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Thursday, July 30

Product Review: the Suorin Vagon Nicotine Inhaler (Vape | Vaporiser). [DTLA Smoke Shop - $40 | 223 1/2 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA]

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 Photo of Jay Ammon
This smoke shop is pretty cool. I came in looking for a refillable cartridge piece for a push-button THC oil vaporizer that I found in the trash, and the clerk directed me, instead, to a device such as the "Suorin." Having been a Suorin device purchaser and user, in the past, and given that it was within my budget, I took him up on his offer, and purchased the device for $40, and some 55mg/mL nicotine juice for $18.99. Not a bad deal, all-in-all. The nicotine juice is very strong.

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