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Saturday, October 12

After hearing an account of how my mother is being abused by men, back home, I do a night on mobile; vast usury inquest style, then I...

... end up okay, somehow, in the end (somewhat; just a bit slight recursively inclusion thing), I mean...


so an image of Natalie Portman somehow comes to me, and I’d had such longing fondness of her, for her beauty, and then - 

... etc. more fan basis of commentary on the link up above, going to my Pinterest account, which I hadn’t really nurtured, for a good long time, yet I’d never... well, just go and visit the link! You’ll see my comment at | on the event.

    ... a good Pinterest scroll-through of pics of her [gorgeous], on a newly re-charged and newly outfitted data plan on my SafeLink California Lifeline account - a great fixie deal at $5.78 plus tax for 4 GB of data being my browsing basis, here in mobile-browsing and home-cleaning world of South Los Angeles... I felt like I ought to blog it. 

and I exit out from my slight excursion from mobile app and web development studies - today it was (topically) - Android development on ARM and Intel platforms; the Codename Zygote Project management basis of Intel’s rich suite of offerings, and the literature - on the Google Play Book Store, a rich and compellingly interesting-enough 501-page look into the small-world, thereof. A real page-turner.

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