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Sunday, August 12

A short summer walk's recyclables jaunt pulls in some impressive guano aside and discarded tobacco. [Photos]

I came across a freeway underpass with a particularly rich abundance of pigeon guano,

So I collected it, upon considering that I might otherwise neglect it and it could possibly be cleaned up before I come back to it.

I found several dumps of cheap cigar tobacco and a bone-dry pigeon corpse. I found the corpse compelling for creating and developing towards a future Kunstkamera Museum, perhaps, of pigeon-lore.

I also found a nice 4-tier stacker table to later organize my coconut guano air-curing receptacles with the aim of establishing a special variety Nicotiana tabacum varietal, later on this year, or next planting season.

The guano haul weighs about 10-15 pounds. It's a particularly biologically active, vile mess of guano and fluff, right from underneath a freeway overpass, and I would swear that the disease organisms are ready to infest any living creatures nearby. I'm fortifying with ionic minerals and antibiotics; me and the pigeons. I'm considering perhaps putting the materials through a slow roast right away to kill any living creatures and their eggs.

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