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Tuesday, February 20

I think that I might have seen my former high school years' pastor

this evening. 

I suppose that perhaps I didn't recognize him, but, upon considering him, after I greeted the man who seemed to have overseen some local charity, in town. He had a surprised look about him; perhaps he recognized me, I figure, in hindsight. 

I partook in the night's offerings, a delicious and generous dinner, with dessert. It was just perfect. 

Thursday, April 2

A « learning » diversion from tired news and weather topics - Wikipedia's orthogonal (orthographic) geometry learning branches of knowledge.

For the adult self-starter graphics and design enthusiasts, it would be difficult to imagine a more relevant and topically succinct, not to mention the practical applications recognizance of the features of the postulates and theorems of those found in the writings of Euclid, who composed three volumes of mathematical knowledge which have come to be known, in today's library reference books, as the Elements.

There had been iTunes App Store versions of app-interface transcriptions and accompanying interactive visual representations of his major postulates, but I can't seem to discover Google links for the apps, over the course of a few searches. There are other apps available on the Google Play Store, as well as on Apple's App Store listings, which function as dynamic calculating grapher tools and function formula interfaces for working with Euclid's geometry indices of knowledge, which span and branch out in to topics more (Early) modern-day (period) mathematicians had covered in greater depth, but which, here, with Euclid, as one of the formative classicism composers of such mathematical knowledge foray, covered basic practical applications such as optics, perspective, projections, and transformations. 
Such knowledge inquiry had formerly been a favorite dig,deep in to Wikipedia's knowledge base of articles. To kick off a fork in the road, (perhaps), of people's decision to "nerd out" on a new Wikipedia article binge, as I update this article to highlight some of my favorite developments of theorems and geometric rules and ordinaries of the practice, I'll sponsor a Wikipedia contribution of Jimmy Wales' opening asking offer of a donation of $3.00 per user, since I fairly trust that this dig is somehow compelling enough to drive end-user engagement over on Wikipedia, and for the sake of the fact that donating the $3, in former pledge drives, had somehow seemed tough, and donations had likely not much plowed through to end usereCommerce transactions. I'll commit to fulfilling the donation drive for the amount of article click-throughs over the first 24 hours of the posting of this article (although, in the future, I'll revisit this convention posted here, and, hopefully, as progress and sustainable growth might conceivably allow, over time, I could, perhaps, simply continue on in this original spirit of donating $3.00 per hit on this article (which happens to be somewhat different from a preview link, or, as well, different than simply visiting the blog; assuming that relevance drives the impetus to check out the Wikipedia links and references I'll post here, for a viable-enough click-through user basis, hopefully to inspire a years-to-come memory of a practical look at geometric mathematical writings and history, well enough to return to, as I can return to this to that I've been meabing to cover in the detail and capacity which I ought to be able to carry through with, at this point (... also that I've ended up with more funds in my prepaid debit card account than I particularly plan on needing, and whereas I'd like some basis of financial records, for the sake of having some "stuff" on the books, during the course of establishing just what sort of vehicle and works of merit and transacting might be powered through the endowments and agreements upon ethical and intellectual property, as well as open-source backings of community, and such (not to mention that I run my own PR campaigns in the spirit of self-starter (regressions to the norm; of a high standard of achievement and requitable support, given good faith investments and offering events, which I try to circulate in an about, in the operating dailies of my Enterprise composer management occupation [as founding director of the .institute Top Level Domain entity and associated offshoot-branded concepts - obviously, the work of a good number of great minds and entrepreneurs, of various establishments and fields in, of achievement and of profession, industry, and with me, doing the pidginKit Beacon Ball Carnival Pigeons Pipe Organ Calliope one-off mock-up Enterprise (although that is, to be rational, a most obscure fringe Fringe of development investment hours, and I had originally gestured of that it would be a study and practice in development, given sustainable means, along the way - spanning decades to come (... I, err, uhh... well, ... I guess that's a fair arc of failures and investments of pocket-change amounts of time, for what would involve [seemingly] more physically viable communities of established and visible people, although Bill Gates, in my Facebook News Feed, today, happened to, perhaps - strike a note of co-relevance, of his taper hair cut and glasses intellectual "thing," with altruistic and pro-intellectual (let's get real, on the fuzz-heads lifestyle fwamm going on - I suppose I could donate $3 per hit on this article, for the resource that Wikipedia is, in the course of development of our autonomous intellectual selves, whereas we could, perhaps, be distracted by one more instance of losing face amongst our own distinction of ourselves, lose sight of that we had faltered in looks, or perhaps, had been misunderstood, when it came time to be real, for the "walking the dog" thing; (that buying street drugs had been for me, on many occasions).

