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Sunday, June 7

Clouds on \Tilt: the mysteries of « beneath the jetstream » [photoblog]

This is clouds on tilt.

These are clouds on tilt.

This is standard marine layer, with the morning summer sun, overhead, to the east, of the off-shore South Bay inland and San Gabriel Valley regions. 

The mysteries of the shortwave radio frequency bandlengths of government-issued private bands, proprietary bands, and public bands of the broadcasting and radio wavelengths bandwidths sometimes feature what seems to be unnaturally-developed cloudSphere, in the day and age of that the surveillance state is long bygone of the marvels and wonderment of the youth culture, here in America. 

Conceivably, under a high-energetic ionosphere sector of sky space, such as the jetstream of landing-staging of planes that are headed for Los Angeles International Airport, otherwise known as LAX, amidst what establishes itself over Air Traffic Control messaging, of the usable radio frequency broadcast bandwidths, the crisis response apparatus, of the remote-sensing and emergency broadcast systems are relentless features of human perceptual experience, devices present, for augmenting the transmitted signals, or not. 

A sober-minded person, here, of a generally organic basis of placement in society, being conceivably generally "good" and law-abiding in nature, is perhaps commonly privy to establishments of outlier identities having been driven to psychosis, whether autonomously, or by design, given the signal-to-noise ratio of becoming cognizant of that actual intervention measures, of the atténding law enforcement and surveillance intelligence partiments, of dispatch measures, have taken to estabishing recognizance and awareness on the ground, in whatever delineation of quadrants of shortwave frequency bandwidth, of the locales, given that the budget and personnel constraints are suitably met. 

Here, I was recalling, and personally attending to: some antisocial personality flare-ups of some unfriendly developments, both at home, and that which may have been seeking to follow me home; parallel by the vile parasitic onslaught that is apparently clothing-scabies; of which I've been largely staying on top of, in dominating the invasive species. (I thought that they were originally ticks, but a doctor suggested that they are, in fact, scabies. 

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