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Friday, January 29

What's the Most Effective Cure for a Sore Neck? Whole Foods Market Liquid Iodine (With Kelp). [Product Review].

It's a quite simple solution. Being a chronic sufferer of neck pain, I became aware of the condition as it's known and described, in other terms: put simply, it is inflammation; in scientific terms, it is acute radiation damage. From the secret-agent spy and subsequent radioactive poisoning news article inclusions in to the popular news media, every now and then, I casually became aware of potassium iodide as the consumer-level solution to the problem. Consumer-level, yet best-practices and best available solution, despite curious inquiries (of a secret agent sort of intelligence dig) that we might be inclined to pursue. Just buy it, from Whole Foods Market. It's $8.49, in January 2021, and a slight squeeze of the dropper, in the mouth, as well as a slight squeeze of the dropper, applied topically, will have dramatic curative and restorative healing effected in the neck, and within minutes later, particularly after moving around and working up the heart rate, and a quick sweat, the healing will spread to other parts of the body that had been pained with inflammation. 

Thursday, November 26

Product Review: Trace Minerals Research Ionic Calcium 200 mg 2 fl. oz.

I commonly use ionic trace minerals for nutrition supplementation, as well as for experimentation with my biological projects (now on Now, since I’ve been receiving Unemployment Insurance payments and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award money from the California Employment Development Department, I’ve been fortunate to be able to venture out beyond the general concentrated Utah Great Salt Lake sea water solutions, by Trace Minerals Research, and I’ve expanded my inquiry and experimentations in cellular regeneration, nerve, blood, and bone health, in to their single-element concentrates. 

In my latest epiphany, from Trace Minerals Research’s product line, I purchased two bottles of ionic calcium; one for me, and one for extra experimentation in to my algae project that I’m documenting and developing upon, over in my new blog. I had a highly beneficial rejuvenating experience, after ingesting some of my algae-and-ionic-mineral concentrates water solution, after sleeping, upon waking up, the next morning. I decided to start a blog about it, and it’s called, forming from out of the brand, of my original pigeons blog. 

Every now and then, since late July, it’s been, I’ve gotten a well-with-all Umemployment Insurance and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award boon to my finances. It’s good money, coming from receiving General Relief ($221) and SNAP Food Stamps ($194) for years on end, now, leading up to this year, as my only source of income, aside from collecting recyclables for CA redemption money. The guys at the recycling places know me by name. It’s a friendly little establishment of reasonable gains, given adverse circumstances. If I collect glass bottles, as well, I consider it good work ethic. For that matter, I’ve gained 15 pounds, since I’ve come in to this extra Employment Development Department money, perhaps akin to the college “freshman 15,” as I reconcile the new-found luxuries and accountability inherent in receiving the Unemployment Insurance money, paying payroll tax, filing sales and use tax, and submitting quarterly personal income tax returns.

Getting ahead on my personal physical health endowment aspirations is something that I’m investing deeply upon in this span of time (the Unemployment Insurance money and COVID-19 pandemic era of 2020), and my latest favorite ionic mineral single-element concentrate is Trace Minerals Research Ionic Calcium. I’ve been fortunate to experience that with even as little as 4 droppers, I have noticed that my thinning teeth, from formerly smoking hard drugs, is winnowing its way back, in to thickening of the teeth, even after only a few days in, after sampling the product. As you can see, the dosage, of which there are about 48, in the bottle, supplies 200mg (15%) of Calcium, from calcium chloride; not even a full 100% FDA recommended amount of calcium; yet, for damaged teeth, just a single-day’s supplementation of 4 droppers produced a notably palpable effect upon the thickness of the edge of my front teeth. 

I purchased the ionic calcium from There are several suppliers and dealers who sell the product, at comparable, or competitive prices. 


Tuesday, October 20

I’d been big in to trying to get my IoT development platform up and running, lately. Lots of expenses.

 Thanks to the California Employment Development Department, 

I’d been fortunate in having been a recipient of Unemployment Insurance money and Pandemic and Disaster Award Money, for having been affected directly by the COVID-19 disaster. My latest procurement is the Apple Watch. I’m interested in its platform basis in that it’s marketed as a tool for communications, but more so compellingly, for me, at this point in time, of that it’s an Apple device that’s concerned with the users’ health and well-being. 

And then, if you’d ever been in to working aspirations in to developing on IoT devices (bare chip boards, with embedded circuitry and processing microcontrollers), then you know how the nights on end can be relentless endeavors of discovering and perusing internet literature and forums for a glimmer of hope, short of being reportedly well-dialed in and having successfully SSH’d or provisioned the hardware and accessories appropriately, attained a fully autonomous Internet of Things microcontroller project, co-processor project, Machine Learning, prototype, or embedded device. 

