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Monday, October 21 blog: Custom Search Engine - made with... blog: Custom Search Engine - made with...: My custom search engine happens to get great hits on latest-published articles, from a variety of news and industry resources.  Here a... Custom Search Engine - made with Google - an inquiry into recent tracking.

My custom search engine happens to get great hits on latest-published articles, from a variety of news and industry resources. 

Here are some of my findings on the tracking that's been going on, in addition to, and as correlated with (perhaps) the wildfires that have been going on in Los Angeles and in the San Fernando Valley.

Here, from

Los Angeles fire officials have determined the destructive Saddle Ridge Fire began beneath a high-voltage transmission tower owned by Southern California Edison. (Associated Press)

California’s war against climate change in a new way: by producing lithium, a key ingredient in batteries that power electric cars and store solar power for use after dark.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Officials were trying to determine Wednesday if a 4.5 magnitude earthquake triggered an explosion at a fuel storage facility in the San Francisco Bay Area that started a fire and kept thousands of people in their homes for hours because of potentially unhealthy air.

Tuesday, October 15

An ad hoc public social work service providership offering for establishing and verifying homelessness identity and basis for future housing placements.

It struck me, as an imposition of a potential problem (that people might have about me - here, and there; and continuing on in to the future, if I failed to address it): that some individuals whom I come across, or whom I envision in my “envisagé” mind, yet rarely speak to - might (or do) have an existential crisis about them, imposed on to me, as that I am housed in my Section 8 apartment, while they are not currently receiving services. 

I’ve addressed these, and various surrounding exigent circumstances, and calls-to-action, in an offering of an ad hoc public social work and housing / homelessness status identity verification and needs-validation endpoint communications entity, as it had not gone stated in words, on my part, any time recently; so I made a Google My Business post on it, for individuals who might come across my Google My Business listing on Google, via Google Maps, or by Search discovery.

Monday, October 14

A successful weekend for my content-valuation in my Google AdSense Account.

Today, I checked my Blogger and Adsense stats, and I found some promising new data spikes in my advertising revenue.

As you can see, from my Google Analytics account data for the past week, I had some notable increase in my revenue, which had largely gone flat, in reporting, whereas I had received one bidder-basis click-through, on one of the ads featured in my blog, which I received $1.89 for. Woo-hoo! A moment for celebrating. 

You’ll see that the Google Analytics report data features rich and detailed data graphs for taking in some of the time-span recorded metrics of a site’s ad revenue performance, over time, as well as user data metrics. These graphs are not nearly all of the reportable metrics available on Google Analytics. 

I’m excited to keep updating the content tracking metrics and ad marketing offers that I have available to myself, through Google’s Marketing Platform for Content Publishers, of which they offer a generous share of the earned revenue, in my case. You’ll see that my graphed data-metrics reports, although humble in these formative stages of blog content development on, to envision a viable content publication platform, in future years, as the readership grows, and as loyal readers return to the blog (hopefully clicking on ads more often), it is an optimistic thing to see just one valuation ad-click metic in the context of the graphs that are available for webmaster site analysis. 

Back to feeding the pigeons.

The flock underneath the Manchester at Harbor Freeway (110) overpass is doing really well, with some newcomers to the roost, and a cute baby being watched over by its parents. 

Saturday, October 12

After hearing an account of how my mother is being abused by men, back home, I do a night on mobile; vast usury inquest style, then I...

... end up okay, somehow, in the end (somewhat; just a bit slight recursively inclusion thing), I mean...


so an image of Natalie Portman somehow comes to me, and I’d had such longing fondness of her, for her beauty, and then - 

... etc. more fan basis of commentary on the link up above, going to my Pinterest account, which I hadn’t really nurtured, for a good long time, yet I’d never... well, just go and visit the link! You’ll see my comment at | on the event.

    ... a good Pinterest scroll-through of pics of her [gorgeous], on a newly re-charged and newly outfitted data plan on my SafeLink California Lifeline account - a great fixie deal at $5.78 plus tax for 4 GB of data being my browsing basis, here in mobile-browsing and home-cleaning world of South Los Angeles... I felt like I ought to blog it. 

and I exit out from my slight excursion from mobile app and web development studies - today it was (topically) - Android development on ARM and Intel platforms; the Codename Zygote Project management basis of Intel’s rich suite of offerings, and the literature - on the Google Play Book Store, a rich and compellingly interesting-enough 501-page look into the small-world, thereof. A real page-turner.

