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Wednesday, August 29

Some new coconuts; I transplanted the prolific bubble mites @jay_ammon on Twitter of one coconut to most of the others, now for nutrients to be added. [Photos]

I determined that the prolific crawlers atop and crawling out of one of the coconuts were perhaps not fruit fly maggots, which are all abuzz in my kitchen, but instead, are perhaps, [as someone noted], mites which had been of some form of the class Arachnida, and imaginably could have been something that ended up worse than bubbly plump mobile and climbing creatures, and as well, I did some research towards investigating that topic. Thanks, Susan Patterson, for the info in a simplified and quick form. Perhaps the ionic mineral additives to the pigeon guano had seen these creatures in an accelerated evolution by the time they reached the top of the coconut hole, or perhaps, [getting back to somebody's statement, I had hit upon the part of the guano that held a tick's egg sac and the creatures fortunately did not come up as parasitic arachnids.

Now, as I had done previously with the first two brown coconuts - added some Chinese pharmaceuticals I had procured out of the trash dumpsters at USC, I am here, on this Wednesday morning, August 29th, 2018, adding an additional several squirts from the dropper over each of the already moistened

Actually "in to" *

Coconuts. The ingredients include blood orange essential oil and Texas cedarwood essential oil [newly added, as ingredients; the oils], which:

  • Are noted as anti-termite treatment, as for the orange oil,
  • Cedarwood, which was noted to be particularly soothing in skin rashes which were perhaps on account of some sort of insect traversing the floor where I sleep
These being with the aim of fighting off, in combination with the various other anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, antibiotics, and vitamins, hopefully a fairly well enough offering to the embedded nesting organisms of the guano until I can go and get some more liquid ionic minerals from Whole Foods. (I got a $30 gift card for filling out some reviews on software I had used, which had been accepted, thanks to Capterra Reviews and TangoCard. [Sorry, I don't have a gift card affiliate link that would pay someone other than me, I'm just noting it]. I'm boosting the efficacy of the thrust of the pharma combination with some tricyclic anti-depressant samples I found, along with the other discarded haul from the trash dumpsters of USC apartments nearby, severap weeks ago, perhaps a couple of months or so.

Here are some pics of the progress, hopefully the bubble mites with see the Nicotiana tabacum plants I have planned for upcoming weeks and months' planting will stick with it, through going through the supplies I've gathered and also through some improvisational experimentation as new items come into my collectables, as I do my recyclables thing out on the streets.

Naproxen sodium.

Tricyclic anti-depressants and pain reliever.


I decided to color the coconut shell opening edges to give the light characteristics going in to the coconut some special effect variance and UV protection; perhaps an additional attraction to enticing the creatures out of the dark, like the bubble mites pictured in this blog post title link to my Twitter.

This is the bottle I found 

The newly filled pigeon guano coconuts, ready to be squirted with some pharmaceutical and vitamin solution [also essential oils].

Is this thing some variant on a roach? Or a stink bug? They've been crawling around, mostly keeping to themselves, but they've also made their way in to the coconuts, as I left them out for a while, and perhaps they've got to be held at bay, from the hole in the wall of the closet I kicked in my sleep, months earlier. It's been months, and they've made headway in establishing their presence around the house.

Yesterday's quick roundup of tried-and-true tobacco curing tips and as-of-yet [I've not tried them] notable suggestions for a finer cured tobacco (post-retail, loose leaf, etc.)

Pictured is the tiny batch Gucci container I used to make an aside special try about for my first quick minutes oven aromatics oxalic acids fibrous juicer leftovers: confīte, atop hand-mashed [a bit] grapefruit quarters, reasonably well-medium fine balsamic vinegar in glass; there was cheese, perhaps, in a wetted sock (dirty, worn), some fragrant lip balm, better than petrolatum-based (on the organic side), a noteworthy tone-bearing plastic trinket (beacon, for slight transmission of a theoretical slight amplification of sound and particle wavelengths within a bellows box iOS device box confīte, topped with some slight brown sugar, plain brown sugar.

