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Sunday, September 25

What it feels like to suffer from agitated Lyme Disease.

Many a boneheaded parasitic critter-enthusiast has pondered the horizons ‘pon blood-drinking | blood-letting of a prized, unwitting victim - 

How does the victim feel? 
What if I abuse the parasites, then set them on him? 
etc. etc. - various other things, portending fantasies upon bloodletting - a psychological un-wellness, that we’d call it, these days, yet many a man (isn’t it usually a man? Or some problem subsequent to abuse that man hath wrought upon a person, and then…?), …

Well, okay. Not many a man, let’s not accommodate grandiosity, here. It’s a slight fetish, of a nominal crowd of people. Most people have never even come across ticks or bedbugs, and I did my best to fertilize the slight areas in town, in which they show up, seasonally, and now what? They’ve shown up in my room, and I’ve got a first-hand account of the trauma associated with this sort of affliction - Lyme Disease, as it were - in this instance, a fairly weak strain, yet potent enough, in how it affects me - to detail the nuances and tribulations it wreaks upon a victim, given that a young lady had recently died, in the news, following a Lyme Disease bout onset. 

First of all, 

It significantly upsets expectations. Not only is sleep disturbed, with the affliction, with external itching being the prominent feature of the bugs’ (or arachnids’, rather) bites - timespan expectations for healing of standard, daily athletic wear and tear on the body feels inexplicably hapless, and we feel useless - the sufferers of a bout of Lyme Disease, that it “may” be - it’s worse, without humic and fulvic ionic mineral supplementation. But still - even itching, in and of itself, is cruelty enough - there’s some phases of sleep that really just bum a person out, to be woken up out of. 

Granted - with experience, one learns the (supposedly) simple cure for the external suffering - a pumice stone, or lava rock - to abrade and scrape the irritated spot. But even then, repeated abuses hurt - it’s an abuse of a person’s morale, their well-being, their trust of individuals - especially once they come to understand that it wasn’t simple filth, and dirtiness - that caused the onset of bedbugs or ticks having appeared, in to one’s life - it was a secret malingerer, someone who just can’t stand something about the targeted victim, and the parasites are a viable mechanism for communicating and transmitting, reliably, and effectively - some form of the desired slight tortures that these critters inflict upon an individual. 


I’ve experienced, this time around, a significant depression, over the matter. I’ve found that, being bit in some places, ostensibly, the venom gets directed, unfettered, in to the bloodstream, and the sedating, irritating, and depressing features of the bites become part of the body’s whole. Now, for certain, I’ve written on Lyme Disease, previously, but it’s a subject worth an update, perennially, although, as I’ve said, I thought that I personally attended to the problem from forming, out in public. Bed bugs, which the current problem happens to be, happens to only show up in places such as seedy motels - I wasn’t quite expecting this type of thing to have shown up in my new group home setting - particularly not as an acute and chronic problem.

Anyways, be sure to check Amazon and Google for cheap humic and fulvic ionic minerals, or zeolite minerals, for external application and for relief - the stuff works. Permethrin can also be applied, and it can be had via perscription - it’s definitely an emergency room type of situation, should a parasitic affliction find you. 

Monday, June 3

Some days are rough, keeping the pigeons fed.

Alright, I can own it: the bugs only home are not going to be particularly anything special just because I'm living here.

I had been of the belief that they could or might be; on account of the nuclear watershed environment about the place.

Sometimes the folklorist assertions from the voices in my head catch me suggestible, and not that nurturing environment doesn't count; indeed - particularly for a narcissistic and grandiose mind.

That being said, I've largely overcome many of my histrionics in of grandiosity par narcissisme. It's a difficult road to navigate; looking as I do, with a neuroticism behind the glamour. I wasn't brought up this way. I sometimes fancy the belongings of others, and, as we all know, it is a sin to covet what is rightfully someone else's. 

Sometimes the stories in my head turn me spiraling downwards in to a depressive mood, and I go outside, seeking stimulants for a fix; lately they just haven't been doing the job all that well.

