a good social purpose about the company, as well - their current policy is to donate food orders that have been ignored, for pickup, or orders otherwise abandoned, after one day, of not being picked up. It’s a courageous and enterprising thing to achieve at, for Everytable, given that some people are flaky or hostile, at times, about needing this or that, here in Los Angeles. Please make sure to check them out, if there’s a local Everytable store in your neighborhood. 👍🏻

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