The Gucci box selection was wrapped with Farmer John's standard 8 pack breakfast sausage wrapper, unwashed. It was an attractive confīte box with my small box AirPods trash find containing the main tobacco store to be infused with the aromatics vinegar oxalic acids sugar confīte, and I had a fine cigar, smoked well enough to be rich, by this time, included in the box. I believe I put some allergy medicine in there; Claritin, for some unknown and fanciful belief of that it would impart a hypoallergenic or perhaps something somewhat useful chemistry BAM! about the reaction. There was pigein guano either inside or outside the box, perhaps in a custard dish ceramic thing, probably moist, or maybe not.

I closed the confīte box and turned the oven on, about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and I used the restroom, or something like that.

[Did I blow meth smoke into it?] This would have been long into the time in which I had swore off smoking meth, but it may have been that literal bit of a set of days for a week, and then no more again, and I broke the glass pipe. I suppose that event happened twice, perhaps over a couple of weeks. Relevant? Hopefully not, I don't encourage smoking meth:definitely, and in general, it's a problem presentable as for a person who uses, of any sort.

Try it without any meth invokved, but for features' sake, it may have happened like that, for this batch. It was enjoyable consumed tobacco.

Within that somewhat reading span of length of time, the oven had a notable presence into the main living room where I was, and it would be so weird if it ventured through the walls and the neighbors could feel it also, so I rushed over and removed the box, placed it under and within a cashmere sweater, [is the cashmere thing truly radiation ionic blam! Insulating the blam! instead? I would say yes, but I have a thing for cashmere sweaters and sweating it out, or staying warm, and it does have a particular sort of insular characteristic. Perhaps ... I dunno. Maybe wool would work, but definitely cashmere.

It looked nice enough to eat: the grapefruit balsamic sweet beets confīte array, but I was [for sure] definitely on meth, to speak of, at all, at the time, and the near blam! expansiveness was an exciting moment. I felt like the tobacco must be infused with so much pigeon trinket sidewalk searching finesse, and some Françoise considerable distinction about it. It didn't disappoint, and the Gucci box portion was particularly resinous and rich, with a slight bit of pork sausage flavor about it.

I had, aside from this, also [prior to everything, first of all], had a popped open coconut of some sort, perhaps something, but it definitely was somewhat going to vinegar-alcohol-ish fermentation at this point, in the same kitchen. Were the coconut electrolytes of the coconut water and fat fermentation thing something... Like I had done something with it prior to that? I dunno. Maybe I just opened it and left it out, and it started going to vinegar.

I cooked French onion soup some time recently prior to this, maybe the night before. There was rotting food in the kitchen.

The suggestions for moving forward, beyond whats been established:

Milk chocolate somewhat characteristic impart to the tobacco, for a less fiery burn.

There was something else, perhaps...

Aside from that, I have less experimental and eccentric air-cured process ionic mineral arrête sort of transhydraulysis stuff, maybe the chocolate concept would be okay cooked in, or sprayed on, or something, and stuff with extracted oils and toying with the adsorbent nature of doing something [somehow], but I'll read up on it at that time. I've been collecting cardboard long tube "flues," and I definitely can't run a smoke house in here, it's a studio apartment, plus I don't smoke inside [nearly always].

People along my walking path have been generous with leaving out tobacco of cigarillo packets, and I tend to desire cigarettes less.

The main concept of the post-retail confīte oven curing thing:

Was that the fine cigar, once smoked down, would impart, and perhaps ad hoc fluff up, and via the aromatics confīte:given the vacuum bellows box concept: suck in the mineral solids of the pigeon guano aside and fluff up a quick oven up fluff of some concept of a tobacco bale curing ammonia somewhat concept, at least just maybe somewhat ammonia something, and then something about the arrangement and suction or moistness, and the tone bearing trinket thing was supposed to easily enough, end up perhaps [maybe not easily, but I thought it might] simply bam up some unscraped nicotine out of what was of the confīte box and tobacco in it, well enough to make it better tobacco.

It was really good tobacco, actually :)

Some development of the coconut shell pigeon guano air-curing project: soil mites!