All of that aside, I've realized that, along with my clothing haul from a few days ago, I brought home some ticks, as well. It's the beginning of the month now, and General Relief welfare has come through. I purchased a box of Raid Max concentrated fogger. I tried out staying inside while and after I sprayed, and it definitely works. I was choking on the fumes.

A box of Raid Max spray. I got some for myself, and I realized that the pigeons' roosts likely harbor ticks, as well.
I determined, from last year's iPigeon efforts, that the feces of the pigeons is a mineral-rich substance that attracts parasites. I figure I ought to spray the area nearby my home that features some freeway pigeons, and I'll give them some food, while I'm at it, for the morning, as well. Perhaps milk and cereal?

A 5 minute walk to the pigeons' roost, where I'm sure some ticks have gathered, to mangle the pigeons with Lyme disease.

Saturday, October 6

A reasonably meritous slake at perhaps a state or federal government-subsidized research basis for sustainability, biological threat socioeconomic ecologies-inquiry watershed energy slog deprecation of a locality in significant development of railway transit, a defiant California clean air driver's identity of living Los Angeles-tastastic, and etc. : Case study in point: do garbage slog demographics and recyclables collectors merit the hold-over of what would otherwise seem to have been a need for bees to discover flowering plants for sustenance; yet: garbage and recyclables (video)

So, last night was a somewhat 

: * °/-..√

[Okay] : an obvious reality wider scope insight about last night in Los Angeles is that there's some various, (perhaps) organizational eyes in on what merits:

Short basis mockup list as by memory and subjective experience:

Quick stub as to a backdrop, first:

I hung out with an iconic slake on a standardized AF all for it, real one: white guy. Any tastastic sprawl-legged young slake on ad hoc totally slake on racially-demographically penis investment in fintech drunken underage talk-up circles of disparagement teenage substance abuse lifestyle of a "growing up white" take on some issues in life:

Yet reality basis: perhaps not truthfully quite what this guy's actual self is about; he just had an iconic slake on about how I happened to get along with him, socially, as a tobacco enthusiast outlying fringes audience of the sometimes skate spot 
: Grand at 1st, (this link features a particularly useful and succinct take on what merits the spot where I met the man), in a photo contribution to Google Maps Local Guides by Jerrod Justice: who notably has a much merited reputation on a quick Bing Search, in which Jerrod seems to be a somewhat elusive singular identity to name a guy and place on, whereas perhaps some notion of Jerrod4Justice; 

Anyhow, contextually an ad hoc departure in addressing an individual's identity heraldry merited here, I emailed him on a basis as such:

I'm interested in blogging along contextually relevant purpose basis, for likewise affected individuals as I find (found, upon Bing Search for Jerrod Justice); post-attributing an experience localization anecdotal scrum-what relevance basis homeless identity ended-up detrimented as a homeless and largely unserved and under-represented demographic: in particular focus in the localization-contextually relevant > found you [this site] : "basis,"
It's a somewhat slog blog slew of ad hoc all sorts of slake on development blog, yet I'm not a guy who doesn't also show my current facie selfie per request online, for such sprawl on such notable grammar school boundaries, to speak up on, (perhaps mostly in written form, here on blog):
Anyways, this is the blog where this sort of thing happens, and
: I am a student of compositional sorts; UCR grad school MA, music composition, pianist background quick and short story thing about it.
Ended up etc., but I feel like I'm also contextually relevant as per the {this one, yours} site basis; as far as in that I would perhaps pass this link along to individuals (myself) at @thepplconcern, 333 S Hill St., 7th floor, Los Angeles, CA, 90012:
They definitely are not offering writing samples nearly quite like I am, so openly, etc.
Thanks for the @localguides contribution.

The line spacing not translating over in the WordPress contact box input thing; the mail didn't go through either, (I suppose, not irrelevant, though: "somewhat."

