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Thursday, January 16

Personal updates as of: the web and technology (and some just personal).

Apple Maps’ Look Around feature has landed in Los Angeles, and it works beautifully.

The similarity of the Apple Maps feature to Google’s Street View is fairly succinct. I’d say that they’re about equal. Here’s a look at the outside of my home, via the Apple Maps app.

I’m in favor of supporting Apple Maps, and Apple Development efforts, in general, so this was a pleasing feature to see come to light, and I’m sure it will bode well with newer iOS and iPadOS users (perhaps watchOS as well). 

CapitalOne provides great deals (comparatively) after establishing credit with ‘credit builder’ credit cards, (and the credit building happened quickly!). 

I commonly check my credit on Recently, I applied for credit with, an online retailer of multitudes of goods. Somewhat a drop-shipper, and I applied for a credit card with First Premier Bank. I was approved for $300 and $500, respectively. Since then, I purchased my 2019 model 7th generation iPad 128 GB device on the First Premier credit card. I made the first month’s payment on the card, and now my credit scores have increased. 

This time around, when I logged in, I was offered a CapitalOne credit card. The backdrop to this was that I opened a CapitalOne 360 Savings account, which I was approved for. (I was declined for a checking account).

After I signed up and was approved for a CapitalOne 360 Performance Savings account, I went on to and signed up for the CapitalOne Platinum credit card. I was approved for $300 in credit. 

I’m not really worried about the APR. I’m much better at managing my finances, now that I’m Moore grown up. Back in my early adult ages, credit was a thing of much maniacal behavior and impulsive decisions. Now, I have bigger and better things to look forward to in life, such as an iPad Air.

My Nicotiana tabacum seedlings have sprouted. Hooray for a mild and early spring in South Los Angeles!

I’ve moved out of my old apartment, the nuclear watershed. It was getting gruesome with all of the cockroaches in there. I tried sprouting some seedlings back then, and the bugs always managed to sneak in and eat them, or the seeds just wouldn’t sprout, as I tried to sprout them, indoors. Here, I have a small space in the back of the driveway, and there’s a natural progression of daytime and night. The nights do get cold, but I figure that the Nicotiana plant is a a vari-some plant - it grows in tropical climates, such as Cuba, and it forges through the cold winters, and it sprouts in the later spring seasons of places such as New England. I’ll be glad to s see these young several varietals in to their leafing and flowering stages, and hopefully, after a series of hot months in the late spring, I’ll be set about in curing these plants for cigarette and cigar tobacco production, or maybe I’ll experimement with snuff tobacco manufacturing. 

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