One of my hard shell brown coconut guano cultures has developed what seem to be either maggots or mites; actually, it seemed that maggots were crawling around on the top of the guano after I left the coconuts out since last update, perhaps a few weeks or less, at this point.

I decided that perhaps I might see if some of the tobacco seeds would sprout in the mix, as early on in a decomposition stage as it might be; though I gave it ionic minerals and various pharmaceuticals, and perhaps some interesting micro-evolutionary epochs had transpired in the meantime, creating an advanced and or adapted form of 8 legged creature (perhaps), which could likely be of various origins, based on the bug life observed: I saw a scattering parasitic tick (just one) when I was gathering the freeway underpass guano [although that's not this particular batch; this one is dried grassland next-to-freeway guano and dirt. I'm assuming that there was somewhat dried out and starved for moisture insect and predatory parasite life waiting for moisture for them to be born; ostensibly of various modes of evolution, if the circumstances permit, as I had noted in my previous experiment in feeding a gutter mosquito birthing larval stage puddle with Humineral Zeolite Humic and Fulvic minerals, and the soon-afterwards appearance of the friendly mosquito (yet still itchy as it bit me).

I'll update this post with photos and more links soon.

Some links on soil mites:

Friday, August 24

A photo-blog scrum-up to UTD my GTD of a quaint and folkish pigeon flock of Chinatown, adjacent DTLA, towards NoLA or (North [of] Los Angeles) via Civic Metro Center DTLA as a common pigeon bum fashionable tech athleisure technical institute bum pigeons lifestyle-centric walking locale (most days). Chinatown illustrative art biopic survey photography quick snaps, for follow-up of ink or digital rendering.

Quick GIS quaint pigeon idiomatic colloquialism-localization  of Chinatown, of Downtown Los Angeles, California-adjacent - postal code 90013 : "Various views, vanishing points, and city street detail, for a follow up of an un- [mobile development device] (powered; "then,") very primitive [by means], yet notable endearing moment of pigeon society.

"Pigeons hounding for food outside ABC Restaurant, Chinatown:of Los Angeles California.

An urban pigeon-lover-bum's slight moment of awe at the ostensibly social nature of the «pigeon flock» as a herd-creature unit identity. The bum, as the perspectives-rendering artist, ostensibly resonates with some off-handed notable characteristics of the pigeon, as a "one of few" common diversions and recreations that conceivable common bums of Los Angeles might find themselves as, as internally projected by the artist over many a common day's bum life, « now he does pigeons » as the interplay of his true internalized concept of self, versus the significant proximal limitations of a bum, "at-Standards as he was raised on," [of the era], and against the literal actual truths of life, as can be made out: the architecture, a restaurant, a Chinese upbringing, a Chinatown squat for a lunch. Pigeons overhead. The pigeons ostensibly portray the unseen needs and desires bearing down on a solitary homeless man's identity, yet they contrast with his current visual take on an inner-solitude self, ostensibly reasonable context of a strange context life, as it's depicted here, for compositional development, into the future. 

Somewhere, perhaps, (still), I have the original sketches, or photos of the papers. Reasonably, the significant mock-up organic nature of a validly distributed ingress moment for artistic portrayal pertains significantly to a properly received art illustration. This is a quick look at the project t from an ad hoc passers-by random Friday, common bum, doing recyclables and Chinese medicine shop inquiries, after the library, can't check out books, at the moment, I've got $23 of fines. 

July 15th blog entry [late entry]

Becoming the street traffic controller - a Republican Trump-era stand-in position for post-bum constituency; Section 8 housing (now). The hoc-Itzhak compisitionally-fine arts arrête order of discovering, civic nuisance defence mechanism to drive planned obsolescence. A DARPA ad-hoc serendipity time-place man-making [or female].

#intelligence #civic engagement # socialist activism #federal government #marijuana legalization #autonomous state #sovereignty # legal system #justice department #sustainability #environkentao activism #mental health #noise pollution #community-police collaborations #surveillance state

Needing to catch up on my prior entry in regards to my new Dash latest Bible encounter (once more) to reaffirm my oft-disavowed rightful place as a free man, a dignity worth my meritocracy claims [be they as such], and: God help me, I've seen my misgiving personality faults of [what's obv. (to me)] past life regression therapy or current anti-social array [of willing combatants].


