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Tuesday, December 31

A blowout great year for my Google Domains Blogger page, and a quick look forward to the new year.

December 31, 2019

A quick overview of my year, here on, on Google Blogger, and looking forward, as it's New Year's Eve, today, in sunny Los Angeles, CA, USA.
It's been a graciously fortunate year,  and a growth-driven looking forward to future readership interactions and perhaps monetization of my Google Blogger and Google Domains sites,  with being the main publication site.  

This month has shown itself to have been my strongest month yet,  readership-wise. I feel like I've perhaps broken in to a new demographic for having placed a calculated marketing effort on craigslist, one week.  craigslist still proves to be a powerful medium for establishing localizable and targeted marketing promotions efforts. 

A look at the yearly readership stats.  I'm excited to see readership showing strong upward momentum on my publishing efforts.  Thank you,  everyone who's read,  commented,  and contributed in one way or another, to my blogging!

    What will I be doing for this New Year's? Probably nothing much,  aside from collecting recyclables,  heading through Echo Park,  maybe look at the light installment at Grand Park,  DTLA (there is a well-attended New Year's Eve party at Grand Park, traditionally).

    ... 🤔 say hi to familiar faces (hopefully). I did come across one of my Facebook friends earlier,  on Skid Row. He'd been wanting to hang out. A fortunate sign; this serendipitous chance interaction.  

    I'm excited for this upcoming month's expense budget and devices list update of a new 2019 iPad,

    Indianapolis. Current location of my 128 GB Gold iPad (7th Generation) 2019 version. Slated to arrive in-store on the 8th of January. Hooray! Design| work in style,  with plenty of storage. [I couldn't quite afford the iPad Air 3, latest model,  with my credit card program fees,  with First Premier Bank] ($49 program fee and $125 annual card fee for the first year). (They are offering me a total of $500 credit,  though,  and it's nice to have a credit card).

    a couple of small credit accounts, and a new home at a place just up and around the corner from my apartment and first site of (that location is hereby closed).

    The new place offers food - a much welcome and appreciated amenity.  I've established some good face-to-face friends with the local RV  (recreational vehicle) parkers, nearby the local "pit."

    Here's some photos of the local pit - for locals. 

    Friday, December 27

    ... and Now - a fading-back in to the sky [perspective], of a macro formative sort. A photoblog.

    I discovered this curiosity of constellation via my visited locations on Google Maps, just today. I found it to be highly reminiscent of my top hat pigeon "about town." I'm offering some slight markup to prove the point.

    Here, from a distance, I can plainly see the formative bust of a pigeon wearing a top hat.
    With some messy mouse-in-hand markup, I've made out the shape of the constellation I see.

    My original psychological imprint of the phenomenon.

    What do you think? Did I do this to myself? or are smarter forces than I doing it to me?

    Today I fed the freeway pigeons corn dogs. The baby pigeons went wild for it.

    Thursday, December 26

    On Boxing Day (December 26th), a gracious several findings of the streets, have I.

    Boxing Day,  although a Canadian Tradition, turns out to be a fortunate time to hit the streets for some dive-finds. 

    Today,  I found a nice and new goose down pillow, 

    A nice thin hoodie | sweats | gloves combo, 

     and a small box of batch-made chocolates from The Monastery of the Angels,  in Los Angeles. 

    It was a good day for collecting recyclables,  as southern California has been experiencing some extreme weather conditions, partly due to nature,  yet curiously enough,  last week's nuclear waste disposal in to the ocean by the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant seemed to have caused an ionic wind,  here in Los Angeles (at least,  I felt that it was correlative, from my perceptive disposition,  on the day that the news came out about it). It's been particularly cold, with some of the days being mild, yet I don't go outside, lately,  without wearing at least 2 sweater layers,  and typically 4 layers,  with thermal underwear long johns underneath.  

    All in all,  it was a good day. Thanks,  everyone who contributed,  I'll make sure to redistribute some of the finds I found once I can get them in to the washer and dryer.  

    A look at the route I took through Echo Park,  Silverlake, and DTLA. 

    Friday, December 20

    For frustrated developers-would-be(s), the definitive Linux and UNIX (macOS) package management and installation toolset for source code files.

    This is super important. 

    For many people entering in to the development foray on mobile devices (largely); these are imaginably novices (admittedly) in developing their interests and skills in running and managing a Linux distro on meager resources (although time-scaled duplicity and miniaturization [nano] has produced a leaner showing of some breadwinners of iPigeons tech food diet intake, and two of these operating system and integrated development environment platforms stand at the forefront of popularity and adopt-ed-ness amongst those developing within the aforementioned constraints. 