It's uncommon enough for date-night topic conversation, at a minimum.


Updates to come on some of the highlights of this Wikipedia search-and-dig collection of favorite geometric and orthographic projections and physics articles, below.

* Typically, at this injunct of intelligence discourse and dissemination of information, via broadcast, over TMZ of greater Civic Center and Metro-rail covered territories of Los Angeles, California, United States of America, the quality threshold of intelligence deliverables had commonly come to pass, of my own (and nameless, countless others) - of a first-off, just right - and then, the information flows off in to unbeknownst expanse and extensible resource and reach, as the Machine Learning operators would have pre-dated, of perhaps, applied theory and established or experimental models, yet with such complexity in the Administrative Language breakout transliterations of my two thumbs, given so many words per thread and sentence, I believe that it stands to be told that it ought to also feel authentic, and that I had establish a short rule of thumb, of that:


In the instance of a knowable and | or known problem occuring, rather than that, yet even as such, in social graces, that "messing up, visually ostensible, or, reasonably, at fault," is where the fixie job tech task management aspect of "um, uhh.. just fixin' stuff," 
Small claims, one might prefer. Yet to have actually simply fixed the problem in a fair enough amount of time - is typically good enough, if the job is the one that was signed up, in agreements for (typically over craigslist); still), since that's pretty standard, of what most people stand to pay,or earn, given a vast spread of talent and opportunity.

I still have scarcely monetized craigslist, except as a sports massage therapist - yet requitable successfully so, albeit, with qualms of depravities that had gone down, in the consensual agreements that underlie professional ethics - versus the tides of pro-homo kink, which I'd just have to dumb-faced, and naive, just turn down, and claim that the guy was too high for me to really take at face value last night. $20 and he wants to blowjob me? Man, I could have have iPigeon'ed him some Euclidean orthographic geometry bwipps, of on Wikipedia, if I had an iPigeonMiniPad, still... 🤨.

I think I maybe knew the guy, but he's become distant; perhaps skinnier than he'd notably been, but maybe he was of of on was on did, that he'd decided was on fuckin', no problem, of an iPigeon bwippin' made tote cart pushing bum-slade, just looking for some extra corner nooks and cranny critter-stage in post-holiday sweater accoutrements, given that it's Fashion Week of DTLA kick-off season, and then it rained, but I'd hoped it wouldn't rain on me, and get me wet, but I was prepared to discuss iPigeon'able standard expectations, but then, who really expects a homo blowjob to come out so good on paper, digital, "whatever." I have a critter post-holiday cutesy sweater, with bwi-bwipps of pigeon-feeding stuff going on, and he would've blown me, at that.

I had, temporarily, though decidedly, assigned my Google My Business professional trade as a Taoist Temple, organized professional trade that it had | has been, historically, whereas that facet of masculinity, amongst disciplined, and agency-stutionaliz'ed cohorts (... something like that - sure me nuít... ).

Man, that would have been a most classically notable diversion, given the remote audio monitoring belief that had been established in me, with elements of obvious distaste, embedded within the folkloric dispersions of the passing of a night, whereas Tom from Radiohead does a classic romantic creep, who gets the beautiful ladies' affections, still, whereas this was no romantic gesture to it, whatsoever, and I was [okay] just hangin' out, in my critter book, with the sweater "look," thing, and I felt that cute stuff ought to reasonably pass, however notably of "just checkin'" stuff might have, upon any occasion, some reason to have turned standard proper English grammar, whereas I'd prefer to not also have been a homo, playing with my iPigeonMiniPad, « supposed to » particularly with no common established mechanism, in a frontiering locale of Pasadena, that it was, and besides, I couldn't possibly understand how that could be desired of between him and also, of inclusive of me, and the martial arts will teach a man, woman, child - suitable flexibility stretching - standard - understanding that he could have done it to himself, ostensibly, mine couldn't have been any more notable than his own.


