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Sunday, January 10

Mic'ing for Personal and Enterprise Preeminence - Public Relations from the Mobile Device Tech and Lifestyle Perspective.

I don't care how you ended up becoming a bleeding-edge topic celebrity, of a grandiose ego and an eloquent charm, befitting of some "other place," where we're not, in general. Although if you're from somewhere else, that's kind of exotic, I suppose. Maybe I'm a fan, off-hand. 

But, on the other hand, I don't want to be insulting if you're corn-fed, standard. I could make you in to something better, I'd imagine. But this is text. It's got to cut to the grit of on: for real squirrels. 


Here, (January 10th, 2021) Google hadn't quite gotten through their latest big search algorithm endeavor of "Passage Indexing,"

Tuesday, December 22

Solved: how to get real-time bluetooth device audio monitoring on iPadOS | iOS | Android - the SabineTek S610 SmartMike+ bluetooth lavalier microphone.

Being that I  sometimes have the inclination to speak my thoughts out, freely, in public, 

I like to have audio monitoring going on, with a microphone and earphone | earbuds. 

Being that I have upgraded my tech to newer devices, the wired headset | earbuds paradigm is being deprecated, for the sake of adoption of wireless and bluetooth protocols for device audio outputs, rather than 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) TRRS (Tip Ring Ring Sleeve) - "headphone | mic" combos, such that we'd come to know and expect of our audio inputs and outputs for our mobile devices. In lieu of the deprecation of 3.5 mm audio jacks in devices, USB-C ports have taken the place of the former audio jack / port, and now, data, audio, and video information can be sent out, or received, in devices and in peripherals all through one high-speed port. There are many makes and models of USB-C [Thunderbolt] hubs available on internet retail sites, such as Amazon and Walmart.

One of the critical issues that had come up, in the context of Apple's device upgrades, over the past couple of years, or so, in this scope of audio jacks and inputs and outputs is that there's no official Apple USB-C earbuds headset available, and my personal favorite, the Apple in-ear headphones had been removed from the Apple main site (although I'd since discovered that other retailers, mostly academic institutions and universities, are now selling the in-ear headphones that Apple used to carry).

Monday, May 14

The most outstanding chairsmatic moment statement; of earlier in the day. A panorama perspective about me, also in pictorial form.

 caught the moment in some notion in a few various takes, to detract from my stated purpose and reasonable attainment over the course of the day was that I would be occupied with my work in getting the blog posting, and more long-standing arcs of becoming a developer at task, from easier platforms of web and app enterprise that seem to be provisioned as perhaps various and pre-packaged  takes on what most commonly defines the user experience and interactivity with the technology software offerings by many developers and corporations across the globe, and currently, with particular focus on establishing newer and more meaningful experiences in which the technology aspect of it seems to fade, by notable distinction of a dynamic “other,” whereas people are most significantly drawn in to compelling human native interpersonal societal interaction, as sociable, face-to-face beings, as far as my most vast understanding of how and etc. - I have a by-and-large very simple and youthful, unassuming longstanding “had to,” supporting take on the undying longing to be amongst people who love us, as one of the cardinal destinations and homing instincts of any of life’s outcomes, over the very long course of our lives, of that I’m most sure, we are all similar in that common need.

As I’d commonly be known to discuss, as one of the first topics of order, to speak of, whether I encounter someone as new to me, or as a take on some very many meticulous courses of stressful psychology as for why and hey ought we consider each other, as socially-made and defined-as by the various common measures and discourse as to revisiting that cardinal needful self for relations with others, as far as they were concerned; in some cases those nurtured and cared-for needful things, as selves that we had of ourselves, or of about and around others, perhaps for decidedly poor reasons, as many types of people, as needful beings in life of various magnitudes, in so many variations on life, as commonly - young ones are, by all means, hardly ever co spiders it seen as to be thoroughly proper  in social etiquette, wherewithal, and resource to successfully manage healthful progressive social relationships of all people and personalities the modern global-national citizen of our age will reasonably encounter, and to healthful betterment through social engagement with society and individuals, alike.

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