    The first is Alpine Linux,  which (incidentally) also effluently capitulates and encapsulates the second,  which is Debian.  

    In essence,  (however), the truth of the matter is that even our own devices (excluding older Microsoft Windows releases, and mobile cellular device manufacturers' mock-up operating systems) had been running a UNIX filesystem fs  all along,  with our folder structures and symbolic relativity folders, users,  and systems structures being based on the fundamentals of the UNIX operating system formats. Even websites see structured on UNIX fs. Many structures of common websites,  at least.  

    The licensing files of our devices' settings menus would reveal a vast gamut of historic development libraries indebted to open-source Linux and UNIX programmers and computer science engineers.  

    But what about actually that really work?

    i.e. apt-get, apk-install, homebrew this, pod file that... 

    Let's be real.  For many readers of this article, it could be their first encounter of how of on timeliness the mentioning of the slage of on weather conditions in southern California; whereas many of us on welfare, here in Los Angeles,  CA,  have been running our cellular device localizations (via our service providers) strangely in Texas, or from the Illinois area. Ostensibly, it's broadcast wavelength bandwidth and real estate for servers to be placed in,  and contracted out - for whatever reason, probably on account of ineptitude and mismanagement, of waste, and sustainability being furloughed off into the slage,  but the slage lately deserves some mention,  just as an incidental to the development work that goes on,  on these devices. 

    Alright,  diversion done,  now back to business.  I'll keep it quick and simple; it's all that desperate and foundling struggling developer minds struggle on, like its slage of on] Old-English 800, truly malt liquor, strugglin' for that bwapp - of UNIX source code package management downloads get it get it make the installation happen kind of thing.  

    But it just doesn't. Ostensibly,  it's a cruelty game of virtualization environments that download the significant features of a platform compiler release, but the functionality fwopps one in to the toilet, of a much unexpectedly needful trip to the toilet of on slage.

    It doesn't build the packages. Any of them. They slage powder puff marketing slage bwapp upon users (end-users); ostensibly picking on the most vulnerable and most millennial of on jaunted post-Olde English 800 days; "maybe some day," I figure,  but for now,  the bwamm. 

    Such is the internal conflict at the heart of many young minds of this generation, trying to develop on mobile.  

    The thing is, is that you need Gnome autotools,  and this iconic life-saving post-slage device-brightness, of how of on jaunt, the slage? I would have denied that the smells are actually coming from me, but strangely (too strange to tell everyone,  all the time) that it's just the slage dendrites ionic bwamm - of a fresh one,  just out of the porta-potty, ready to feed some pigeons.  

    Okay.  The pigeons thing is just my thing,  to a large degree. 

    But autotools Gnome package manager tools and code language compiler, independent of choice? - still works,  but once you get the stuff of how it works,  it'll slage a way of on bwaff of "nahh, I wouldn't doubt that such and such,  yeah I wear my clothes for weeks on end,  and slage,  but it's totally different for other people." 

    Sort of thing. 

    Ostensibly,  some homeless encampments down off of Beverly or up Temple, or something - got a dump of clothing charity of more than ostensibly necessary or needed, right now,  but oh? 

    For someone out there,  (I took a shower softer I took a sweater from the stuff last night), there's clothes out on the street right now, over there.  

    True,  the pleasure of running a Graphical User Interface application that was a la carte built from source is a manifold pleasurable thing,  and skill,  but now you're high-flying, running your Gnome autotools ./configure | make | sudo make install | aclocal.m4 

    and stuff...  

    It all makes sense,  right on a most-simplistic and easy-reading article post - right here

    A look at perfection,  of development work composition for learners. 

    Thanks for reading. 

    The sh*tsicles of the bwippn'in would be that this is the article that you needed to discover,  and all the other stuff that's discoverable is largely garbage,  of on fwopp. 

    Wednesday, December 18

    Lean development aesthetic gestural poses, using plurisubharmonic octal Fouriers.

    As a hauler of a constant endurance load,  being a collector of recyclables (myself), I continually contend with the presence of lumbar (lower back) spine inflammation.  A dull soreness of the base of the spine,  connecting the hip bone.

    What I've discovered,  through many long hours of attempted self-healing,  some library topic dalliances,  and some critical analysis logic applied to the situation,  is that the periphery joints

    (which I'll deem "octals," since they are correlated to the "cracking" of the joints - a resonance),

    and even the extremities,  in the sense of the fingers' knuckles, the ankles and toes,  extend their own harmonic resonance load-bearing capacity of assuaging the long-trek endurance jaunt of a load-bearing laboriousness, in that the relief of these periphery and extremity octal Fouriers of joint-cracking gestures through the various bodily aesthetics employed in natural-poses of a self-sustainable pressure-point healing methodology are, time after time, correlated in the unifying delimiter of that all of the pressure-points joints, during an acute inflammation episode (which is common for me) play a part in assuaging the lumbar spinal pain. As well, the lower digestive organs and the pressures inherent in the excretory process are causally affected by the relief and offset of the pressure and inflammation of the joints.

