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Friday, January 10

Adobe is still offering discounted rates (January 10th, 2020) on their subscriptions.

Many of my readers would have known me from my old pirating days as a cracked software installation specialist on craigslist.

Since that time, I've been through a gauntlet of many forms of mistreatment through Scientology; I suppose, all in all, somewhat well-deserved. As the years have gone past, the voices and the punishments have subsided; in particular, as of late, some corollary bitsies of stalking from former peers has also subsided. A fortunate segway in to a path towards a new lifestyle - establishing my enterprise on completely ethically-founded and funded merits.

I had planned to get the Adobe Creative Cloud and several of Adobe's apps, from their Creative Cloud Suite, about a week ago, when I was working on my iMessages's Pigeons of Lé Lycée Français Pigeon Stickers app for the Apple iTunes App Store. I had to cancel my 7 day free trial before I received my iPad - my formative and fundamental tool for illustration design. (I'm still waiting on it to be processed at a local Target store). Despite this, I saw an offer, as I was cancelling my subscription, for the Creative Cloud Suite for $29.99 per month - a good discount from their annual monthly paid plan of $52.99 per month. This morning, I called Adobe Customer Service +1 (800) 585-0774. It was early in the morning, before 6 a.m. The customer care representative offered me an even better discount than the website offered - $19.99. I was elated to get such a generous discount under their education plan. In addition, he offered me a good faith gesture of 3 free months of subscription after the first month. All in all, an awesome deal.

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