My truthfully sick, spreading goodness morale Outlook and D2D disposition, non emotional driven: systems arrête. If I fail on any account based on proper procedure of 5 Cs and etiquette, given that;

I just don't (5 Cs constituent)

In that I know when I'm wrong (likely) or «being»

5 Cs replete.

... (Fog and mist fly-through) ...

Last week had been [special] all sorts of stand-off -him waiting and washed up adjourned: false pretense showing-uo purpose inconstituent ego, meanwhile various off-camera lurkers send me [as kiosk] mind-control story boys (basis); sake strange inconstituent Disavowal of my standard D2D self-ststed serious, meanwhile, the socio-ecobo-depravitt micro-environment [lack -of what better aught said: be done]: just lacking in linear continuity [link:production:jobs on set; script continuity (Wikipedia)].

Meanwhile, I'm 3rd, 4th, 5th deviation curve margin on iPigeon brand ( Pigeon-TasTasTic: my champion stud (or female breeder): name:

I had decided on Mr. Pépé and Aurélíe.

  • my alter-identity aspirational role model 'me' through  reality-based blog:"tech and lifestyle" array distribution:free, ad-based, organic, and relevance - interest-based novelty push of post-reputable (boundaries) [public face]
face it:

Guys can't be hookers [of journalism]

.  .  .

Coming to terms:

With a licensed professional work force identity; state, local, national standards as fare, living up to the part, paying off carbon-neutrality ethics-assessment of

every man - standard man - corporate identity

Institutionalized - socialist - equal-identity scales 
of justice: for all
outperform achievers of aspirational gains

9 Measures of Various Intelligences; developing stats.
  :determining enemy combatant militias vs. un-vetted
      :giving a valid face-to-face newbie a chance.
          :participant for mock-up judgment of latest face
             :determine that I'd been studying law obsessively (bits) and that's inconstituent
                 I'm stated: valid Christian. No outlying circumstances or consequences I ought consider.
                    Someone is attacking me.

The Signs:
  • The F2F Street-Kiosk walk-up identity trifle of man:Anything; could be : no - "he needs non-constituent disparagement demography walk-up false pretense,"
    • yet I demand I don't prejudice people in F2F meet-up firsts.
    • valid au jour friendly stance; then, if need be, kick in forensics - pro [side-glancing] ...
Turns out:

[that's the limited scope of the emotional-ego slash fear-driven identity;

      what's aught to be obv. is not forthwith considerable to be stated without disclaimer and [turn of events]

            :Machina ex deus (Shortcoming) [Wikipedia article]

"Let's [un-Christian sentiment] ... (anything) ..."

      this guy.

          and check out his innocent casualty bystander risks...
                 to one-off "tryna" molestia dimestic

                         - semiotics-semantics-dif-Freudian
                                  - militia domestique
                                     - "supposing a fine thought"

Some guys go for it : Stockholm Syndrome. They do "homies" in jail just to get meth in jail, inconsiderate of the fact that meth is illegal. Meth is typically a standard exigent reason for incarceration.

  • Truths come out in Scientology arrete
    • francoise et cie finery states of Colonialism
- and into the globalist era

Multiple intelligences, #meritocracy #standards of deviation high-percentile performers:wheat from the chaff. D2D database cross-referencing what constitutes [fluff vs. srsly]

                                for some,

but I was mostly the standard spell it all out appropriate proper business compositionally proper, and even still, to this day, I'm ad-geo-proximity-standoff attire for the LA-tastastic iconic reality FML now, what? then: Broadcast - 

     ... to be continued further... 

Tuesday, August 14

Le lycée français pigęonnes sketch lesson 1

  • Some lesson plans drawn up, from previous months; they had gone through some rough times, and I lost the original ink brush illustrative gestural sketch, which is what these lesson plans were based on and for.

A series of ink brush illustrative pigeon sketches.