    What works best? In a sense,  being that this is very much actively-involved self-healing process and procedure (which is colloquially known as "lean" development - hanging on the heels of other colloquial forms of development found in project management nomenclature forms, such as agile, astute,  scrum; for example. Here; relevant in that the lumbar spinal inflammation correlates positively with the expulsion of trapped heat energy (it is common for flatulence to be released after some cracks are attained in healing the lumbar region).

    It would be a most fiscally ostensible caricature (or silhouette) to encounter,  for a colloquially-engaged local | familiar on the subject. A person, dressed in ostensibly civic-casual clothing - leanin'aff of on jaunt,  against a street-side accommodation of some sort of object. Pop-culture and fashion had precluded lean development plurisubharmonic octal Fouriers aficionados and street gawkers at the spectacle in the iconic athleisure formative identity; whereas lean development builds upon outdoor dailies and nightlife standards, with an extra shift of in-home SlädeAF™ in front of the computer monitor, on the sofa, or in bed, working on any number of development projects, or of on of AF pronz of hibachi.

    The well-jaunted courtesan of such a lifestyle would inevitably end up back in the pedestrian districts in town, come daylight, to show face, that the slädeAF™ had not conquered the dignity within.

    Some people get massages, true; but for me, I live down a life of a casual schizophrenic (gone on over 7 years, now, at this point), of a folklorish and old-fashioned (Old Testament) Biblical consternation upon me by "people I used to know." Supposedly, this sort of thing passes by people's whims about town, and the stalking victim subject-topic shows up as best as could be had (hopefully), and redeems the lowly betrudgeon'ed identity ego and self-esteem amongst society's peers, overseers, critics, and public relations firms, while suiting the ostensibly standard athleisure identity, as a minimum.

    Sometimes, though, the lean is in order.

    What else?

    It's somewhat Barre ballet technique (imaginably), although I've never myself taken ballet. Here, in at least two forms, in that tight-fitting elastic sorts of legging fabric are appropriate, as outerwear (or as an underneath-layer), and that of hoisting up the placid leg upon a chair, rail, or "something" available, out around town, to do one of the critical gestural lean development techniques of bodily aesthetic - the hip rotation. Here, in being done and attained of various Civic accommodations, of various height and size, suited for optimal plurisubharmonic Fourier octals to be attained, for the sake of the fact that it takes the entire rotary entity of the hip joint and socket pair, in and of themselves, a multiplicity of radiance, dynamic, and broadcast - of the various projections and intrinsics that could be had of them (the hip joints and connecting bone structures).

    What did that mean?


    Well, in essence, I prefer to just move ahead and describe the implementation of the rotarian form of the hip bone end of the thigh bone, which is somewhat of the shape of a club, if I recall and imagine correctly.

    The simple fact of slumping up the limp leg on to a Barre (of some sort) and turning the foot and ankle one way, and the other, as the upper body recoils, leans, and inters over oppositional and dynamic few or several bends of the foot (ankle), versus the butt (bottom), given the spine (upper), all moving slowly, to form a plurisubharmonic octals of Fouriers to enact a naturally healing pose that could compensate for a much worse inflammation injury episode than standard expectations would confer.

    Think of an iceberg, sitting in the water, with the various seasons and years upon it, to calculate the structure and formatization of cracks, crags, and splits of the iceberg. It has to do with the various sources (Dynamics) of heat, whereas they also have different properties. These, in turn, form what seem to be unique and random cracks in the otherwise solidified and unified form of ice, whereas the cracks are what makes it different (when cracks do, or have - appeared, that is).

    Here, the concept is to form various Dynamics of oppositional pressures and gestural aesthetics of "lean," on to the focal point of the lumbar spinal section, the rotation of the hips, via the ankles, or (that the pressure had moved to the extremeties), even the fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders - all of these internal pressures being forced against, with intentional oppositional pressures - contribute to the relief of lumbar spinal pain.

