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Wednesday, August 29

Yesterday's quick roundup of tried-and-true tobacco curing tips and as-of-yet [I've not tried them] notable suggestions for a finer cured tobacco (post-retail, loose leaf, etc.)

Pictured is the tiny batch Gucci container I used to make an aside special try about for my first quick minutes oven aromatics oxalic acids fibrous juicer leftovers: confīte, atop hand-mashed [a bit] grapefruit quarters, reasonably well-medium fine balsamic vinegar in glass; there was cheese, perhaps, in a wetted sock (dirty, worn), some fragrant lip balm, better than petrolatum-based (on the organic side), a noteworthy tone-bearing plastic trinket (beacon, for slight transmission of a theoretical slight amplification of sound and particle wavelengths within a bellows box iOS device box confīte, topped with some slight brown sugar, plain brown sugar.

The Gucci box selection was wrapped with Farmer John's standard 8 pack breakfast sausage wrapper, unwashed. It was an attractive confīte box with my small box AirPods trash find containing the main tobacco store to be infused with the aromatics vinegar oxalic acids sugar confīte, and I had a fine cigar, smoked well enough to be rich, by this time, included in the box. I believe I put some allergy medicine in there; Claritin, for some unknown and fanciful belief of that it would impart a hypoallergenic or perhaps something somewhat useful chemistry BAM! about the reaction. There was pigein guano either inside or outside the box, perhaps in a custard dish ceramic thing, probably moist, or maybe not.

I closed the confīte box and turned the oven on, about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and I used the restroom, or something like that.

[Did I blow meth smoke into it?] This would have been long into the time in which I had swore off smoking meth, but it may have been that literal bit of a set of days for a week, and then no more again, and I broke the glass pipe. I suppose that event happened twice, perhaps over a couple of weeks. Relevant? Hopefully not, I don't encourage smoking meth:definitely, and in general, it's a problem presentable as for a person who uses, of any sort.

Try it without any meth invokved, but for features' sake, it may have happened like that, for this batch. It was enjoyable consumed tobacco.

Within that somewhat reading span of length of time, the oven had a notable presence into the main living room where I was, and it would be so weird if it ventured through the walls and the neighbors could feel it also, so I rushed over and removed the box, placed it under and within a cashmere sweater, [is the cashmere thing truly radiation ionic blam! Insulating the blam! instead? I would say yes, but I have a thing for cashmere sweaters and sweating it out, or staying warm, and it does have a particular sort of insular characteristic. Perhaps ... I dunno. Maybe wool would work, but definitely cashmere.

It looked nice enough to eat: the grapefruit balsamic sweet beets confīte array, but I was [for sure] definitely on meth, to speak of, at all, at the time, and the near blam! expansiveness was an exciting moment. I felt like the tobacco must be infused with so much pigeon trinket sidewalk searching finesse, and some Françoise considerable distinction about it. It didn't disappoint, and the Gucci box portion was particularly resinous and rich, with a slight bit of pork sausage flavor about it.

I had, aside from this, also [prior to everything, first of all], had a popped open coconut of some sort, perhaps something, but it definitely was somewhat going to vinegar-alcohol-ish fermentation at this point, in the same kitchen. Were the coconut electrolytes of the coconut water and fat fermentation thing something... Like I had done something with it prior to that? I dunno. Maybe I just opened it and left it out, and it started going to vinegar.

I cooked French onion soup some time recently prior to this, maybe the night before. There was rotting food in the kitchen.

The suggestions for moving forward, beyond whats been established:

Milk chocolate somewhat characteristic impart to the tobacco, for a less fiery burn.

There was something else, perhaps...

Aside from that, I have less experimental and eccentric air-cured process ionic mineral arrête sort of transhydraulysis stuff, maybe the chocolate concept would be okay cooked in, or sprayed on, or something, and stuff with extracted oils and toying with the adsorbent nature of doing something [somehow], but I'll read up on it at that time. I've been collecting cardboard long tube "flues," and I definitely can't run a smoke house in here, it's a studio apartment, plus I don't smoke inside [nearly always].

People along my walking path have been generous with leaving out tobacco of cigarillo packets, and I tend to desire cigarettes less.

The main concept of the post-retail confīte oven curing thing:

Was that the fine cigar, once smoked down, would impart, and perhaps ad hoc fluff up, and via the aromatics confīte:given the vacuum bellows box concept: suck in the mineral solids of the pigeon guano aside and fluff up a quick oven up fluff of some concept of a tobacco bale curing ammonia somewhat concept, at least just maybe somewhat ammonia something, and then something about the arrangement and suction or moistness, and the tone bearing trinket thing was supposed to easily enough, end up perhaps [maybe not easily, but I thought it might] simply bam up some unscraped nicotine out of what was of the confīte box and tobacco in it, well enough to make it better tobacco.

It was really good tobacco, actually :)

Saturday, July 7

A truly iPigeon Favorite: caramelized candied French Onion Soup

I've made it a common destination for my new apartment home cooking nights to do the classic French dish: French Onion Soup, to the nines. It's simple enough for the making; and it suits practically all conceivable tastebuds to come.

The general context is that making French onion soup is somewhat similar to making burnt onion soup, but you'll be disappointed if you don't baby the process and look over the creation of this luxe delicacy.

The ingredients:

Red Onions
Balsamic Vinegar

White Pepper (ground)

Mozzarella Cheese

First skin and chop the onions into perhaps 1 inch or so squares. The onions are going to be the meat of the meal, so they shouldn't be chopped too small. Given that the dish is squarely onions, and therefore a vegetarian dish, it's slightly deceptive in how rich and filling the soup actually turns out to be, once it's done. The caramelization process puts a lot of heat through the onions, and the process of cooking them properly is a labor of love. You'll need to steam the onions, saute them, stir them, and lightly burnish them with the caramelized balsamic vinegar, all things at once. Don't leave the pot or pan sitting by itself for very long, and you can vary the temperature within reason; we're cooking with butter, so remember, don't turn the heat up to high at all, or for very long, if at all.

You'll definitely know when you've got caramelized French onions for soup in your pot. Feel free to taste the onions as you go so as to see just how candied and caramelized they are; surely the rich aromas of the cooking utensils have aroused your taste buds and stirred your belly into hungry mode. It will take perhaps 45 minutes to an hour to properly caramelize onions. It's worthwhile to use perhaps 5 onions to start, and to have several bowls of French onion soup at your disposal. The onions do well, also, in chili and beans. I like them by  themselves, somewhat as candy, as well. They're a versatile treat.

Traditional French onion soup is served with bread, butter, and cheese atop the bowl of soup; it's a rich and flavorful treat that delights the senses. I used bread and butter with cheese, aside, by the slice, for dipping, in this instance. Just as well. Don't forget the seasonings! Throw them in in the last minutes of cooking so that they're not used up by the time the dish gets served.

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