I found the site I happened upon not irrelevant:

Anyways, the takeaway was that it seems to be a familiar sight; upon seeing this one instance of such a notion: bees seem to now largely flock to recycling centers, and here, a bundle of trash. The topic for questioning is: what is the impact of a largely urban society in which few flowering plants are seen as regular? In my common paths I travel on foot, and even of many extents of outlier traveling paths I'm known to man down, on my largely recyclables collecting type of outing path, of most times I might go out, I encounter a lack of typical memory of a common sight of a flowering plant.

Could the local Los Angeles, California, bee population be somehow largely decimated, or see an undesirable change in acute evolutionary establishment, upon several generations of continuing lack of care in a common household or other establishment of civic urban society of a burgeoning bee population somehow brought up on sappy garbage outings, to bring home?

It would seem, that, coupled with recent news reports of acute disease outbreak reports of creatures of parasitic nature, and the pestilences they host, and spread on to humans and to animal life, that a quick (over some few years, or so) common living standard of unnatural sorts, such as being made to subsist on discarded recyclables sap, amongst garbage (commonly) might find the common bee to change into a particularly neglected and therefore invasive new species or variant.

Given that notion, I'm somewhat of the belief that carrying recyclables, as a common recycling type homeless person typical notion of a persona that frequents the public's imagination [at minimum, here, in California, as recycling various retail purchase cans, bottles, and containers is allowed and has graces upon it, of the state: in redemption fees paid for recyclables and redemption centers about many localities] also is a simple ad hoc ionization practice, of some notion of resonance and frequency od the recyclables products, the constant walk motion, the lift and drop of the recycling collection bag, etc. being (conjecturally: supposed) an act which emits ionization energy, particularly so, for the resource material energy dynamics of it [the lifestyle and practice of collecting recyclables].

In addition to this quandary, the fact that progress in urbanization has lead to a lesser degree of need and belief of that pedestrianism is or of being as such: supports-as being given, in that being consideration: automobile manufacturers, which I've noticed, at times, draw on the common pedestrian's wellness by virtue of some of the rotary and electromagnetic acute ionic spectrum locality of the vehicles around it. Water mains providing the electrical wherewithal for both providing water to civic society, as well as being burgeoned through hydroelectric power plant t processing g along the way; our water and electrical sources both, and singularly, as such, at the same time, are commonly flexed to the detriment of several aspects of society; yet to focus the case in point; what might be suspected of the bee and parasitic creature population, to become established, as a result of ionization energies being emitted from automotive harmonic interferences, water main, and electrical line subtle harmonic radiation occurrences, all being broadcast with perhaps bees as unwitting casualties of the harmonic and resonance disparity conflict?

I saw a white spider, also; anecdotally, at the edge of a gas station trash can. An obviously unseemly spot for a spider to find sustenance or a home for peaceful establishment, but I wondered if the creature was somehow also drawn to the trash can for the same reason as such a common ambient purpose as focus upon recyclables as material resource energy, and as well: waste of society; perhaps garnered a low-level mind about itself in seeking out the trash can as somehow a likely spot for seeking out its moment in life?

As a comic aside, I had a set of distractions suit me on twitter, rather than attending to my blogging, here, and there was some relevant punch line with a bee sting involved, whereas the topic matter I felt was unduly a slake upon serious; whereas my .institute publication aims are none whatsoever unserious.

For what slake entails as suggestibly, it goes on, on my Twitter feed, I got a bee's take on what slake it might have, of all things, upon drinking a soda, and i got stung, by surprise. It was a spicy encounter, I must say. If I'm to believe the outlier extents of many conjectural sources I get fed my mind, as from what I preponder, it was carefully planned, as such that I drink from the fated bee-dranken soda can [bee, inside] for how much slake I'd been dictation transcriptioning on as of the previous night, whereas I was supposed to show up for court. Court ended up turning out okay, and I wasn't an unfeeling no-show to court, for that matter. All in all, it was portrayed to me as a hard knocks joke that I lived out, for being the guy about town who gets reared on about "slake" as anything topic matter might matter to someone; there was supporting materials to suggest that it wasn't mostly actually my doing, upon twitter, as such, yet I carried it out; me as the best orthographic transliterative arrête idiomatically ad hoc Françoise Latin of standardized English dictaphonography transcriptionist to tackle the topic on a morning portending to a workweek Monday, of all things (sigh...).