A concise breakdown of how I use Google's Cloud Platform API modules towards living out a trashy web writer şlüţèľ : {more fancy than I would have thought of myself} [somewhat, perhaps, et al]

The tool has really been impressive, for my own fancy, in recent weeks, in instances where I find myself indulging this French Regal XV persona when I dump on blogosphere that I find myself gravitating towards, in various forms, from time to time; various times and places, but it's somewhat a notch towards a future driverless lifestyle (at least here on the ground, at the moment); [and] (it has had been that way for a good while). {This particular variant slight modify of speech characterized by slipping up and around the topic of the sentence in various forms of the same context and idea, in syllogistic synonometry : (of similar sounds and by sideways-directly correlations-able; [hopefully also rhythmically compelling enough for a moment of reading])

- basically.

The style was learned, particularly, from my college-years' first hand interactions with African American communities and in immersing with their culture, to some degree, over about a decade or so, (with this concept of youthful ornamentation and florid elaborate style in context; I don't get out much anymore... maybe it still goes down like that). Perhaps the linguistic tater-tot of it could be traced back further to a particular cultural heritage, more distinct than I could pick it out, off hand.


In around 2013 or so, when I was once again a solitary homeless guy, wandering around the Venice Beach Boardwalk, I had a strong demand laid upon me to straighten up my youthful lazy demeanor, which was largely based in my somewhat regular indulgences in GHB, which is, purportedly:

- an amino acid;
- a directly human produced chemical extract which serves the process of enabling REM sleep;
- GammaHydroxyButyrol [as an offhand guess and memory of it);

...and I don't really find myself fond of substances manufactured and defined by frequency wavelength stuff as acidic and solvent extract stuff, looking back on things.

Regardless, I'm allergic to alcohol, it's metabolites, and relative compounds, and this was drunkenness and sleepiness, whereas I was a constant crystal methamphetamine user. Sometimes I would sleep. I wasn't seeing a psychiatrist so that I could have a proper antipsychotic for long binge episodes, which were common and endless trials for me, as a newly and endlessly abused mental health trifle [apparently, on some people's lives, ... (these people obviously knew me personally, to a large degree, and I fault them with a proximity-emotional bias correlation; to me it's tragic)...]

Anyways, I do try and attempt to stop the tide of influence on future suffering demographics, or people who live within a discrete {diff} in that aspect of remote communications - sensing,

- in which I can hear their oppressors, as perhaps people I've been acquainted with, or slight friends, in the past (peers, etc.).

The point being,

Is that not everyone abuses me like that, or appears to. Ét cíe.

Life could move on that quickly.

In a proper mind.

Back to the blog topic, the development of intelligence, otherwise.

Supposedly, «everyone's» an expert of psychology.

As for the French lifestyle tech indulgences, there are some notable considerations in interlinguistic transliteration orthographies syntax conventions that merit the use of, and discretionary valuation, towards, as is seen in the superiority development of French influence upon middle ages Britain, which was taken, by the historians take; of intellectuals and of the religious institutions and of the devout:

In the instance of the Normandy France imperialistic cultural Assimilation of Britain in 1066, which lasted about 3 centuries or so, and is notably deemed a Middle Ages Renaissance for English-speaking cultural heritage, over the linguistic rote and common-dictum in place, which was (is), perhaps, the drier olde Englifh style of writing; which is à notable thing, obviously. It's definitely a notable font and typography style.

Moving beyond that, though, is establishing a rote that has a proper thrust that would push linguistics of this colonial acquaintanceship into adopting up to %25 of common English usage lexicography, up to this very day, if various

Well, if a person would simply check the available scrum index of a spread of notable and common writers of various ages, I'd refer to that;

... I hear endless voices of retribution about how hateful this type of discourse is, [somehow]. (Me).

