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Thursday, November 26

Product Review: Trace Minerals Research Ionic Calcium 200 mg 2 fl. oz.

I commonly use ionic trace minerals for nutrition supplementation, as well as for experimentation with my biological projects (now on Now, since I’ve been receiving Unemployment Insurance payments and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award money from the California Employment Development Department, I’ve been fortunate to be able to venture out beyond the general concentrated Utah Great Salt Lake sea water solutions, by Trace Minerals Research, and I’ve expanded my inquiry and experimentations in cellular regeneration, nerve, blood, and bone health, in to their single-element concentrates. 

In my latest epiphany, from Trace Minerals Research’s product line, I purchased two bottles of ionic calcium; one for me, and one for extra experimentation in to my algae project that I’m documenting and developing upon, over in my new blog. I had a highly beneficial rejuvenating experience, after ingesting some of my algae-and-ionic-mineral concentrates water solution, after sleeping, upon waking up, the next morning. I decided to start a blog about it, and it’s called, forming from out of the brand, of my original pigeons blog. 

Every now and then, since late July, it’s been, I’ve gotten a well-with-all Umemployment Insurance and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Award boon to my finances. It’s good money, coming from receiving General Relief ($221) and SNAP Food Stamps ($194) for years on end, now, leading up to this year, as my only source of income, aside from collecting recyclables for CA redemption money. The guys at the recycling places know me by name. It’s a friendly little establishment of reasonable gains, given adverse circumstances. If I collect glass bottles, as well, I consider it good work ethic. For that matter, I’ve gained 15 pounds, since I’ve come in to this extra Employment Development Department money, perhaps akin to the college “freshman 15,” as I reconcile the new-found luxuries and accountability inherent in receiving the Unemployment Insurance money, paying payroll tax, filing sales and use tax, and submitting quarterly personal income tax returns.

Getting ahead on my personal physical health endowment aspirations is something that I’m investing deeply upon in this span of time (the Unemployment Insurance money and COVID-19 pandemic era of 2020), and my latest favorite ionic mineral single-element concentrate is Trace Minerals Research Ionic Calcium. I’ve been fortunate to experience that with even as little as 4 droppers, I have noticed that my thinning teeth, from formerly smoking hard drugs, is winnowing its way back, in to thickening of the teeth, even after only a few days in, after sampling the product. As you can see, the dosage, of which there are about 48, in the bottle, supplies 200mg (15%) of Calcium, from calcium chloride; not even a full 100% FDA recommended amount of calcium; yet, for damaged teeth, just a single-day’s supplementation of 4 droppers produced a notably palpable effect upon the thickness of the edge of my front teeth. 

I purchased the ionic calcium from There are several suppliers and dealers who sell the product, at comparable, or competitive prices. 


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