Friday, October 11

How to pick a service provider (or not) for purchasing a new iPhone 11 Pro Max | or a 2019 model iPad (Pro, or other version iPad OS device).

I stopped in to The Grove in the trendy and entertainment-industry luxe and plush young lifestyle Los Angeles locale around Park La Brea and the Miracle Mile Wilshire District and LACMA | Tar Pits. 

The thing that really had me awestruck about the outing was my encounter with the iPhone 11 Pro “Max,” which I hadn’t been aware of, prior to showing up at the Apple Store, in and of itself. It seemed to have slipped my awareness in the course of reveling in news about iPad OS for having purchased a 6th generation iPad ver. 7,5 (2018), myself, last month. 

The difference between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 11 Pro is the screen size; 6.5 in. versus 5.9 with the iPhone 11 Pro. Since I had side-by-side options between the related iPhone models at the table featuring these latest release devices, I checked out the iPhone 11 Pro Max version, just to dream a bit and to check out the much-touted three-component high-end camera-trois view-frame compositing with the new “Pro” model high(er)-resolution display [whereas I had been left (previously) thinking that “Pro” would have been good enough, let alone a Pro Max version - now, an even larger display. 

The functional screen-compositing foray of feature-newish-ness, as for what can be said about the Camera app “quick take” of a user experience inquiry that I had on the device is that it could be likened to the earlier days of the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 days, back in the turn of the millenium, on the PowerPC Mac G5s, of which the $1500 video card upgrade was the top-of-the-line upgrade of the pro-series Apple desktops, back then. The higher-end Quadro FX video cards were well-known for their increased pipeline floating-dot ray-tracing of independent objects, and more resolutely independent disparate object lighting and vector-tracing | shading, such that could be represented by the old fireworks screensaver or benchmarking video card system performance tester apps. The higher end graphics cards rendered the fireworks and the after-effects of the flares burning out, beams of flares shooting out, independently, and as designed, by the fireworks manufacturers, imaginably. Such is the feature benefit seen in the triple camera component of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

While it’s an exciting and compelling tool, undoubtedly; I imagine that finding a sound and rational basis for utilizing the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max version might seem scant, yet the introduction of the ARkit features, as represented by the Reality Composer app, which is a latest release from Apple for iOS and iPad OS devices, securing a user-basis founded on augmented reality, Physical Internet of Things displays and exhibitions (Geo-Info-Spatial | GIS entries), iBeacons (which still have much to be discovered for the casual mobile device user and proximity-marketing outgoing-explorer consumer, having been introduced to the public in Apple’s 2013 WWDC talks).

More and more apps are allowing for world-map entries of augmented reality placements and contributions to an at-large or social-networked set of included participants. 

That being said, it’s a touchy subject to go it as the top-tier buyer-in of a high-end Apple device; I, for one, had formerly been graced with a lease offer from my local Sprint store, yet I’d come to discover that I had ubiquitously strange encounters with strangers, as a backpacking outdoors-regular in my downtown urban metropolitan neighborhood locales and parks. Long story short, I’d been followed by people who were inevitably out for robbing me of my Apple devices, impossible as it is, regardless, to try and crack an owned Apple device, anyhow. 

Later on, with a month-to-month agreement with T-Mobile, I’d found myself somewhat forgetful, (it had seemed), yet also questionable (as it was, by my account, remembered) - there was some questionable basis on that I had paid for my monthly unlimited services, whereas obviously I would - it’s my iPad unlimited data high-speed access account due each month. The lesson from that one is - make sure that the payment occurs in reasonable accommodation to the coming and passing of payments received (monthly, as it were), in order to not get the device (yet again), stolen from me, as that strange people had been interested in me, with an iPad user outdoorsy identity | persona.

AT&T or Verizon? I can’t say, for myself, personally, but my stringent belief is that a significantly large proportion of user basis for these devices is welfare-bound, or some other debacle of user-crisis existentialism founded over the purchase and indulgence in; (of) a high-end Apple mobile user device life-lived client | persona “vertical pipelines” new- (no) “next” era user-base basis. 

If it could be afforded, buy it free and clear from Apple, or from one of the participating retail giants that are competing for those small, hard-earned margins-sales buyers who won’t, or don’t cause problems, or renege their valuation basis. 

I’ll be sure to cover more of the intricate essential elaborate user-lifestyle accomplishments that could be had by adopting an iOS device in to life lived, at hand, in this day and age. 

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