But: with a few quarters of early modern period European stuff, and a background and interest in Classical learning in various humanities, the Google Translate "Babel" app concept, of this day and age, in summer 2018, is a particular treat for some sort of mind, of novel experimentation; obviously, of many years of development, scripting, databasing, and coding - all among many variant colloquial dialectic considerations of localities, and of colonial acquisitions throughout regions, over centuries - all brought to light in a simple and intelligent transliterative package of Proto-Indo-European phonetic alphabet, within reasonable lexical semiotic and semantic intelligibility, for even a person over a decade removed from actively studying French or Latin. I did also have some years in on Spanish learning, back in high school, which obviously lays a groundwork for the various subjective persona and referents-therein, of the sentence and verb structure, as well as the dynamics within sentence structure that English (American-standard) speakers of my peerage and upbringing were common about; that we were brought up with in suburban Los Angeles, CA, along the Baja Pacific Peninsula-mainland, leading in to the 21st century, as millennials.

Apparently, as interesting as it is to seem to be at the helm of groundbreaking discovery, I constantly, as I'm working on developing concepts more hefty than text-centric blogging «stuff», and I sometimes, of this bloc's content, divert into all sorts of variant stuff :

There is a project development page of Google Cloud Platform,

That they're on it, already; much more than zapf-dingbats is new context for discovery.

It's just one of many dozens of resources for an inspired mind of a various website development contextual finds-yourself

To expand upon, once some reasonable grasp on many aspects of computer software programming intelligence is established, in the Google Cloud Platform Developer's array of "stuff" offered at this point in time.

I've been attracting the local flock of pigeons by the freeway over here, apparently; I've got to get to tossing out some seeds and water, etc., and back to trying to clean my place up. :)

Sunday, August 12

A short summer walk's recyclables jaunt pulls in some impressive guano aside and discarded tobacco. [Photos]

I came across a freeway underpass with a particularly rich abundance of pigeon guano,

So I collected it, upon considering that I might otherwise neglect it and it could possibly be cleaned up before I come back to it.

I found several dumps of cheap cigar tobacco and a bone-dry pigeon corpse. I found the corpse compelling for creating and developing towards a future Kunstkamera Museum, perhaps, of pigeon-lore.

I also found a nice 4-tier stacker table to later organize my coconut guano air-curing receptacles with the aim of establishing a special variety Nicotiana tabacum varietal, later on this year, or next planting season.

The guano haul weighs about 10-15 pounds. It's a particularly biologically active, vile mess of guano and fluff, right from underneath a freeway overpass, and I would swear that the disease organisms are ready to infest any living creatures nearby. I'm fortifying with ionic minerals and antibiotics; me and the pigeons. I'm considering perhaps putting the materials through a slow roast right away to kill any living creatures and their eggs.

Sunday, August 5

quatrærtholgmo»omot‹alg«or»g.9řc≥tet language: a notebook first impression of the visual font CharSet [Unicode, Not]: byte loading machine language parsing aesthetics as par-standard source material breakout-arrays.

The concept is simple enough.

I have slow I/O data connections on my device, and I Can read and functionally take in signifiant contributions of non-volatile web-standards sites,

but then, 

if only 

the site would also jaunt 

side-loading parallèle iPigeon jaunt leisure aside pop-ups,

Par en vous être sont ils símiliaęræsthèsiment

even slightly jauntededAF'ed... 

a bit more bíftęk bonne âmes flame broiled tri-tip shitsicles triste incursion of à late-heraldry dept. 

Of public affairs-socioalètrivsisselesmonts,

which happened to be a trying 25 days or so, much of which was better off in that it was a trash dumpster years-end move outs-academiesiaetiques of the recyclables-bum coverage area,

which I've been looking and feeling alright to jaunt-triste alley-trash dumpster diving-bum, 

yet it doesn't get weird, from my volatility profile fluff. 

Other bums walk on the same streets, why not a garbage recycler clothing enthusiast tech life style blogger standard fluffboy academic dégrée and à load-bearing bum profile kit? Pretty standard to dig through the trash, yet a non-domesticated variety bum.

There were tons of Asian .pharma ad hoc OTCs and some prescribables; tricyclical anti-depressants, 

and I'm not for fluffing pharma nitro butyri smokin' "meth," ... 

Smoking is tobacco and cigars. 