Thankfully, it didn't turn out for me as a warrant, and I got community service redacted from my sentencing. Thanks, Rochelle, from The People Concern!

Photos of my bee sting - moments afterwards.

Thursday, September 27 tenets in action: identifying Lyme Disease outbreak sites around localized areas of a metropolitan area and detoxifying them at the root of the issue with ConcenTrace ® from Trace Minerals Research and with Aura Cacia Texas Cedarwood essential oil

With my arm looking like this:

after picking up a sweater off of the ground and becoming itchy over the course of several days, I knew beyond most common doubts that I was hosting a parasitic tick. Thankfully, I had the aforementioned natural cures of liquid ionic minerals by ConcenTrace and Aura Cacia's Texas Cedarwood essential oil, both purchased from Whole Foods Market in El Segundo, California.

That being said, I investigated my sweater sleeve, as the bites and rashes were solely on one arm, and lo and behold, I found a single adult tick inside of the cold or the cut of the sweater sleeve, a common place for ticks to hide.

Many of us had grown up and lived lives as dog owners, as Southern Californians, as far as being familiar with parasitic infestations as far as common fleas are concerned. 

But how common are tick infestations?

According to a recent news article publication slew of topic output from major news outlets:

it's potentially an uptick in relevant threat delineation via news article publication as of this May to take note of. More commonly, though, is any former sufferer of a slight to severe onset of tick infestations in their own lives being constantly sensitive to a notion that the debilitating disease of parasitic infestation; with ticks and Lyme Disease seeming to be a multiply-debiliating disease bearer in Lyme Disease in that thete seems to be a concomitant threat of along-side itching: a common neurological deficit in seeming to be capably set about a reasonable task: (the one hosting the parasite), in that ticks and Lyme Disease seem to strike where poverty and hard drug abuse live, as delimiting factors, at least from my own experience, and from casual encounters with other sufferers of an onset of Lyme Disease.

That being said,

My task of the day for one of my .institute tenets of formalism in finery assertiveness is that I constantly go out on a trek, out on foot, and identity, first-hand, where some of the common threats concomitant alongside poverty and drug abuse: the lesser-seeming threat of onset Lyme Disease and parasitic infestation of an unwitting host: might be found and hereby detoxify: 😉 [my job: the site of toxicity upon predicate dumping, upon several to many times over] a walk-over location of notable carrying-away acute disease onset of a rash; 

presumedly, the acute rash characteristic of some disease bearing site:bearing disease [somewhat:notion]

The disease could become worse, I'd not treated well, within a reasonable onset of time with such natural cures as I've got in my possession under retail purchase: it's all legit and paid for, no unfinery, unbecoming of a .institute domain website purchase and Blogger publication basis, which serves my media outlet publication resource aspirations unto my own willingness and capability well: (I do get top search engine hit stats of my latest publications: pretty impressive, for my own sake 😘).

I'll follow up later on today with more.


A typical day upon arriving in to Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

A soiled flooded gutter; easily a place where mosquitoes could thrive, yet with ionic liquid mineral treatment; I can personally attest to the fact that if parasites burgeon forth from this pool of liquid, they will be patently less offensive than standard mosquitoes.

A common urination and feces spot, and a simple detoxification treatment.

Here's the significant problem spot I identified one recent early morning when traveling through the area: a couple of gutters that don't see quite so often full-on cleaning; a particular problem in that a lady was attempting to sweep up the trash in the gutter, which was flooded as well, at the time. I became itchy on one spot on my leg after encountering this incident, thus inspiring my goal to detoxify this area in several spots with ionic liquid minerals and essential oils.

Thanks, Chinatown, DTLA Starbucks for helping me haul up the last two of these videos. 

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