As of the new month arriving, and me settling in | on my latest months budget, needs, and accommodations of my financial means, it is the case that I'll have to strive to find balance in my daily routine, as well as harmony (somehow), with many strange and seemingly irrelevant contexts being established, whereas my understanding and beliefs threshold capacitance is of a very abnormal (admittedly) sort. 

It's a fairly strange topic - my beliefs threshold. 

Sunday, January 19

Reaping the benefits of the film industry being in town (DTLA)

Being that the film industry is in town,  I've been able to resolve some of my interrent crises of happenstance everyday lifestyle 

Such as:

  • I missed the food bank,  the other day,  on account of exhaustion from hauling a heavy recyclables-laden rolling luggage and,  at that,  challenging myself, on a suggested notion that I ought to jog-it-on-home, to manage my weight and for sustainability in endurance,  to come - in future treks out to DTLA for my daily work needs, of collecting recyclables and feeding the pigeons. I found some great-looking disposed-of food in the alley,  where I had serendipitously been lead to, as well as that it was a piss-alley premonition of that I needed to go pee,  after getting off of the bus (I have kidney issues due to intricate medical complications due to taking Zyprexa ODT Zydis, which is an expensive and well-executed antipsychotic). I usually try to keep good in my civic conscientiousness by peeing in to a bottle, but the exacerbation of my kidneys issue (due to that I'm extra-fond of [due to my medication] and robustly supported by [due to recycling] had been wearing down on my ethically better resolve, as of the past few weeks. Thankfully, I've been getting more rest, and managing my inflammation better,  at the same time. I also procured this new rolling luggage, of an artist's posterboard frame size, out in Echo Park,  which has proven itself to be a fortunate common destination for my recyclables-seeking. It fits inside of my current luggage, good for an emergency on-the-spot backup, in case the wheels on my old bag run ragged. 

  • My Nike AirMax shoes (highly recommended) had run worn and flat.  I sounded like an air cushion when I would walk. Although they were still walking-functional, I feel that my chronic back pain may have been exaggerated by walking them flat. I discovered some good-enough Nike Airs,  as well as a pair of New Balance shoes, also fashionable-athleisure favorites of mine. Although I have the inclination to help dress the homeless as fashionably as I am dressed, for happening upon discarded clothing in charitable Los Angeles districts and locales, I commonly find that many disheveled or otherwise burden-fraught local bums and female-homeless are too conditionally unspeakably-dumb, or acutely neurotic, largely the female homeless,  presumably on account of being pursued and taken by the notion of free intoxication of bum-fare, and obviously smoking it,  at that. One of them, whom I had been taken by,  significantly,  because of the fact that she offered me a vent Starbucks, while she was reading the Bible (with the chapters of Jewish influence added to them - the silver edition), was friendly to me,  the next time I saw her. Now, she speaks in jibberish tongues [apparently Hijri-mockup dialectical pidgin-petit a'd hoc-ism], which is unfortunate, obviously. She's been of this habit since I once offended her by showing up too commonly where she typically hangs out. It could have been so different between us - now it's barriers of [according to her] Hijri-linguistics mock-up jokes between us, even though I legitimately show up at the park, as a bum. 

  • My daily meals and food distribution efforts for the needy who hadn't been as outrigger trekker as I had been, about town,  we're exacerbated by missing the food bank this week.  I fortunately found a pizza and an Italian plate today,  still warm. They also let me sack through their dumpsters and private-party trash cans, without any down-on-bums drama about the disparity looks of a grown-man-(boyish-looks) dumpster-diver amongst them - film industry working types. 

Wednesday, December 4

A man from South Africa told me I had good energy about me, as I was bangin’ Taylor Swift in DTLA.

