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Thursday, December 26

On Boxing Day (December 26th), a gracious several findings of the streets, have I.

Boxing Day,  although a Canadian Tradition, turns out to be a fortunate time to hit the streets for some dive-finds. 

Today,  I found a nice and new goose down pillow, 

A nice thin hoodie | sweats | gloves combo, 

 and a small box of batch-made chocolates from The Monastery of the Angels,  in Los Angeles. 

It was a good day for collecting recyclables,  as southern California has been experiencing some extreme weather conditions, partly due to nature,  yet curiously enough,  last week's nuclear waste disposal in to the ocean by the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant seemed to have caused an ionic wind,  here in Los Angeles (at least,  I felt that it was correlative, from my perceptive disposition,  on the day that the news came out about it). It's been particularly cold, with some of the days being mild, yet I don't go outside, lately,  without wearing at least 2 sweater layers,  and typically 4 layers,  with thermal underwear long johns underneath.  

All in all,  it was a good day. Thanks,  everyone who contributed,  I'll make sure to redistribute some of the finds I found once I can get them in to the washer and dryer.  

A look at the route I took through Echo Park,  Silverlake, and DTLA. 

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