My current “Things” are a mix mash of trying to maintain finery, amidst the shortcomings of small enterprise, in a world of just-burgeoning documentation, coverage, and marketing of a platform-profiteering move in and on topic of the Google Coral platform, which is the current IoT | AIY platform that I’m (trying) to successfully get up and running. I’d been covering it on Twitter. It’s been a whole lot of splotch bum asides and subsequent coming-clean, of that 

okay, I fwushuthuthuthuthgghhh:

I fwopped it.

In fact, I flopped it so bwamm, that I ended up landing on the first page of Google Search for Google Fwopp:

Here’s how I’ve been getting by:

That’s pretty much that, as far as daily nutritional intake and self care. 

And then, 

I’m working on this orthogonal counter-ingress and directionality assertiveness motive of in-home aesthetics and a bit of complement to the great outdoors, of which this locality features the much of on greatness: the jet stream, which, as for the ionic mineral concentrates that I have, purportedly mills the ions and organum matter of the witting participants of such, as well as that of the gross polluters of the nearby and surrounding ecology of the area. I try to clean up some of the mess, sometimes, as per my charity arm of my enterprise in blogging, at

Just a quick check in, for keeping up with something on here, for posterity’s sake. I’ll try to check in with something more compelling and pleasant soon. 

Thursday, September 27 tenets in action: identifying Lyme Disease outbreak sites around localized areas of a metropolitan area and detoxifying them at the root of the issue with ConcenTrace ® from Trace Minerals Research and with Aura Cacia Texas Cedarwood essential oil

With my arm looking like this:

after picking up a sweater off of the ground and becoming itchy over the course of several days, I knew beyond most common doubts that I was hosting a parasitic tick. Thankfully, I had the aforementioned natural cures of liquid ionic minerals by ConcenTrace and Aura Cacia's Texas Cedarwood essential oil, both purchased from Whole Foods Market in El Segundo, California.

That being said, I investigated my sweater sleeve, as the bites and rashes were solely on one arm, and lo and behold, I found a single adult tick inside of the cold or the cut of the sweater sleeve, a common place for ticks to hide.

Many of us had grown up and lived lives as dog owners, as Southern Californians, as far as being familiar with parasitic infestations as far as common fleas are concerned. 

But how common are tick infestations?

According to a recent news article publication slew of topic output from major news outlets:

it's potentially an uptick in relevant threat delineation via news article publication as of this May to take note of. More commonly, though, is any former sufferer of a slight to severe onset of tick infestations in their own lives being constantly sensitive to a notion that the debilitating disease of parasitic infestation; with ticks and Lyme Disease seeming to be a multiply-debiliating disease bearer in Lyme Disease in that thete seems to be a concomitant threat of along-side itching: a common neurological deficit in seeming to be capably set about a reasonable task: (the one hosting the parasite), in that ticks and Lyme Disease seem to strike where poverty and hard drug abuse live, as delimiting factors, at least from my own experience, and from casual encounters with other sufferers of an onset of Lyme Disease.

That being said,

My task of the day for one of my .institute tenets of formalism in finery assertiveness is that I constantly go out on a trek, out on foot, and identity, first-hand, where some of the common threats concomitant alongside poverty and drug abuse: the lesser-seeming threat of onset Lyme Disease and parasitic infestation of an unwitting host: might be found and hereby detoxify: 😉 [my job: the site of toxicity upon predicate dumping, upon several to many times over] a walk-over location of notable carrying-away acute disease onset of a rash; 

presumedly, the acute rash characteristic of some disease bearing site:bearing disease [somewhat:notion]

The disease could become worse, I'd not treated well, within a reasonable onset of time with such natural cures as I've got in my possession under retail purchase: it's all legit and paid for, no unfinery, unbecoming of a .institute domain website purchase and Blogger publication basis, which serves my media outlet publication resource aspirations unto my own willingness and capability well: (I do get top search engine hit stats of my latest publications: pretty impressive, for my own sake 😘).

I'll follow up later on today with more.


A typical day upon arriving in to Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

A soiled flooded gutter; easily a place where mosquitoes could thrive, yet with ionic liquid mineral treatment; I can personally attest to the fact that if parasites burgeon forth from this pool of liquid, they will be patently less offensive than standard mosquitoes.

A common urination and feces spot, and a simple detoxification treatment.

Here's the significant problem spot I identified one recent early morning when traveling through the area: a couple of gutters that don't see quite so often full-on cleaning; a particular problem in that a lady was attempting to sweep up the trash in the gutter, which was flooded as well, at the time. I became itchy on one spot on my leg after encountering this incident, thus inspiring my goal to detoxify this area in several spots with ionic liquid minerals and essential oils.

Thanks, Chinatown, DTLA Starbucks for helping me haul up the last two of these videos. 

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