Then he began talking about how I seemed spiritually well, which I would concede, after I gave a momentous talk on Scientological virtues in this day and age, where many young people have taken on significant ego arbitrariness in their disposition, in the throes of youthful angst and existential crisis, amidst criticism.

The point was that there’s always someone in charge of this technology, at hand, in which we are acquisitioned in (or, in that some ‘choose’ to) speaking out to make our point in this world of magnanimous proportions; although, at times, the proportions might seem to have bent, and in that, we become momentarily larger and more significant than we typically are, as physiognomical entities, as individuals.

All of this had played out over my Herculean task of making it out to mid-Wilshire, where I attempted to head out over to my former childhood credit union branch to open a new account. That didn’t pan out, so I sat out in a lovely nook park, where the locals frequent, for taking their children out, etc. it’s a truly lovely park.

By the way, check out my current view | perspective! A lovely post-rainy day spot to blog it out on a bench in Grand Park, 90012, next to the Children’s Playground.

A vista of beauty, here in the civic center of Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Anyhow, this whole Taylor Swift - hits - driven good mood has truly done me well. I definitely recommend grabbing an Apple Music subscription and checking out her latest. These songs nearly move me to tears, with their great compositional nuance, performance, and orchestration.


The man who had spoken to me, earlier this afternoon (although it’s now dusk), had wrangled me in to a slight debacle of holiday cheer and charitability, which I’d been careful to try to be fair and even-handed in, in coming out to distribute clothing and food to the needy, in addition to my daily pursuit of blogging and making sure that the pigeons stay fed out here. The difficulty that he had posed unto me was that he was a spiritually-riven man, as well, and he was seeking some financial kindness, perhaps (and that he perhaps saw me as dressed as luxuriant, such that I had portrayed good spiritual energy). He was trying to make it out to San Diego, with no money, with diabetes, no money for a meal, etc. 

Then he asked me what I thought about Donald Trump. He had said, earlier on in our acquaintanceship, that he fancied that I was a better man than Donald Trump. I told him that I felt like Donald Trump is a good man, from what I know about him. (I am, admittedly, a fan of our current President of the United States of America). He commonly gets a hard time about his position and disposition in life, from locals I come across on social media. It was a bit worrisome at this point, that I had encountered this man, as an off-handed opposer of one of my affinities for our public and popular culture | elected political figures. President Trump was simply, at the outset, a well-known and well-trusted and established man in the consideration of our Hollywood | Los Angeles, CA television screen output and upbringing, if it may, such that it be so - that many of us were brought up on some of his network television programming, in former years. 

And then,

He asked me what I had though about Adolf Hitler. A contentious topic. My take on the man is a very personal one, although I had never ventured to study his life and writings, at this point in my life. As a corollary, this theme of contentious figures happen(s[-ed]) to also correspond to Taylor Swift, who is colloquially fashioned as a contemporaneous Lady Hitler. I told him that I had a perhaps strange and uncommon disposition on the figurative Hitler that I could have, perhaps commented on. Perhaps not, though; I feel. (I was an MKULTRA ad hoc acquisition of a couple of weeks, or so, of that I was made to conceive, and live out - the existential corpus of a dictataphone-derived mad man of, in that he was commonly conceived, and derived, of our millennial upbringing, to be a histrionic and narcissistic dictator, in and of himself; although [short story], I ended up coming to see him as an internally and solitarily divergent victim, in that he was, as well, a subject of targeting of programs and intelligence technology that had preceded MKULTRA mind control. 

Although the man was fair enough, in asking me for generosity, I failed him, apologetically. I told him that I’m quite poor, myself. I do truly feel poorly about letting him down, since I do have $5. 

Hmmph 😳. I suppose that that’s what I can say about the situation. I’ll try to make it up in my coming outings to civic center DTLA.

I don’t quite feel as somber and sadly serious as this current photo might portray of me. Here’s a mirror shot.

My Taylor Swift positivity outfit look.

Thursday, May 30

Last night's haul - some clothes, some recyclables, and a bunch of Jumbo Jacks.

A slight iPigeon clothing haul-stack, from the USC / Harbor Transitway underpass 

Last night I found lots of Jumbo Jack burgers with fries. I figure it'll be good for the pigeons :)

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