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Tuesday, December 11

Some slakeAF iPigeon « Propper » Scrum jotUps for a SprightlySparrowSupposin.jar Pop-in Hibernate: Java-based Android OS Kustom Widget of KLDT Development to Come.

Here are some original Inktober Tumblr-down-to-custom-blog site regaliae ink brush illustration works from October-ish of 2018.

These works accompany an hours-upon-hours post-trawl regaliaeux XV VVLXMMIIIpwnBwammmooooo speech of what had been jaunted as a most 

Satirically lès-ont-fourre-caricaturríesse med. poínt ink brush gestural re-jaunteded iconic pigeons-poses for mobile app and website / native operating system hibernate Java-based .jar syscall and UX egress of Analytics-remarketing-sais-non-plus-monetizable slakeAF user garbage, of objectionable concrete sidewalk-slab-flam, as it would ostensibly turn out to be, 

to pay back ostensible legions of debt, for so much bwa-bwammAF jaunted couchnights of seemly sees-it-does-it corner rug scraping bitsies-fweeking - un-rehabilitated by a Sprightly Supposin' Sparrow slakeAF of bwammo pigeons and sparrows - to get in the way of your jaunt aux-haute-bachi genetically bwa-bwammAF xoichleosure of choisçty-munchies fwam out on a couch, like that.

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