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This site features a compositional ethnography and scientifically austere underpinnings in providing truly valuable, up-to-date tech and lifestyle blog-TasTastic AF jaunt Pigeon biFftéks aux coteries, the finest of the Los Angeles, CA basin and neighboring ocean shores.

Likened to the founding principles of a staunchAF bum who lives off of recyclables money and finding food and clothes out of the trash, this blog features true garbage that was recently good enough for someone else to concur; Los Angeles being the last bastion of the Early Modern Period various Renaissance movements of culture, - regardless: the west coast is where tons of people wash up because they can't do any better in life, except to be a real Los Angeles, CA street bum, trying to pull off all sorts of native fanboy-AF-TasTastic jaunt triste Nabisco-made industrial enterprise of srsly real bums of LA iconic poster roll tabloid exposée, just to pwn their back-home people on how beefy the coterie bacon-wrapped DTLA dogs are, with all types of condiments.

Then, there's the Silicon Enterprise Big 5 Tech Corporate jaunts, and the startup data-sci .developer pwn robo-protobuf local HQ establishment, for the social entrepreneurs of the Pacific; Southern California through the Great Northwest, and then there's San Francisco and Cupertino, Mountain View and San Jose, for various big name tech establishments.

But for now, Los Angeles bums and STRF#©K® pop-icon Hollywood Press demographic and celebutante doppelgänger Scientology splotch radar blips can have -at-scale:jaunt bisték tech and lifestyle pigeon racing forge breeding grounds carnival act dreams, of various pigeon-feeding establishments of various locales, then it's real-yoga-spiritualism vegan era identity shift, for a little bit.

But the realAF bums of Los Angeles get the hardest beef jerky tough looks and sundries: we get a bad reputation for stuff on one hand, and on the other, we jaunt AF Nabisco staunch ass bum athleisure fashion technical institute jaunts that would power a colony into the morning horizon's upper limits and beyond.

Somehow, not fitting in, like a local, will get an unfortunate one left out of the thrust movement. This blog aims to edge out those rough edges and power a fluffboy-tastic bum identity in various constifuencies, for the looks of it, on the sidewalk, all over LA and southern California, meanwhile hearkening the fluffboy-tastastic new digital age - of unlimited data: at least on my Trump-era TracFone LifeLine Android-issue cellular device. I get used as a Manchurian candidate for self-injury in between blog article posts. Such is a similar story of many of the welfare recipients; each to their own.

In between it all, some people get rolled on, because all noobs get pwn'ed by the administration: I take down the dictation of the athleisure thrust aesthetic society, and of classicism in ethical .institute standards of François-proto-indus-belarasiusitique ethnicitholopthontologies-arrete - for thé new provençale cottage industry-blogging post-garbageAF blog-articles of intéressés demographics to jaunt on dry AF Nabisco circular crackers, at snack time, over coffee table real-paper publications - they do standards in socioéconomic standing as professional journalists: I'll do that some day, or else gather ad-Click-Through buyer identities of my blog marketing campaigns, through Big tech corporate model prosumer Nabisco modular content publications of cutting-edge international fanboy of Admistratative confiture d'arrêté: all the way from various nations of finery, one-and-all, as contemporaneous news article delivery, at cottage industry-blogging startup scale.

It's all within reach, on your mobile device: here; the pursuits of a web app development scrum pigeons-establishment of greater Los Angeles, at blog, hosted by Google Domains on Android.

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