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iOS App Reviews from my 2018 iPigeonTasTastic iPad Air (from 2013) tech and lifestyle heraldry jaunt [and prior]

That being said, I'd venture to say that: in this year, being 2018, the 2013 model of Apple's yearly [mostly] new forays into latest model and iOS versioning upkeep and app development cycles of being left out in the legacy-debacle of what (in my opinion) quantifies an overdone illicit drug budgeting lifestyle jaunt gone on perhaps for over 5 years, at whichever point a person finds themselves hopelessly failing in TasTasTic development standards.

« Something like that »


Isn't it obvious? Lol. To me it is.

That being said, in a standard local craigslist search venture inquiry into replacing my oft-stolen or misfortunately misplaced
  [or something] whatever...

In any case,

 It's okay, I do it alright {still} and well enough 

On Android with [Google Domains [Blogger] [Ads] {etc.}]


and I could, perhaps, earn pennies or even dollars with a fully Google LLC array enterprises of offerings slew of lifestyle they offer developers and content producers, all within succinct control and command of the user; whereas I prefer composition in written and other various forms, and I felt that YouTube might have otherwise seemed a viable option for ad-based content development and slight cottage industries of the web.

That being said, 

at this time, after about 5 months of Blogger development and working the ropes that come along with my particulars in specialization, as far as the various outsets of site development offerings go, in as far as blogging, WordPress, eCommerce, and Wix go, perhaps with even more offerings than I'm aware of, at this moment (late Sept., 2018) being offered and wrought forth as avenues of guided development along common web site boutique user base offerings as various outfits of design, branding, and monetization befit who fits in,for what they're good for [essentially, ... as I'd square it away]. 

That being said, 

no one has to be good at everything. My recent research and development ventures into merchant inventory offerings of pigeon guano confīte arrête miniature in-home ionic mineral and pharmaceuticals soil mites coconuts composting coteries au couturier au contraire bien une fixé style of boutique coterie mockup finery pop-up as assertiveness merchant basis as a business offering were perhaps several many things TasTasTic to blog about, yet as for eCommerce, the marketing and user base establishment and logistics would find me simply : 

Unexpectedly involuntarily hospitalized [yet I won't divulge into it on this internet site development domain basis, it merits a whole burgeoning sorts of quantifiably un-iPigeon-TasTasTic Blogger classically bum-feeding-pigeons-alt-wise persona developments in blogtastic foray than I'm willing to violate such proper finery aesthetics under so many coterie bïftéks cottage industry basis as content valuation ad marketing reach development goals would be such an obvious ostensibly self-identity persona that {some people} could really wrap some pigeon racing husbandry tradesmithing blog content forays and extents into a pigeon-carnival blog development discourse of conversational intellectualism talk-up. 

Other people do other stuff, but for this page and the app reviews links I'm putting forth for establishing some context of qualitative bíftèks charcuterie finery; 

Some people will arrive on my webpage development basis(es) take on iOS App Store iTunes -jailbreak reviews and 

I'm selling, in what it essentially boils down to: in no insignificant meaning: 

A more constituent buyer client basis corporate Apple and developer {dot} subdomain type of lifestyle validation and purpose for valid development and [* both] end-user goals, having done enough iOS lifestyle stuff, and then I started purchasing apps, now I do blogging on content ad marketing valuation constituency basis as various forms; but here, just in blog article form and hopefully mid-chest level shelf class style and execution, for ease of reachability statistical [hopefully] reader base extent. 

Thanks for reading. This will be a page and link list in development.

The App List:

  • imaengine | Luis Rivas | Review
  • Cross DJ Pro
  • Pro-Shot + Perspective Fix
  • Meta and Exif for Photos
  • Gradient
  • Concentric
  • Squeak!
  • Ibru
  • Arc-GIS
  • Planimeter 
  • Wikipedia
  • Discover Online Banking
  • Meme-maker for iconic meme-able moments and photos
  • Phraseology by Agile Tortoise
  • Qleedo
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Significant Locations
  • History - allow
  • Ads - allow
  • Developer Analytics - allow
  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps
  • Domainr
  • Virtual Room 3D AU Audio Unit
  • Hyperspectiv
  • Kaleidoscopic
  • Fractals
  • Molecule Design
  • Logotastic
  • Prêt-à-Template
  • Euclid's Book of the Elements I + III
  • Virtual ANS
  • Acoustic Picture Transmit
  • TweetRoot
  • iOS Accessibility
  • SoundCloud
  • AudioCopy
  • AUM
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Hydra
  • Google Drive
  • Adobe Concept
  • iColorama
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Draw
  • SVG Unlimited
  • imaengine

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