An un-justified jaunt-inclusive Nabisco diet triste would be ... «okay»; they're


biscuitées compagnie nationelle in a card box; supposedly:
« !...whatever ... » 

I call the ingress monolithiques-historic Nabisco-socialite-bifték 

bonne déjeuner for a sçhweaky peut-être commentaire on the bleeding of gums, méat bits in the teeth, some fleas-smellin' piss, leanAF diet on tech rotary codices in a filthy outdoors environment, 

and then the window-to-street ratio is 

so not Guy who did it himself 

kind of 
fluff-triste animal cruelty thing, and it smells like it, as Well, outside. 

I'm going to follow up GTD on my 

tobacco curing crop Summer gardening project, 

and purchase ionic minerals, gallon of milk, then perhaps [or before], 

workup some mockup linguistics soundex homologies of charset standards of validly jaunt-loading 


à rawr râ rawrr.. 

then I have to encode the resonant-spinners-toy district jaunt to do a makeshift pigeon ciconne-pipe-machine organ, made of spinners, instead, 
I have some more un-published blog notebook article to upload, after this one.  

Unicode Typography Library for a Font Design Presentation and Custom Hosted Font Project - to do.








Saturday, August 4

Reimagining the home exhibition.

With the new guests of the establishment,

The pigeons I purchased from 6th at Wall Street, by Skid Row,

I'm thankfully befitted with a quieter outlook; there were some notions that being guilty of cruelty to animals was a knee-jerk obvialty. 

Apart from reestablishing precedence, I'll take what I'm left with and go with perspective. Obviously, the place ought to be wrought with purpose for the pigeons. The place lives for them; they're significantly king and queen of the feral pigeons, in place and in purpose. I could expand upon this stated belief, but I believe I had done so, in previous blogs. 

The significant gist of the matter is that during last month's unseemly revue about the neighborhood corner I occupy, in my section 8 apartment, in which there were unending, relentless, and what I would aught consider to simply be a racial maturity divide, in which I simply couldn't possibly reach them, and I detailed it on twitter.

Link (collection - breakdown of last month on Twitter).

Regardless of anything, it was many things inappropriate. On some level, I had, in effect and in essence, elevated my status-rated universal significance bearing by a lot, on account of my habititude and whereabouts, which landed me a spot suitable, thereupon, to carry out a bevy of historically Wikipedia articles significant fare: of such things as common historical intrigue that had eluded me, previously, in scholarly works, research; investment.

That being the case, I'm very interested in getting started on my French Roll parchment transcription of my blogs, here, on, so far: in case some sort of fated disaster might happen, and also to slow the brakes on projected development, to take a step back and to go over the content I'd already produced, which I felt was compelling, at the time I wrote it. 

I've got a vast mess of clothes and kitchen stuff to wrest with; although I feel that, after the long battle and siege of last month, that I've been graced, by God and by virtue, with a wherewithal and wellness that will see me suited quite well enough to clean and organize my place; a task bearer's status claim which I feel was vastly laid claim over, due to my simple entrant's place state-of -in-life: that of a welfare housing recipient. I felt it my place to assert my wellness and buck the trends that apparently were, of those eyes upon me of people who were aught to assist me, who laid more than eyes upon sight, being that I was their client, and that welfare was their job.

Pictured here is the general task I'm forthwith faced with.

Wednesday, August 1

I got some real pigeons; a fantail and an Arabian.

They're a breeding pair,

I walked them most of the way home, to ensure their stability and safety during rush hour traffic. I was notably stalked by at least some individual, who keeps pulling over on the street and talking to me, and meanwhile, the presence of police activity as they showed up, was significantly up and down my specific beat, the windy corridor.

They did fairly well, coming home. I think that they are going to be faced with a significant burden on their stability, being that there's a local roost of pigeons nearby and I've collected their dry poop as guano, which has been curing here, and it has a significant attractive of molecular energies quality to it, as the wild pigeon roost poop is raw materials and wild birds don't notably have a source of water to drink, that I know about, around here; I believe that there will be some significant strain on domestic pigeons such that I've purchased, for the fact that perhaps simple osmosis of energies will take place between this pair and the wild population, outside.

Aside from that, I hope that the birds will herald an opportunity for creating a nice home here, and many pigeon homesteading adventures as a process of learning.

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