    This sort of thing is important in longevity in heart health. Dangerous blockages could build up, over days of släde and athleisure, amidst being a fashionable stalking victim, as well, in creating acute topical local buildups of looser blood pressure around a region, whereas the inflamed sections are generating a different harmonic pressure dynamic in another section of the body. Over time, these sorts of internal pressure resonances, left unattended to, contribute to embolisms and heart shock. Indeed, most people could probably recall the shock of a pinched nerve being stretched. A sharply painful thing, whereas the dullness of muscle and joint relief is actually a resonance of the blood pressure over the body's formative and various construction, of its own making - the skin, the bones, the blood - all different, yet all capable of resonating and of contributing to resonance. A shock would be some form of harmonic dissonance, of significant distortions (which essentially means that the ceiling threshold of tolerability had been reached, and the resonant harmonic frequencies have to work within the lower ceiling allowed by the body).

    The Grecian-urn lifting-and-twisting aesthetic is also a crucial move to embody, with a lean of the back, upon a solid, yet pressured, foot holding, versus the knee twisting and pushing against the two opposing top and bottom forces of the back and foot. This type of move will offset the lumbar pressure out to the hips, which crack when the twists are done correctly, in various angles of declination, to crack the hips from several (7-10) various rotarian dynamic angles, around the entirety of the club-shaped hip-leg-bone ending.

    A similar technique of postural planking, with the arms at the behind, and bent upwards, towards the top of the spine - the hands, or clenched fists - reaching for the top of the spine. Meanwhile, leg lifts are done. This can be done standing (not the leg lifts), or even better, laying down.

    Performing this sort of self-healing ritual is a many-hours-invested project, on lean. Leaning for several hours is necessary, as much as sleep, warm baths, perhaps a sauna, exercise, and ionic mineral salts and saltwater (externally as well as internally) are, in contributing to best-practice lean development performance benchmarking of going at it for one more day, while meanwhile managing medication regimens and bad habits. 

    How to casually jaunt-AF bwa-bwaio your jaunt in to the holidays (if you've been stuck out of luck).

    Call it bold-AF of on of bwa-bwaio bold as the tundra, but some people like it simple when it comes to making casual acquaintances.

    Such is the early morning rush-hour atmosphere at 5th at Maple, where locals and visitors alike congregate for a daily hosting to suit the most dire production and development schedules. These guys (and ladies) don't joke around much, and for the price of a Starbucks Frappucino, you can dump your year-end charitable contributions on a sponsorship of a young person, out on the streets, trying to make ends meet.

    Although it may seem strange, I feel that this is the place where so many of us, struggling (holiday season or not) to find our place in life, are destined to end up - finding comradeship and brotherhood through helping out the less fortunate. 

    Some tips for the locale - 
    • Make it a suitable DTLA outing, and do as the locals do - get out on foot and make your way through the various locales, (if desired), of the area - the Toy District has great deals on Winston (just one street over) of mobile device cables. You can find cheap device protectors, new lightning-USB cables, iPhone cases, iPad glass covers, and more, for a fraction of the price you'd get from retail store shopping at places such as Target. The Flower District is also a great morning go-to of DTLA. I recommend curly willow cuttings in water pots with smooth river stones, underneath a well-lit office-desk space environment - for an easy greenery setting in-home or at your workplace. 
    • If it seems a bit hectic at this intersection - don't worry. There are 5 porte-potties at San Julian Park, (just up at the heading of the photo), as well as a civic installation proper toilet at 5th at Los Angeles. It's good civic disposition to greet the street-dwellers, here. Many of them are regulars, and sometimes they put on small acts for the other patrons of the area, and for pedestrians. The park is also a nice cultural civic installation to check out. A lot of the times, they'll be passing out food and playing music.
    • (Try not to) use the restroom on the streets. People have to live here.
    • Bring some PB+J sandwiches for the pigeons! I don't get out here every day, but when I do, I always make sure to have some bread and fixings for the birds.

    Saturday, December 14

    Pigeons break the press-room news media threshold of appearing quite novel, in fact - in a cowboy's hat.

    I happened upon this charming bit of news in Apple News' subscription links, recently, while trawling my emails and, as well - I signed up for, and was accepted in to - ...


    nothing of the sort that I could speak of, with regards to my device being a development-only provision. I dunno. Unless someone actually comes on here and asks me about my day, or something like that...

    Friday, December 13

    The seagulls got a good late night snack. They're pretty cute. Lots of babies at the pier in Santa Monica, CA. It turns out, they're very cute as well

    Seagulls at the Santa Monica Pier,  with several clutch babies venturing out in to the night, for socialization and some sandwiches. 

    Check them out some time soon,  this holiday season,  out on the beach just below Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant on the pier. I wasn't sale to get the baby seagulls on film quarreling over the food, since they scurry away after they finish up nibbling.  They're worth an evening trip out to the Pier,  at some point. 

    Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
    Seafood restaurant         Open

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